Finding Reason

Finding Reason

 Houston, Texas, USA

Finding Reason is an orginal hard rock band form Houston, TX, whose sound ranges from mellow to heavy, driving to progressive, familiar to unique. Our influences are many, but our sound is pure rock & roll.


Formed in 2004 by three musicians who work at NASA, the band has undergone several lineup changes since then and are now a quintet of NASA geeks and other technical types with a strong love for music. Our first album release in late 2010 is a self-produced demo of 7 of our most popular songs. However, they were recorded prior to the last two band members, Kenny and Brad, joined the band. Since then, the band has evolved to have a new, more unique sound that we feel will set us apart from the ordinary. Part of this being due to the fact that there are 2 lead singer, 2 lead guitarist, and our vocalist Brad is also providing trumpet on many of the songs.

Influences are many and wide-ranging, but most notably are Alice In Chains, Tool, System of a Down, Dream Theater, and Iron Maiden.


Antidisestablishmentarianism Demo (2010)