Finding Stella

Finding Stella


Finding Stella delivers a lush classic rock sound interspersed with hints of Latin beats, reggae hipness, classic rock riffs, and even hip-hop flavas.


Finding Stella is committed to new rock - today’s rock - crafting song after song, and delivering the feel of a present day Heart. The emergence of vocalist Snyder quickly fills the senses of the discerning music lover. The band’s first album “Twitch” sold out quickly during 2004 and represents an expression of the bands’ musical potency, command of their craft and serves up a huge plate of passionate rock.

Singer/songwriter Chris Snyder attributes many different influences and styles to their music – smoothly jumping from classic rock to a little R & B to pop and funk - to create a rich rock sound.


Self-Titled EP - Finding Stella
LP - Twitch
LP - Twitch2 (re-release)
LP - Famous

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Set List

2 sets at 55 minutes each, single set at 45 minutes or 1 set at 1 hour. Short set: 35 minutes. Limited covers, include Third Eye Blind, Janis Joplin, AC/DC, Lenny Kravitz, The Beatles, Foo Fighters, Melissa Etheridge. Mostly original music.