Find Your Smile

Find Your Smile

 Portland, Oregon, USA

With deep jazz influences and pop undertones, this alternative rock group has been known to sing the blues. These eclectic and bonded brothers are an amalgam of idiosyncrasies for which the listener can't help but fall in love with.


Brothers Scott and Erik Wurgler met brothers Jordan and Benjamin Roach in second grade. As next door neighbors they quickly discovered their shared love of music. From jamming in their adjacent garages to goofing off in high school jazz choirs, these boys have generated a unique style fueled by their deep appreciation of technical training paired with matchless creativity. In 2010, the four collaborated and formed the project “Find Your Smile”.


Find Your Smile, Find Your Smile- 2010
Life's Been, Find Your Smile- 2012

Set List

This is our full song list that we pick from for shows. We usually play a 7-9 song set, but we have played many three hour sets that use up all these songs and we usually improvise a few tunes.

"Find Your Smile"
short story
met a guy
g'nite circus
to the eyes
bunny ears
beat o' mine
quiet my thoughts

"Life's Been"
Technology world
Life's been
Got what I need
Sway 2.0
Sermon notes
Funny face
Painfully doubtful
Walk alone

Money saved (unreleased track)

We have been known to cover these songs-
Bad Moon Rising- CCR
Come Together- Beatles
With A Little Help From My Friends- Beatles
Ring Of Fire- Jonnhy Cash
Heatbreak Hotel- Elvis Presley
Steal My Kisses- Ben Harper