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Fine China


Long before The Killers or The Bravery, Fine China was taking cues from the great pop bands of the 80s, like The Smiths, New Order, The Jam, and The Cure. The result is music that is poppy and hook-laden, but mature enough to stand side-by-side with the bands that inspired the sound.


The perfect pop song is universally accessible. Although it is inherently simple, creating it is not. Bands come and go, but the art of writing the perfect pop song will never go out of style. Few artists possess the talent to create songs that evoke the true masters: The Smiths, The Jam, New Order, and all other bands that have achieved pop perfection. Fine China (Rob Withem, Greg Markov, and Thom Walsh), over the course of their two full-length records and numerous EPs and singles have consistently crafted such songs.

Fine China’s first two albums released by Tooth and Nail Records were so well received by fans and critics alike that they are guaranteed a space in the hearts and shelves of pop-lovers everywhere. In live performance they reveal the truly dynamic range of their albums and show a tenderness and intensity that allows them to powerfully connect with their audience. Fine China have polished their sound in the studio with the unique production talents of Joy Electric’s Ronnie Martin on When the World Sings and Starflyer 59’s Jason Martin on You Make Me Hate Music. Thanks to the success of those two records and the hard work that Fine China has put in touring over the years, playing with national acts such as The Faint, Pedro the Lion, Joy Electric and Gene, they have amassed a fan base that has been waiting, not too patiently, for the next step.

In the fall of 2004 the band returned to the studio to record their most poignant practice in the art of pop, a third LP The Jaws of Life. Arizona’s recording virtuoso, Bob Hoag, produced the record with the band and gave it a sound that is more layered and complex, but still distinctly Fine China. And while the album makes sense sonically in the context of their last two records, it certainly defines a new direction for the band. As the title suggest, it is an album about life, and just as certain moments if life leave lasting impressions, so this album subtly grips your psyche. The record is an expression of the complexity of life, but to listen to it is a simple pleasure.

Leading up to the release of The Jaws of Life by Tempe, AZ indie label Common Wall Media, Velvet Blue Music released a pink vinyl preview 7” in February containing the song “Don’t Frown” and an exclusive B-side. And later this year, Common Wall Media will be releasing a special edition CD single for the song “Rated-R Movie” that will include a remix of “Prosecute Electrocute” by Joy Electric’s Ronnie Martin, two live songs, and an acoustic track. Also in the works is a music video for “Rated-R Movie” to be directed by Jeff Newton. Common Wall Media in cooperation with Newton will be promoting the video to music video channels as well as submitting it to film festivals.

In the course of the many years that Fine China has been making music, a lot of people have tried to classify what they do and what they will become. The answer is that Fine China make pop music—the kind that gets you excited about being in love with music, the kind that fuels the dance-floor and gently tugs at your heart.

For more insight on process of writing and recording The Jaws of Life, check out the on-line recording journal on the Fine China Web Site.


Fine China
No One Knows EP
1 - No One Knows
2 - In the Winter
3 - Forty-Five
4 - Your Amy

Fine China
The Beautiful 7 inch
Side A - I'm Sorry
Side B - In the Winter

Fine China
Rialto Bridge EP
1 - Comforting. Gondoliering
2 - Standby
3 - I'm Sorry (Joy Electric Remix)
4 - Rialto Bridge

Fine China
When the World Sings
1 - We Rock Harder Than You Ever Knew
2 - Labor Saving Device
3 - When The World Sings
4 - They Will Love Us For Our Instruments
5 - Give Us A Treble
6 - The Patient
7 - For All Centuries
8 - Comforting, Gonoliering
9 - I Dropped A Bomb On Your Heart
10 - Young And Having Fun

Fine China
You Make Me Hate Music
1 - Hug Every Friend
2 - The Unsuccessful
3 - Rock Can't Last Forever
4 - Don't Say Nothing
5 - You Were A Saint
6 - Boo To The Freaks
7 - The World Wants Me Dead
8 - Your Heart Was Made Of Gold
9 - You Ain't Happy
10 - Forget The Experts

Fine China
Down Frown 7 Inch
Side A - Don't Frown
Side B - Chicago Lovelife (exclusive song)

Fine China
The Jaws of Life
1-Rated-R Movie
2-Don't Frown
3-Are You On Drugs?
4-The Cells Divide
5-Skull and Crossbones
7-I'm Sorry for the Hating
8-I Can't Fall Asleep
9-Moving Up
10-My Worst Nightmare
11-Prosecute Electrocute
12-Person of the Month