Fine Dining

Fine Dining


We've got hooks, with which we will puncture you.


Jerry Green was tapping woefully on his steel drum outside a small cabana in the Carribean when David and Doug, two offshore naval officers, heard his flawless sense of Latin rhythm, sad and gentle, as it floated across the warm tropical sunset. The sound was so soothing in fact that for a fleeting moment, David felt the first hint of relief from the Rickets he had acquired at sea. Immediately, the two sailors resolved to honorably discharge themselves from the armed services and start a band with their new friend.

Unfortunately, although David had written many songs that had provided hours of entertainment for his rowdy shipmates, he had neither the confidence nor the stature to front a band all by himself. Then, like manna from heaven, the three comrades heard delicate plucking and a voice as sweet as honey coming from atop a nearby cliffside. Jerry immediately climbed this steep, jagged slope and by nightfall, the mysterious balladeer whose name was DeVille had christened the four men, Fine Dining.

Before long, they were playing shows all over the Ohio countryside with mixed results. But as the band gelled and discovered a sound of their own, they were soon playing for crowds of ten or twenty men in the lascivious barrooms of Athens and Columbus. They recorded a charming EP in Andy Schreiber's attic and then released the acclaimed Debutantes and Dilettantes, recorded at 3 Elliott Studio with producer Josh Antonuccio (Southeast Engine, Cosigner) at the helm. Shortly afterward, Doug returned to his one true love, the sea. But the band pressed on, enlisting the services of a young gentleman named Zachary and preparing its best crop of songs yet.


Here Comes the Warm Jet

Written By: Fine Dining

So primped we --
So last week we go to the punk rock show
To hear the hottest melodies from 1974
But the words that enter my ears
Are just some poor fratboy's tears
If he works real hard, he'll be a millionaire in a year

And he won't be comin' back 'round here no more

Second verse, things get worse
I turn on my TV to see Iggy and pop disguised as Cameron from J-E-T
Well in case you were wondering why he won't be coming by
'Cause the money's not in it until it's revival time

And he won't be comin' back 'round here no more

Rattlin' the Bricks

Written By: Fine Dining

Your smile shines so bright to impress
But it's so easy to undress
Baby, you're such a bumbling mess

Crunching numbers late at night
Your calculations are airtight
Oh yeah, you're making it all right

And I don't know what you mean

And you don't recall my name

Rattlin' the bricks as you speed
To get the things that you don't need

And I don't know what you mean

And they won't recall your name

Santiago's Revenge

Written By: Fine Dining

Santiago knows a thing or two 'bout
Marijuana; he's very skilled
He suggests that you better lighten up now
Or you're bound to get yourself killed

She had her wits about her, it's true
I had faith she was beautiful, too
When her mom introduced her to you
A rich graduate of business school

I took a charter ship to Boston with a guitar and a drumset
But this sailor was a failure, now he's workin' in an office
Of his daddy's big investment firm, he's calling it insurance
Just in case, just in case it was all a big mistake


Debutantes and Dilettantes (2005)
1.Santiago's Revenge
2.High Speed Chase
4.Amory & Irony
5.Slated to Bomb
6.Here Comes the Warm Jet
7.The Plunge
8.The Ocean Froze
9.Rattlin' the Bricks
11.Afternoon Tea

"Style & Gallantry" EP (2004)
1.Stuck In My Chair
2.Here Comes the Warm Jet
3.My Hit Single
4.Queen Marie
5.The Plunge

Set List

A typical set lasts about 40 minutes, though we can go shorter or longer when called to do so.

The set list often looks something like this:

1.Galloping Love Song
2.Modern Thinkers
3.Here Comes the Warm Jet
4.My Hit Single
5.High Speed Chase
6.Santiago's Revenge
7.Amory and Irony
8.Yawn City
9.Afternoon Tea
10.Rattlin' the Bricks

Sometimes we might throw in a cover. Past artists covered include The Dismemberment Plan, Oasis, The Decemberists and Belle and Sebastian.