Fine Lines

Fine Lines



"Some of the tightest songwriting and cleanest production I have heard in the Pop/Rock genre this year..." - Gian Fiero
What becomes apparent from one listen to Extended Play, Fine Lines’ shrewdly titled debut EP, is that "fine" does not mean "parallel," as the band’s musical lines continuously intersect, as do those of the founding members’ personal histories.

Something for Jess, recorded 2003’s scintillatingly pop-friendly Here All Alone at Nashville’s Woodland Studios with Justin Tocket (Will Hoge, Radney Foster) producing.

The aggressive promotional touring that they undertook paid off. By November 2004 they’d not only performed at Atlanta’s prestigious GoGirlsMusicFest but also placed the track "Walking Backwards" on the GoGirlsMusicFest 2004 CD alongside songs by K’s Choice and the Skills of Ortega. Performing at the disc’s Los Angeles release party led to their playing two showcases at South by Southwest in March 2005, performances which in turn led to their touring the East Coast and Midwest and winning an Austin indie-music showcase. The prize? A headlining gig at SXSW 2006.

Meanwhile, Something for Jess was becoming less a duo with supporting musicians and more of a band. By the time they’d returned to Nashville to record Extended Play, which adds depth and bite to the sound of Here All Alone while actually enhancing that disc’s melodic rush, a lineup including bassist Chris French and lead guitarist Chad Viator had solidified. (Will Hoge’s Keith Brogdon sat in on drums.) With the addition of official drummer Tiffany Lamson, the Russos felt that they’d grown into something more than—something finer than— Something for Jess.

If Extended Play is any indication, they were right.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Fine Lines.

"Tight songwritiing, quality musicianship, and a distinguished vocalist...these are fine lines that you cross to get to the next level..." - Fiero


Here All Alone (LP)(Dec. 2003): SFJ
GoGirls MusicFest (2004 Compilation): SFJ

Extended Play (2006): Fine Lines

+ Radio play in: 94.5 KSMB, 102.1 KQIS, 90.9 KLSU & 88.7 KRVS and internet stations

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