Fine Mist

Fine Mist

 Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN


Jay Arner and Megan McDonald have played in more Vancouver, BC bands together than some musicians play in during their entire careers, but Fine Mist is still a departure for the longtime collaborators.

Eschewing the guitar and drum based pop they cut their teeth on, their current project is a pop act in the truest sense of the word. And, on September 14th, with the release of their debut LP, the rest of the world gets to find out what their hometown is already hip to.

Public Domain features eleven blasts of lovelorn pop that mix contemporary style with classic form: 80s synths cozy up with drums and bass lifted from modern R 'n' B, while McDonald's powerful croon dances with Arner's harmonies.

Tracks like "Heart Attack" and lead-off single "Stop or Start" are primed and ready for the dance floor, but the band boasts more than one trick. "Because it's the Ocean" and "When No One's Home" call for a mournful sway, "I Can't Stand It" goes from driving to frantic (in the best way possible) and live favourites like "Murder Murder" and "Under the Covers" beg to be shouted along to.

On September 14th, Fine Mist self-releases Public Domain, featuring contributions from David Prowse of Japandroids, and members of SSRIs and Basketball. Prowse, the SSRIs, Edo Van Breemen of Brasstronaut, and other friends have been joining the band live, energizing already raucous performances.


"I Wanna DJ for Christmas feat. Cam Dales" on the Eggnog Experience compilation, 2009.

"Public Domain" LP/digital, 2010. Charted at #46 on Canadian campus radio. The single "Stop or Start" charted at #16 on CBC Radio 3 national top 30.

Set List

A typical set is around 10 songs, 35 minutes.