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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"eMusic - FIN Hits #1"

America's best Britpop band? Clean, bright and breezy, the debut from L.A.'s Fin, I Miss the Mess, imagines Radiohead without the aesthetic muleheadedness or Coldplay without the arena-sized stridency. Artfully balancing twinkling guitars with big, soaring melodies, Fin is sure to win the hearts of Anglophiles far & wide.

Amelia Raitt
eMusic -


This is one of the most interesting and innovative projects I've heard in a long time. Fin is pushing the boundaries of rock music. This is creative and quality music, they have taken daring chances in the songs and it is inpiring to listen to.

Andrew Shirley
Switchfoot - Columbia Records

"Skratch Magazine"

The debut full-length release from this L.A.-based emo-pop quartet is a brooding introduction to a band that is sure to raise more than a few eyebrows. With a sound that vacillates between Radiohead and Coldplay, this band has come together with a sound bristling with passion and intensity. The tracks are at times ambient, anthemic, and pop-oriented. While the band has only been together since 2004, its exclusively West Coast shows have been sell-outs, with a loyal following developing for the band. This band ... brings forth a gloomy, British-influenced catalogue of atmospheric tunes ... a terrific debut.

-Dug - Skratch Publications

".ISM Magazine"

Incredible...breathtaking...a must listen. - Ism Quarterly


I Miss the Mess
Napster Live Session
Sony Connect Acoustic Sessions
Dance Lights and Fist Fights (in production)


Feeling a bit camera shy


FIN is a band born outside the myopia of "the Industry". The five boys of FIN began without a focus on stereotype in an age where iPod's have given the average music consumer a broad palette. No labels, no demographics, no committees. Music for music's sake. A band sneeringly passionate about laying a live audience on its ear and turning out great records.

The music of FIN begs you to JUST LISTEN. They finished their debut CD, issued it to those who care, and received the response of trendsetters. "So Now Why" - the pop hit - immediately garnered #1 on eMusic. Sony Connect and Napster invited FIN to record live sessions - amongst a roster of otherwise signed acts. Buzz continued to grow as NBC then asked FIN to be on thier newest reality show "Star Tomorrow" - uniquely skipping any initial rounds to be included in their top 100 artists.

This fledging band is sweating out a Pacific Northwest tour this Fall and Winter, releasing a music video for "So Now Why", cramming in studio time for their upcoming Record and quickly rocketing into the attention of a vastly growing audience.

FIN is British melodies with Los Angeles aggression. FIN spans from Coldplay and Radiohead at times to Television, Muse, the Who, the Kinks. FIN is the sum total of the parts and has completed an evolution that is completely unique.

This is a bio, this the text that bands write to make themselves look great. Time could be spent making these few paragraphs magic, but the proof is in the listening. Just listen. Listen to the soaring melodies, the hypnotic guitar layers, the bursts of rhythm, the sounds of another planet.

Just listen.