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New York City, New York, United States | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
Band Rock Alternative


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Diary of a Rock Goddess: Uncovering the Hay Stack"

Diary of a Rock Goddess: Uncovering the Hay Stack
A Review by Aly Walansky

Every once in a while, a band that is totally different than my stream of consciousness will make its way onto my radar. Finespun is one of these bands.

Finespun's Digging Yourself Deeper , released in April 2004, is a hard-hitting modern rock band reminiscent of STP's glory days, with sweeping epic qualities similar to some of Fuel's efforts. I want to use the phrase alternative rock here, but I can't bring myself to. The meaning of that phrase has become so watered down, it would mean nothing to anyone. A lot of the appeal of a band is their ability to switch hats successfully, and this band does it with flourish. Lead vocalist Oren Barak sounds as comfortable singing gentle-rock ballads like "Mid Air" as thunderous heavily guitar-driven tracks such as "Staring Down a Gun". The lyrics are smart, often sarcastic, and overall fun even when dealing with stereotypical angst issues. Aside from the musical quality, this CD has some of the coolest enhanced graphic effects I've seen on an indie CD in a long time. Absolutely pop it into your computer and see what it can do. Their website is pretty cool too, check it out at

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"review from RocketnetWeb"

I read about this band and decided to obtain their CD. Why? Well because every once in a while I come across a gem that is kind of outside of a lot of shit I listen to but not really that far outside. These guys are another gem like that. Very ambitious talented musicians offering something outside of the normal fare. These guys alternate between ballads and heavy guitar rock music and you can tell their influences come from different genres which is cool. They write really good lyrics that tell you stories and the music is fun. That's the important part. This stuff is fun to listen to. So I would definitely look these boys up and listen to their jams because you'll like what you hear. You could say they're an alternative to alternative rock. - RocketnetWeb

"Review From Aural Fix Magazine"

Finespun self titled Independent This full-length CD is a strong initial outing by a band with a sounds for the 00's. Finespun would sound right at home at the a station like WLIR, and is right in keeping with the sound that Harlan Friedman is putting forward on his Tri-State Sounds show on that station. The sound is a mix of unusual elements - at times, the bass and guitar lines sound almost hard core, but the vocals and the songwriting are more from the genre of alternative rock. The single from this CD should definitely be the first song, "Sorry". It's a medium-speed rock anthem, with the aforementioned heavy guitar lines and a strong alternative vocal by lead singer Oren Barak. Another strong song is the slow rocker "Far Away". This is another song that would fit neatly into WLIR's format. It should also be mentioned that this CD has one of the best graphic designs I've seen on a local CD. The artwork speaks of science fiction and epic fantasy, much in the way that the covers for the old Yes LPs used to. You can find out more about this band at their web site, - Aural Fix

"Laura T Lynch of"

Reviewer: Laura T Lynch of (click for website)
This New York based quartet are serious musicians who write poignant poetic melodies and use thunderous beats and smoldering rock guitars to create powerful music that is almost hard-core but better described as alternative. Their influences range from jazz, to soul, to classic rock including Hendrix and John Bonham. These genres are a melting pot for the modern edgy sound that this band spins. This ten-track CD is a lively collection of well-produced well-arranged songs. 'Tuesday' opens with haunting guitars, dark ominous vocals and moves into a quicker paced bridge supported by powerful percussion. The story progress into a slower and than rapid vibe complete with a fast furious guitar solo and solid bass lines. 'Water Stains' has lyrics that are possibly full of double entendre. This beat laden track includes thunderous drumming, angry guitars and a primal beat. The multi layers of instrumentation and energized vocals make for a great alternative rock anthem.
- Laura T Lynch of

"NY Band Finespun Remixes Songs with Major Label Producers"

NY Band Finespun Remixes Songs with Major Label Producers

Hard-rockin' New York City outfit Finespun, without the benefit of a major label has just finished remixing songs for their new CD with major label producers Anthony J. Resta and Karyadi Sutjeda.

New York, NY, June 23, 2008 --( New York band Finespun remixes songs from upcoming release "Fracture" with Collective Soul, Elton John,Megadeth, Perry Farrell producer and engineer's Anthony J. Resta and Karyadi Sutjeda.

Hard-rockin' New York City outfit Finespun has just left the studio where they recorded their latest album, "Fracture" (original recording and pre production by Anthony Santonocito). Without the benefit of a major label or a solid distribution stream, Finespun's entire catalogue has moved more than 5,000 units and has brought them across the country to play for various industry conferences, including South by Southwest, North by Northeast, 2NMC, Millennium Music Conference, and NYC's own MEANYfest.

For this latest offering, Finespun has teamed up with producer Anthony J. Resta and and engineer Karyadi Sutjeda to remix two songs (“Against the Fallout” and “4 Walls, 1 Window”) for their upcoming effort. This powerhouse music industry team has collaborated with a wide variety of big-ticket musical names, including Collective Soul, Elton John, Megadeth, Perry Farrell.

"When A.J. (Resta) chimed in that he wanted to work with us, we were very excited," said Finespun's lead singer Oren Barak. "With his kind of production credits, plus the fact that he's a super nice's just perfect. We plan to use this to our advantage -- we were given a rare opportunity, and we have no intention of making it go to waste."

"Fracture" which is scheduled for release in Fall 2008, will enjoy distribution throughout F.Y.E. Stores thanks to Finespun's distribution deal with Stretch the Skies Entertainment. A deal is also in the works for Midwest distribution through Brimstone Records. In addition, "Fracture" will also be available on iTunes and Rhapsody(where fans can currently enjoy the rest of their catalogue).

Finespun, a New York City-based band, has been on the rotation of several radio stations across the country, including in California (KJMB), Ohio (WXTQ), Michigan (WMQT), Montana (KAAK), and New York (WCWP, WBAB, WGBB), as well as on over 200 podcasts, thanks to Ariel Publicity and The Howard Rosen Agency. In addition, their song "Invisible" from their last release titled "Against the Fallout" was featured in an Accuvue commercial, on the company's webisodes of "Hampton High Revealed."

The band hopes to gain financing in order to facilitate a nationwide tour to support their album.

More information can be found by visiting the following:

Written by:
Akasha Multimedia

For more information, contact:
631 582 9049 - Finespun


Finespun - Finespun 2001

Finespun - Digging Yourself Deeper (national airplay
with "Mid Air") 2003

Finespun - Against The Fallout (EP) 2006

Finespun - Fracture 2010

Finespun - New CD 2011 Unreleased

Streaming airplay all over the web. just search Finespun on Google!



"Finespun, a 4 piece band from New York who typifies the everlasting love affair we all have with the raw power, energy and emotion of rock and roll..." - Colorado Wave Radio and New Artist Radio

The problem with the music industry is that there are not enough bands like Finespun. They are persistent, hardworking and aggressive. These gentlemen exploit every possible opportunity that comes their way. When there isn’t a visible opportunity they have a knack of creating their own. On the bands latest CD, entitled “Fracture”, Finespun welcomed producers A.J. Resta and Karyadi Sutdjeta who were interested enough in the group to lend their professional skills to the product.

They're regulars at clubs in the northeast and open for the likes of Gilby Clarke (formerly of Guns 'N Roses), Wheatus, The London Quireboys, Hookah Brown (Black Crowe's), Kings X and For The Taking (Ex-Fuel & Apocalyptica lead singer Toryn Greene) and most recently Tantric. They tour the US from New York, Philadelphia, Maryland, Austin and everywhere in between. In addition they have played showcases at SXSW( 2003, 2007, 2009, invited 2010, 2011) , Millennium Music Conference 12, 13, 14 & 15, Miami Music Festival,2010. As a result of this exposure and their continued popularity, they were also chosen as one of the top fifty bands in the country by Coca-Cola's New Music Awards.

The New York based band is Oren Barak (vocals, guitars), Steve Licata (guitars), Doug Tammany (bass, vocals), and Ed Grazi (drums) and is without a doubt a band to watch not only on the New York circuit but also throughout the nation. Finespun generates much of its stage presence and studio creativity through a sense of respect for musical inspiration.

The long-term goal for Finespun is to gain more fans and further extend the reach of their music. Offering tracks like “Hourglass”, one of the heavy hitters off their new release entitled “Fracture”, “Against The Fallout”, a ballad that speaks from the heart and “4 Walls, 1 Window” which takes a introspective look at ones frustration, success is simply eminent. They also maintain a very active website,, where you are always able to find new audio and video fresh from the studio. Finespun is a band that should be recognized as a band for the people with an ultimate goal of touching you with their music.

Finespun’s creativity has always been fused from each member. There is no turning back for Finespun. This bands mission is to play their music for a living. Singer and guitar player Oren Barak sums it up, “we’ve all dumped our life’s blood into this band. This is all we want and there is no alternative.” When asked about the opportunities that are present for musicians drummer Ed Grazi mentions, “independent artists get so much more assistance these days because of online services. There are so many more resources to embrace and exploit. You just have to get out there and do it.”