Crystal McGrath - Singer/Songwriter

Crystal McGrath - Singer/Songwriter


Crystal McGrath is a beautiful and talented pop/rock singer songwriter who captivates all audiences. She blurs the lines between genres capturing fans from all age groups and backgrounds. She displays a energy level that moves those that are at her shows to stand, dance, and sing along.


Crystal McGrath the sensational singer songwriter from Vancouver, British Columbia is fast becoming a household name in the music industry With her beautiful vocals and the natural glow of her personality she has been conquering the stage and gaining popularity. She travels between Canada and the United States on a regular basis. Atlanta Georgia is where she spends most of her time in the studio writing new music and rehearsing for shows in the United States. Working with an array of talented producers her new album will surely impress all audiences. By appealing to a diverse audience. Crystal has begun to blur the lines between genres as she is taking her music to new heights. Performing all over North America, Ms. McGrath has developed into a true star. The rest of the world will soon get to know Crystal's infectious personality as she takes her talents abroad in 2007. Dedicating her life to serve those in need, Crystal has joined forces with the well recognized American Foundation Toys For Tots as an Official Spokesperson for the Atlanta Region of the country. Crystal was very visable during her campaign to make a difference in the lives of children during the holiday season. A performance highlight was when she performed in front of a packed house at the historic and famed FOX Theatre. She was a constant on TV and Radio including the live broadcast interview by DJ Nudge at the Star 94 Jingle Jam Concert featuring KT Tunstall, Hinder, The Fray & the Goo Goo Dolls. Crystal also performed on major network TV during primetime news. She also made performed at the State of Georgia Governors Mansion Holiday Lighting Show. Events like the Atlanta 200 Jingle Mingle and the Atlanta Falcons vs. Dallas Cowboys game allowed Crystal to impact the Toys For Tots campaign in front of mass crowds. Not one to keep herself rooted in just one cause, Crystal has a special place in her heart for Toy Mountain as well. Toy Mountain is a Canadian Foundation that provides for children during the holiday season also. As a performer, spokes person, and volunteer, Crystal will be touching the lives of many all through the Holiday Season. This year, Crystal wrote a song to be used as a tool to help those in need. The song Christmas Everyday was written to benefit Toys For Tots. "Christmas Everyday" is a holiday song that will be with us forever and all the lives that it touches will know that it was written with love from the heart. Crystal was the featured performer for the Kick Off of the Toys For Tots holiday drive in Atlanta, Georgia. The event was held at the historic State Capitol Building. With a capacity crowd on hand Crystal mesmerized the audience with two songs. She lead off the event with soon to be released single. Walking Away then conclude the program with Christmas Everyday. During her teenage years Crystal was selected to perform in the Youth Singers of Calgary. While performing with the Youth Singers Crystal was able to perform at various venues in her home town of Calgary Alberta and the prestigious stage at Disneyland. While performing at Disneyland, she was recognized by many in the music industry. Crystal embraced the success that she was having and looked to take her voice world wide. As the Youth Singers rose to national prominence. As a young girl, Crystal showed her talents to a diverse audience aboard the renown Carnival Cruise Lines as they sailed from port to port. At an early age it was evident that Crystal McGrath was naturally gifted. Specializing in guitar and piano she has carved a niche in the music industry Crystal was often performing on her own grand stage in her bedroom. The mirror was her audience and the reflection of her presence confirmed what she was feeling inside. It was destined that she would take flight as a future star while performing in her elementary school choir With hard work and determination, Crystal has taken her early childhood development and has become a sensational artist today. Discovering her own voice and letting it shine without trying to conform to other female contemporaries, she has stayed true to her creative convictions. Experiencing travel during her youth, Crystal has had no fear in taking on challenges wherever they may come from. Recently relocating from Calgary Alberta to Vancouver, British Columbia, she decided that Atlanta, GA in the U.S. would be her home away from home. Writing and Recording her soon to be released album, Crystal has opened her heart and soul to share with her fans. In March 2006, Crystal McGrath teamed up with Vancouver Producer Ryan Hauschild. Together they created magic while compiling a masterful ensemble of songs. Those close to her music have said Crystal wanted to create music that was catchy but easy to listen to. She wanted to be able to tell stories that had meaning for all to enjoy. After being introduced at the 2006 Billboard Dance Music Summit in La


The single "Walking Away" is scheduled to be released in February 2007.

The Album " I " will be released in Spring 2007

Toys For Tots inspired and dedicated song "Christmas Everyday" was written, produced, performed and played on air in 2006.

Set List

"Walking Away"
"Let Me Go"
"It Hurts"
"Anywhere But Here"
"More Than It Seems"
"Run And Hide"

25-30 Minute performance of 5 of the above songs. Can perform more of the songs listed and others from the Album " I " if requested. Time will increase to second set.