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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"DJ Mag"

"a hugely definitive sound that astonished and captivates in equal amounts. Beats from Outta space haven't sounded this good in a long time." - DJ Mag


“Fingathings third album is almost certainly going to be a breakthrough project." -


"Instrumental hip-hop hasn't sounded this good since Dj Shadows 'Entroducing'." - NME

"Q Magazine"

"Fingathing approach greatness when they rein in the sonic clutter. The Prog-rock breaks and bleepy groove of Walk In Space or the moody cartoon electro of ReAnimo have a neat lost in space funk about them, while the creaking cellos of Lady Nedula demonstrate a mastery of cinematic melancholy." - Q Magazine

"Arena Magazine"

"…the panoply of sound - astro hip hop, heavy duty breaks and lo-fisymphonia - transcend the cartoon eccentricities of their live show and hints at a life beyond terminal midnighters at Manchester clubs." - Arena Magazine


“An absorbing adventure through what can only be described as Fingathing’s very own never never land...a beatastic smattering of sounds so intoxicating that by the closing ‘Return To Earth’ you’ll never want to leave. An outright classic. “ -

"Observer Music Monthly"

"Devilish second album of funky basslines, sharp beats and a hint of swing from the Manchester bass and turntable outfit." - Observer Music Monthly

"Time Out"

"Fingathing definitely fall into the 'more creative' category…their third album is as conceptual as Posh Spice is thin. The LP is out there and it makes for a brilliant show." - Time Out

"BBC Online"

“The Big Red Nebula Band has all the ingredients that made you fall in love with Fingathing - the rolling basslines, the twisted melodies and, of course, the freaky cover art - but it's all come together to produce one of the albums of the year. - BBC Online


2 Player EP (debut release)
The Main Event LP - Grand Central Records
Just Practice (single)
Check It Out (single)
Superhero Music - Grand Central Records
Superhero Music (single)
Wasting Time (single)
Big Red Nebula Band - Grand Central/Ninja Tune
Walk In Space (single)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Ladies and gentlemen, aliens, robots and giant mechanical babies, we would like to introduce the the incredible Fingathing.

A few years ago, a new act with a unique concept and an amazing sound began to be spoken about by a few in-the-know people. These people had been privy to early recordings, or had been lucky enough to attend early performances by a band that has rightfully established itself as one of the most exciting duos in the country, and certainly the only one of it’s kind in the world.

One of the few acts to create a concept as daring and unique as theirs, and then prove it a lasting formula with constantly innovative results, Peter Parker and Sneaky have proven their sound and skill over two full-length releases.

Amongst tales of space adventure, big bangs and strange characters, they returned with Fingathing and The Big Red Nebula Band in 2004, an album which undoubtedly features their best work to date.

The dynamic duo of far-flung funk and crunching avant hip-hop have become known for thinking up concepts that equal their music in terms of sheer creativity and scope, and this album is no exception. Having faked their own deaths at the end of the last LP, the pair have been spat into space in metal coffins, and we join them as they hurtle towards the sun.

By chance, the coffins are sucked into a new space-time continuum known as the Red Nebula, and so an epic adventure through reanimation, giant robots and strange planets begins. Most importantly, Peter and Sneaky get to record with The Big Red Nebula Band, and bring home some astounding results.

Fear not, concept haters, for the music here stands taller on its own than the gigantic droid you’ll meet on ‘Reanimo.’

The Big Red Nebula Band is a blistering album of powerful breaks, glitchy funk, electronics, cuts and melody. The grooves grip tighter than a black hole, the drums smack the cheeks like an asteroid rain-storm, and the bass rumbles and hums like an imploding star.

If whiffy similes aren’t your thing, we would only say that this is the album that Fingathing have always had it in them to make. Capturing the energy of their live shows, they’ve harnessed their hunger and passion and created an album that does what albums are supposed to, take the listener somewhere far away over a sequence of tracks that fit together as a body, yet explore a huge variety of emotions and moods.

The concept is Fingathing’s story, but on listening, you’ll rapidly find yourself day-dreaming your own, and it’ll have the best soundtrack you can imagine.