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Austin, Texas, United States | SELF

Austin, Texas, United States | SELF
Band Americana Singer/Songwriter


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This band has not uploaded any videos




Fingerpistol forges country and southern rock to a sparkling jewel. Hardick’s baritone voice is blessed with the harmonies of backup singer Suzee Brooks…Whoever buys this album takes home a masterpiece! - Rootstime - Belgium

"Young and Beautiful"

I cannot say enough about Fingerpistol’s “Young and Beautiful.” Captivating and well done. The entire CD is a powerful fusion of nostalgia-driven country and southern rock that takes the listener on a highly emotive and imaginative journey. - Outlaw Magazine

"Fingerpistol - Young and Beautiful"

A smooth country sound flows from the speakers as you spin this disk. Lead singer and songwriter Dan Hardick's lyrics keep the vibe grounded, even as you are swept away by the beautiful melodies, made all the more luscious by Suzee Brooks' harmonies. Songs like the lead track "Goodbye, Marie" and "Sadness and Pain" invoke a smiling sadness, while others like "Rescue" and "Medicine" bring the melancholy full on. Sure, there are some cool, happier tunes on the record, but I lean toward the dark side. Dig it. - Texas Music Times


Hints of Austin’s new-sincerity sound still echo through Fingerpistol, which reminds one at times of ’90’s rockers the BoDeans, could slot into the Texas/Red Dirt scene on other numbers like “Still in Texas” and even stomps up a Waylon-style romp on “Get Back Up”. Singer-songwriter Dan Hardick delivers better than solid songs with an earnest baritone on a CD that’s the epitome of likable. - Texas Music Magazine

"Texas Platters"

Goofy old high school yearbook photos are a fleeting novelty until you're in one of them. That's about the time when sentimental amalgams of country and classic rock start to make more sense. As the cover art suggests, the title track of Fingerpistol's second album dives straight into that treacherous wellspring and comes out squeaky clean on account of singer-songwriter (and forever Chronicle staffer) Dan Hardick's sure-footed baritone and lyrical economy. From the struggling single mom of "Two Strong Arms" to the grizzled beer-light troubadour of "Old Promises," Young and Beautiful is heavy with hard-luck character studies, but it works because Fingerpistol keeps them straightforward and honest. "Sadness and Pain" detours into Todd Snider territory with its spoken-word verses about a lonely cancer survivor before closer "Wake the Dead" revives its namesake colloquial phrase with rocking urgency. Despite all its middle-aged longing, Young and Beautiful remains a refreshing tonic to relentless maturity. - Austin Chronicle

"Generosity You Can Dance To"

Dan is a consummate songwriter... Hank Williams, Neil Young, John Prine and John Hiatt. That’s the company he keeps in my imagination. His words are that clear and simple. I have no doubt his music will ring true to anyone brought up on country… - Roots and Resonance


Fingeristol is a breath of fresh air. In a musical world of copycats, wannabees and other such nonsense, Dan Hardick and Suzee Brooks bare their musical souls and lay it all on the line for us all to enjoy. This is the real deal - get you some of this. - Gordon "Big G" Ames, Revolution FM, Kerrville, Texas

- Gordon "Big G" Ames


Big, Wet, Sloppy World - 2000
Young & Beautiful - 2008

Songs with Radio Airplay:
Goodbye Marie - Young and Beautiful
Still in Texas - Young and Beautiful
Rescue - Young and Beautiful
Young and Beautiful - Young and Beautiful
Wheelchair Named Desire - Big, Wet, Sloppy World
Food is Love - Big, Wet, Sloppy World
Irregardless - Big, Wet Sloppy World
Synchronized Swimming - Big, Wet Sloppy World



In 1998, Fingerpistol singer-songwriter Dan Hardick was on a ten year musical losing streak. For nearly a decade he had been slugging it out doing low paying gigs in small venues with no recognition from the local press. He was so depressed he was considering comedy. Then he had an epiphany: A ten-year streak of any kind in the Austin music scene is something of an accomplishment in itself - something to build on. At least he had a solid rhythm section, a small, loyal group of fans, regular gigs, and a bulging catalog of original songs. So, he changed the name of his band to Fingerpistol and recorded his first CD: Big, Wet, Sloppy World. Things have been the same ever since. The only difference now is that Dan no longer cares about winning or losing, he just wants to write good songs and make good music for anyone willing to listen. He feels like he's found his groove, even if it's just a velvet rut. Recently, he's taken to calling his music "front porch Americana," because it's not quite country, but it does have a view of it.

In October of 2008, Fingerpistol released their second CD, Young and Beautiful, which features the harmonies of co-vocalist Suzee Brooks as well as Fingerpistol's tried and true rhythm section of Sam Wilson and Jill Csekitz. Also helping out on the CD are Austin A-listers Cindy Cashdollar and Landis Armstrong. "Young and Beautiful is a heartfelt chronicle of Hardick's slide into middle age, full of hard luck character studies and soulful songs." As fellow Austin songwriter Guy Forsyth describes it, Young and Beautiful is "An honest, warm communication from someone taking a very realistic look at their place in a complicated world. That sort of honesty in music is a rarity. It's good for you - like a healthy meal." For videos of Fingerpistol, go to