Finian McKean

Finian McKean


Dark, rootsy rock 'n' roll from the co-founder of the Push Kings...A blog favorite in 2006! "Emotional & eerie" (BLACKBOOK) "Satisfyingly tattered" (CokeMachineGlow) "Sad, spare indie folk ballads" (Boston Phoenix) "Alt-pop bombast (in a good way!)" (Time Out NY)


In the months after Boston band Push Kings crashed and burned in Los Angeles, singer/guitarist/songwriter Finian McKean had a pop music hangover. Having led the Push Kings (along with brother Carrick) in a three album sunshine assault on the dour indie rock and crappy nu metal of the late ‘90s, McKean (pronounced ‘muh-cane’) was sick of sleazy managers, major label showcases, and the whole Silverlake scene; he was eager for new adventures, aching to rediscover the passion that drew him to rock n roll in the first place.
He packed up, moved back east and holed up in a 1901 brick tenement in Red Hook, the bleak and beautiful Siberia of Brooklyn (no subway service!!). It’s here he found his hangover cure...

Cut off from the rest of the city, Finian let his hair grow, drew the curtains and recorded a new batch of songs alone in a room with tin ceilings and a green marble fireplace. He played every instrument and turned every knob himself, intent on exploring feelings so dark & private they could only be brought to life in this sensory-deprived isolation. The music that emerged is Shades Are Drawn, an audio document of depression and urban anxiety in the shattered style of legendary shut-ins like Syd Barrett and Skip Spence, with the understated intensity of Neil Young and JJ Cale.

Early demo versions of Shades Are Drawn have unleashed waves of blog buzz and the word is out that Finian’s world-weary melodies transport the listener on what Blackbook magazine calls “emotional and eerie...four-minute escapes.”
It’s true that a longing to escape to nature pervades McKean’s eleven songs on this album. But just as pervasive is the quicksand tug of the terrible and hypnotizing New York around him, in particular the streets of Red Hook, a windy peninsula of ancient mariners, hookers, real estate sharks, crackheads, and artists, with a few decent hard-working people thrown in.

the city’s quiet/ no sirens blow /
i never thought that I’d find peace here/ but there you go...
‘Been Gone So Long’

We’re happy to report that, as of press time, Finian has started to feel more at home, even as gritty Red Hook morphs around him into one of NYC’s ‘hottest’ neighborhoods. He’s been playing a monthly gig at a magical bohemian salty-dog bar called Sunny’s and tearing up stages all over NYC with his explosive live band, the Wild Palms .


"Shades Are Drawn" CD, released April 2006.
>>#17 CMJ most-added records the week of April 4
>>Internet radio airplay on: Radio Indie Pop, SomaFM, Spacelab, M3,etc.

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