Fink is a 5 piece Jazz/Rock/Jam Band orginally from Fairfield, CT now located in Burlington, VT. Tight rock jams blended with crisp vocal melodies combine to make Fink concerts full of energy and fun.


We come from a town, Fairfield, CT, that has bred musical acts such as John Mayer, the Alternate Routes, and Deep Banana Blackout. Being able to find gigs and play around town was always fun and exciting but as we grew up as a band, we moved to Burlington,VT to pursue music in a more serious manner.

What sets us apart from other bands in our "genre" is that for us, answering the question "what genre are you?" is never easy. We have a unique style that incorporates everything from pop rock, heavy rock, jam, jazz, and everything in between. Our members come from ecelectic musical backgrounds and that is what has perhaps allowed us to develop the arsenal we've got today.


The NYC Sessions 2007 EP
Joe's House 2009 EP

Set List

We've played sets lasting from a half hour two three hours.