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The best kept secret in music


"Finned Pilot's Here We Go Again"

So, earlier tonight I wrote an essay about how emo pretty much can't be really exciting anymore, and now I go and slap on an emo-ish record that is actually pretty good. I think that the catch with Finned Pilot, though, is that tell-tale "-ish;" while there are definitely elements of Here We Go Again that warrant the use of the dreaded "E" word, this record has at least as much in common with late-80s pop punk bands like the Doughboys and Down by Law and power pop/hard rock bands of yore like Cheap Trick and Def Leppard.

Take "The Otherside," for instance. The song starts with a semi-metallic guitar riff that, when combined with the album's massive sound, bears more than a passing resemblance to stadium rock gems like Def Leppard's "Photograph" and Cheap Trick's "Surrender." Then the vocals kick in, though, and you can't help but think of Down by Law-era Dave Smalley; on most of the songs on Here We Go Again Finned Pilot's vocalist is a dead ringer for the plaintive yet powerful sounds of Mr. Smalley. My favorite part of the song, though, is the chorus; I'm not exactly what you'd call this technique of having the guitar hit a power chord that falls right on a beat hit by both the drummer and the bassist, but I know that bands like the Darkness and Def Leppard are extremely fond of it, and even here it instantly induces an almost embarassing attempt at air guitar from myself.

While the lame cover art (By the way, what is with the ubiquity of the crappy font that Finned Pilot use for their logo these days? Do people actually think that it looks good?) and slick production might cause you put this in the "we want to be Jimmy Eat World" pile after your first listen, I encourage everyone to give this band a couple of extra spins, because if you ask me Here We Go Again is a damn-near-great rock album whose passing similarity to some emo records may keep it from being embraced by the sophisticated pop audience (i.e. fans of Leatherface, Hooton 3 Car, Broccoli, etc.) that it deserves. - Deep Fry Bonanza


Here We Go Again - EP. Released on January 2004. Produced by Matt Goldman and Finned Pilot.
Malboro - Copper Label Compilation. Released in December 2003. Finned Pilot's track "Here We Go Again" was chosen as the lead track (#1) on the CD. The compilation was distributed to 3,000,000 people.
Here We Go Again has received Radio Airplay on Orlando's O-Rock 105.9, Real Rock 101.1, Real Radio 104.9 and WPRK 95.1fm.
Finned pilot also has several tracks that has been featured in Garage (track of the day),,, Pure Volume,, etc.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Finned Pilot is a high energy four piece rock band that formed out of the music scene in Orlando, Florida.
Drummer Jorge Alvarez and singer/guitarist Zach Frignoca, were the founding members of the group. The two musicians successfully completed a five song demo, catching the attention of Paul Durand, the next member to join. Durand previously fronted the Orlando punk band Undone. With the new addition, the band was now able to arrange vocal harmonies and add Durand’s sonic lead guitar to the music. Zach and Paul grew up going to all ages punk shows that featured music legends such as 7 Seconds, Dag Nasty and NOFX. Jorge grew up in Venezuela learning world beat rhythms and listening to American rock n roll.
The last ingredient needed to round out Finned Pilot’s sound was bass player Al Ruiz. Formerly of the band Michigan Winter, Al refined his musicianship with constant touring and recording. Ruiz met guitarist Durand sharing the stage locally in Orlando and became the final member in the band. The combination of musical styles resulted in the eclectic song writing that defines Finned Pilot.
The band continues its relentless efforts in song writing, performing and self promotion.