Finn Hill

Finn Hill


Hailing from seattle, finn hill epitomises the northwest garage rock sound. Their low-frills all-out sound portrays what rock was intended to be, simple, energetic, and emotionally provoking while their diversity will appeal to fans of all genres.


All of the members of Finn Hill have been influenced by one of the greatest bands of all time: Queen. However, there are many other artists and bands that contribute to Finn Hill's sound and style, like: Fugazi, Green Day, Mos Def, Johnny Cash, and Lynard Skynard. Each of Finn Hill's songs sounds unique.


We recently released our demo EP, "The Balls Deep EP." We feel that the 5 songs show our energy and diversity as a band while communicating the 'go out and have fun' message that we promote.

Set List

We can easily play a set of around 80 minutes using both original material and covers. Our covers span the rock genre, including but not limited to AC/DC, Everclear, and Fugazi. We also occasionally cover a Hip-Hop or pop song.