I'm not trying to change the world through my music. I'm just trying to write witty, sincere and perhaps 'catchy' pop songs that people will enjoy. Enjoy!

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Another Sunny Day

Written By: Finn

(verse 1)
it's another sunny day,
In a coma called 'L.A.'
Where everyone's awake.
And she writes,
to keep me up to date
With a letter sent from space,
But with no address to trace.

(verse 2)
and Surprise!
it's another lonely day
in the 'palisade parade,'
but at least they let me stay.

so would you let me die here?
well, I could use the rest.
But don't take notice,
if I've got nothing left
to say

(verse 3)
Goodbye to the beaches and the view.
Well the sunset loves you too!
but you're going to have to choose.
And I tried to read between the lines,
the tear stained compromise,
but enough from me - whats new?

would you let me die here?

(bridge 1 - instrumental)

(bridge 2)
and its alright
to let the others live their own lives,
to see just what it feels like
to find your way back home

so let me die here,
cause I could use the rest.



How To Avoid Speaking - the E.P. (Upcoming)

Set List

I usually perform my own material, which covers all of my most recent tunes and some of my older ones, which usually amounts to around 10 songs. If I like I might play 'There There' by Radiohead, or 'Neon' by John Mayer if the mood strikes me.