Fiona Dickinson

Fiona Dickinson

 Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA

The control Fiona commands over the absolute atmosphere of a venue is staggering, especially considering that it’s only one person with an acoustic guitar.


Fiona Dickinson is a British singer/songwriter currently residing in Michigan. Taking a cue from Bjork-esque vocalists, as well as adding elements of shoegaze, old time folk, and lush string arrangements, Fiona creates a beguiling dark sound. While the instrumentation of reverberated guitars, violins, and cellos is invariably complex and often provide unexpected hooks that draw a listener in, Fiona's most affecting instrument is her voice. Rich and mature, she drives it fluidly between sweetly breathed coos and full-throated wails. Her live shows are intimate and deep, begging the undivided attention of the listener. You can feel her voice pushing back the demons as she digs deep into a growl, and then angelically welcome in the healing process with the voice of tranquility.

In the past, Fiona has collaborated with several musicians in the studio, onstage, and on the road as a touring vocalist and guitarist. Collaborations vary from folk to punk to noise rock. Artists include Graham Parsons & the Go Rounds, MINUTES, Robin Parrent, Rotten Wood Moon, and Gitis Ezekiel Baggs.

In September 2009, Fiona was invited by Andy Catlin of Strutt records to record her track Buy It In Bottles for the 350 album. The project was organized by Seth Bernard and The Strutt. The compilation features 16 artists, including Seth Bernard, Graham Parsons, Red Tail Ring, Greensky Bluegrass and Glowfriends.

After the release, Fiona received a positive response and was signed to Strutt Records. Fiona recorded her debut album, DUENDE, with co-production by Andy Catlin. The album was released on Strutt Records in January 2011.

Since coming onto the scene in 2009, Fiona has supported such acts as Scout Niblett, Larkin Grimm, Frontier Ruckus, Breathe Owl Breathe, Chris Bathgate, Prussia, Paucity and Jeremy Quentin.


Duende - Fiona Dickinson
Strutt Records 2010

350 - Various Artists
Strutt Records 2009

Set List

Sample 45 Minute Set.

My Lovely Friend
Recalling Dreams
Quiet With Others
Stone Me
The Wall
Do As I Please
Just Sleep
Winter's Coming
Buy It In Bottles
From This Place
Woman Lied
The Tower