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But it's Beautiful

Written By: Fiona Linnane

She lives in a house full of stories but you just see one,
Think you'll find another the deeper in you go,
Moving thtough the doorway you can see ways to get it,
Climbing upstairs slowly seems the best way to begin.

And it's beautiful but it's all just layers of the same

All can see whats downstairs, thinks its whats upstairs that counts,
So they start to clamber to get to the top,
People moving closer she prepares things to be seen,
In perfect alignment possessions neat and clean

And it's beautiful but it's all just layers of the same.

I know her so long you would think that she would give me the key,
I visit her house she stands at the door to welcome,
She has prepared in the background,
I try to get in, I try to get inside of what I can see but I can't get past the still smiling face thats in front of me,
She has prepared in the background.

She lives all alone now,
Thats where she wanted to be,
Surrounded by only the ones she wants to see,
Undisturbed and peaceful she climbs the stairs feeling free,
Independant bravery?