Fiona Mackenzie

Fiona Mackenzie

 Inverness, Scotland, GBR

”This Kate Bush meets Bjork of the Isle of Lewis is the voice taking traditional music to places it's seldom been before.”
From sparse and spooky spine-tingling Gaelic laments to deep, bassy electronica folk, Fiona Mackenzie's sound will stay in your head a long time.


Fiona Mackenzie
One of the most original voices to come out of Scotland in years, Fiona Mackenzie has wowed audiences across the globe, both in her live appearances, and through her recordings on album, radio and television.
Born and raised on the Isle of Lewis, Fiona has been singing since childhood.

After leaving Lewis for student life she joined Edinburgh-based folk band Seelyhoo. She toured with them internationally for about 4 years during which time they recorded their two albums. She also recorded two albums with her sisters, Eilidh and Gillian, as the Gaelic singing group Mackenzie and later went on to join the acclaimed Irish band Anam with whom she recorded a further album and gigged and toured in Europe, North America and Japan.

For the last few years, Fiona has been writing material for her debut solo album, Elevate, which was released on the prestigious Linn Records label. Since its launch at Celtic Connections ‘08, her self-penned album, which was produced by the esteemed Calum Malcolm, has been receiving critical acclaim from reviewers in the press and music industry from across the globe;

"Elevate" is a tremendously impressive debut; well-written, beautifully sung and exquisitely produced. I can't recommend this album highly enough, nor run out of enthusiasm for singing its praises -- I know it's only January, but this has "album of the year" written all over it! Mike Wilson,

"Elevate" is incredibly original, ‘folk' but only if you put a gun to its head and force it to pick a genre - most folk albums aren't quite this inventive, quite so other-worldly.” Shelley Marsden, The Irish World

As a live performer Fiona has also received rave reviews for her unique sound; “Dumbstruck, spellbound, mesmerised, hypnotic and every other word you can think of that could describe how Fiona had the audience eating out of her hand” Harborlite Music, Greenock

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When the Sunny Sky Has Gone

Written By: Fiona Mackenzie - PRS/MCPS

When the Sunny Sky has Gone

Are you keeping a part of you
I won’t understand
Do you feel there’s a side of you
I won’t want to find
Are you tired of feeling like
You’ll never find love
That you can depend on
To be there when the sunny sky’s gone away
Oh, to be there when the sunny sky’s gone away

Yes I’m keeping a part of me
You won’t understand
And I feel there’s a side to me
You won’t want to find
And I’m tired of feeling like
I’ll never find love that
I can depend on
To be there when the sunny sky’s gone away
Oh, to be there when the sunny sky’s gone away

Please know there’s no part of you
I won’t understand
And there’s never a side to you
I won’t want to find
Just remember you’ve found a love
That you can depend on
To be there when the sunny sky’s gone away
Oh, to be there when the sunny sky’s gone away

In Between

Written By: Fiona Mackenzie - PRS/MCPS

In Between

In between, I listen to wonderful sounds
In between, I follow another way out

What a dream, what a gift
What a laugh, what a scene
What a beautiful lie

In between, my eyesight is perfectly formed
In between, no voices to scorn me at all

What a dream, what a gift
What a laugh, what a scream
What a beautiful lie

In between, there are people just happy to be
In between, I wake and it wasn't a dream

What a night, what a thrill
What a play, what a sight
What a beautiful lie

What a night, what a thrill
What a play, what a fright
What a beautiful lie

An Roghainn

Written By: Fiona Mackenzie/Sorley Maclean

An Roghainn le Somhairle MacGill-eain

Choisich mi cuide ri mo thuigse
a-muigh ri taobh a’ chuain:
bha sinn còmhla ach bha ise
a’ fuireach tiotan bhuam

An sin thionndaidh i ag ràdha:
a bheil e fìor gun cual
thu gu bheil do ghaol geal àlainn
a’ pòsadh tràth Di-luain?

Bhac mi’n cridhe bha ‘g èirigh
‘nam bhroilleach reubhte luath
is thubhairt mi: Tha mi cinnteach;
carson bu bhriag e bhuam?

Ciamar a smaoinichinn gun glacainn
an rionnag leugach òir,
gun beirinn oirre ‘s cuirinn i
gu ciallach ‘na mo phòc.

Cha d’ ghabh mise bàs croinn-ceusaidh
ann an èiginn chruaidh na Spàinn,
is ciamar sin bhiodh dùil agam
ri aon duais ùir an dàin?

Cha do lean mi ach an t-slighe chrìon
bheag ìosal thioram thlàth
is ciamar sin a choinnichinn
ri beithir-theine ghràidh?

Ach nan robh ‘n roghainn rithist dhomh
‘s mi ’m sheasamh air an àird,
leumainn à nèamh no iutharna
le spiorad ‘s cridhe slàn.

Hi O Hè

Written By: Fiona Mackenzie/Eilidh Mackenzie

Hi o Hè (mo ghille ruadh)

Hi o hè mo ghille ruadh
Hi o hè mo luaidh
O hi o hè mo ghille ruadh
Tuiginn còmhla rium, ‘s nam bhuaidh

Laigh sinn sìos ‘s bha d’ anail blàth
Gam bhriodaladh le cagar gràidh
Chual’ mi faclan lan brìgh
Iain Ailean, dion mo chrìdh

Hi o Hè, My Red-haired Lad

Hi o hè my red-haired lad
Hi o hè my love
O hi o hè myred-haired lad
Come with me in my victory

We lay down and your breath was warm
Caressing me with a whisper of love
I heard words full of substance
John Alan, protect my heart

Bye, Bye

Written By: Fiona Mackenzie - PRS/MCPS

Bye Bye

Bye, bye, I hear you quietly say
Bye, bye, opens up so many things
Like the time when you first knew
I was holding onto you
Even though you’d left me all those years before
And I remember how it went
All those nights you spent
Questioning the feelings I held dear
How long will it be before you know
If someone is really right for you
And how will it feel when you finally work out
That the truth might never be near

Sometimes I see you in my sleep
Sometimes I forget you’re not with me
And then it all falls into place
And I see you’re stricken face
Telling me to think of moving on
But your words fall on deaf ears
And I’m still counting all the years
That I’ll be with you even though you’ll never know
How long will it be before you know
If someone is really wrong for you
And how does it feel when you finally let go
And watch your old dreams disappear


Written By: Fiona Mackenzie - PRS/MCPS


Elevate; up, up, up and away and free
I miss your face, and the cheerfulness that it dictates

Stoniness; there are tiny stones everywhere
Circling me up here, keeping me company
Incase I should feel…feel fear…

…Of myself; but I actually quite like myself
Why should I harm me? That other time doesn’t count
I was just feeling…a little left out

Round and round; round and round and upside down
And inside out, that’s why I wear my hair
This way upon, my head



• The First Caul by Seelyhoo (Greentrax Recordings Ltd) 1995
• Leetera by Seelyhoo (Greetrax Recordings Ltd) 1997
• Camhanch by Mackenzie (Macmeanmna Records) 1997
• Ar Canan 's ar Ceol by Gaelic Women (various artistes) (Greentrax Recordings Ltd) 1999
• Tine Gheal/Bright Fire By Anam (Linn Records - CKD 121) 2000
• Fama Clamosa by Mackenzie (Macmeanmna Records) 2002
• Notes from a Hebridean Island by William Jackson and Mackenzie (Linn Records) 2001
• A Hebridean Suite – Live recording of the opening show for Celtic Connections 2002, composed by William Jackson and commissioned especially for Celtic Connection. Many musicians and singers, including Mackenzie, performed.
• Scottish Women by various artistes (Greetrax Recordings Ltd) 2004
• Tha na Laithean a’ dol Seachad/The Days Flash Past – a specially commissioned album to mark the opening of the new An Lanntair arts centre in Stornoway, Isle of Lewis. The project had Paul Mounsey at the helm as producer, composer and arranger and consisted of vocal contributions from Mackenzie and many other Lewis singers; Alyth McCormack, Anna Murray, Christine Primrose, Ishbel Macaskill and Mary Smith.
• Elevate – debut solo album of self-penned songs from Fiona Mackenzie (Linn AKD 307) 2008

Fiona has also performed on various compilation albums and has also done backing vocals on albums including:

• Into Indigo by Anna Murray (Klub Records)
• Sioda by Ishbel MacAskill (Greetrax Recordings Ltd)
• An Turas by Christine Primrose & Brian Ó hEadhra (Anam Music - CACD 003) 2003
• Ceol Tacsi by various artistes
• Folkal Point by various artistes
• Togaidh Sinn Fonn 1 by various artistes
• Macmeanmna Sampler by various artistes (Macmeanmna Records)
• Life by Brian Ó hEadhra (Anam Music) 2005
• An t-Alt by Brian Ò hEadhra (Brechin All Records – CDBAR011) 2010