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"Hitting the High Notes"

Hitting the High Notes
Fiore’s fresh new sound sets her
apart from other rising stars on
South Florida’s music scene.

It all began with a lullaby.
Actually, it began long before that, when Fiore
was just a toddler living in her native San Diego. Creativity
was in her blood, and showed itself in the form of singing,
dancing, painting and sculpture; pursuits that were
encouraged and nurtured by her stepfather. “He was a
guitar-playing free spirit, a hippie who drove a beat-up van
and took me to school on his Harley,” Greger recalls
fondly. “All the kids thought I was cool because I got to go
to school on a motorcycle.” He wrote a lullaby that touched
her deeply, and no wonder—she had never met her
biological father. Then, when she was 16, he and Fiore's
mother divorced, her stepfather moved out, and she never
saw him again.
But the lullaby—and the singing—continued to ring
loud and clear. Through turbulent times that included
relocating, shuttling between her grandparents’ home and
her mother’s, and breaking her leg so severely at age 14 that
a metal rod had to be installed, effectively ending any hopes
of a dancing career, the music never left Fiore's heart.
Even as she carved out a successful professional niche
as a photographer’s representative, booking A-listers and
national ad campaigns and traveling around the world to
oversee glamorous photo shoots, she harbored the desire to
share her gift of song with the world. It was only after she
was persuaded to stand up in a club and sing while visiting
clients in Tennessee that her dream began to take shape as
reality. Encouraged by the response, she continued
to write and sing and actively pursue a musical career.
Her confidence and her repertoire began to blossom, making her name
- the Italian word for “flower”-more reflective then ever before.
Today, with a newly formed band behind her and her
first single, “Kiss Me,” which is available for sale on the
Internet, moving like wildfire, Fiore is preparing to debut
her adult-contemporary sound via live performances to the
masses in her hometown of Fort Lauderdale. To say she’s
thrilled is an understatement. “If you took Annie Lennox,
Sarah McLachlan and Sinead O’Connor and put all three in
a blender, that’s my sound,” Fiore says. Having listened to
her sing, we’d say that’s a compliment to them.
For local showtimes and more information, visit
- Aventura Magazine

"Fiore's Story"

Fiore’s story begins as a young girl with a tape recorder and attached microphone.
Now, Fiore’s single “Kiss me” has gained a lot of attention, a strong following and her
musical artistry will soon be heard over the radio waves and through every ipod. “Kiss
me” is the kind of track you want to repeat over and over, it whispers and embraces you
at the same time. You find yourself humming the unique tune hours after hearing it. Her
music, like a wave, pulls you in and takes you on a rhythmic ride, filled with soul, angelic
vocals and lyrics pulled from the heart.
Like her music, Fiore is both mysterious and familiar. When you meet her, Fiore
strikes you as strong, confidently tall and slim, with pin straight posture and long, wavy
hair. She may even intimidate you a little. But then the wind blows, and her dark, shiny
hair sends a message of beauty and intelligence. She reveals her eyes under sunglasses,
and you get a peak into the real Fiore, her depth, compassion and search for
understanding in the interpretation of life. When she laughs, hearty and sincere, that is
when you know; she’s just like everyone else. She’s just an artist. And artists are always
feeling, always thinking and always creating.
Fiore has always felt deeply, she started writing poetry as soon as she could hold a
pencil to paper. Her step dad was a musician who helped her record her first songs on the
tape recorder, turning her writing into lyrics, then into songs. More recently, Fiore began
a ritual of collecting her bits of writing, on hotel, notebook, or any sort of paper she had
around the house. She would fold the paper four times and put it with the others. Her
creative process is never-ending. She can be at work, in the shower, driving her car and
begin singing a melody newly emerged from her mind. She wrote “Kiss me” while
walking her dog, Nikki. Fiore admits her favorite place to create is Key West. She says
there is something about being there, surrounded by other artists and she can write “about
the noise from a distance.” Past and present, wherever she is, whatever she is doing,
everything leads her back to music.
Throughout her life, Fiore immersed herself into music. She connected to the
emotions of the singer and “embraced” the place she was in. Sarah McLaughlin helped
her find solace, Dylan explained life’s mysteries and Sinead O’Connor, Sade and Ben
Harper brought her through the darker times. Fiore wants her music to help others the
same way, “to touch people” and “heal the world starting with your heart.” She
recognizes that a song can “become a part of our history” and is “tied to our
experiences.” A song can surface a memory, a moment in time. Just like you will
remember where you were when you first heard Fiore’s voice.
Writing and music have always been a way for Fiore to vent and deal with the
things that kept her up at night. Fiore’s upbringing was “arduous” and “laced with total
confusion in so many ways.” She dealt with abandonment issues and constantly searched
to find herself. She also pushed herself, whether in school, dance lessons or the regular
activities of a young girl. Until recently, Fiore would describe herself as “hiding behind
the ‘I’m perfect’ wall.” She was always hard on herself and the mistakes and downfalls
left scars, physically and emotionally. People took advantage of Fiore’s desire to succeed
and used her for their own agenda. And though she can’t say exactly when the changehappened, Fiore realized she was tired of holding up the imaginary barrier. Fiore started
accepting herself as not perfect, rejected the negativity from outside sources, and went
through a reformation. Through it all and through writing, she searched for the right path
or more importantly, her path. Soon after, she unfolded her collection of songs, and began
to finish them.
It was during her college years that Fiore explored her art, studying ballet,
painting and sculpture. While waiting tables and studying for exams, she found time to
show and sell her artwork, go on auditions and perform at local clubs while gaining a
local fan base. After graduating with honors, her determination and entrepreneurship led
her to start her own business and not long after became exclusive manager to
photographer/director Peter Langone. With his mentorship, she began to understand and
learn first-hand about the entertainment business. She made contacts with other musical
talents like Michael Bolton and Dave Mason, who provided encouragement and advice.
Though Fiore’s work accomplishments were impressive, obtaining clients like Bacardi,
Fox Sports and celebrities like Tiger Woods and Paul Sorvino, she still needed her
creative outlet.
Langone began introducing Fiore to some producers who got her into the studio.
She began recording and collaborating and used her stockpile of work to create her first
produced tracks. Her songs visit a range of emotions from heartbreak to happiness, but
throughout all, love. But not just romantic love, Fiore adds, “love gained, love lost and
the ability to hold on to yourself through it all,” something Fiore has experienced many
times over. Her words are both vulnerable “wishing for the day that I don’t need you”
and brave “walking with my head up trying to make it from defeat.”
Fiore’s speech turns softer when she describes her grandmother and her best
friend who were very influential in her life. A contagious smile appears in relation to
pasta with homemade gravy. And then a peacefulness and worldy tone approaches when
Fiore begins to share her ideas and perspective on life, love and the meaning of her
Fiore’s taste in music is broad, from Miles Davis to Shakira, Pink to Anna Nalick.
Fiore’s own style of music is equally diverse, not easily categorized because it is so
distinctive. The musicians that inspire her “have important things to say” that motivate
her to be “a better person.” Fiore believes “learning to love ourselves and take
responsibility for our own path first will allow us to embrace others.” She has practiced
living in the moment because that is “the only thing that truly exists.” Fiore again
becomes both an untouchable icon and long-lasting friend, when these profound ideas
and morals are spoken so poignantly. Her philosophy serves a great purpose in the
current times, where futures are uncertain. But in relation to one life, Fiore’s life, that is
how she wants to lead it. Work on letting go of the painful past and storm head first into
So add all together the struggles of Fiore’s past, her experiences, her words and
her skill and a new star is born. Fiore’s music takes you along, and like life, there are
surprises and sadness, highs and lows, but you are not alone on the journey. She holds
your hand, lets go, walks with you, smiles with you, and feels with you. Believe her deep
brown eyes when they convey to you, “I’m here, I understand and you can get through
anything life throws at you.” Listen to her music, you won’t doubt, Fiore is on this planetfor that very reason. “Good Lord knows what’s in store for me” quotes her song, but one
listen to her music, one view of her performance, and it’s clear what is in store for Fioré.
Fiore is currently working in the studio on her first album. You can get a sample
of her music on line at Soon, the website will consist of blogs,
pod casts and interactive media. You can find Fiore at or email
her at
Lauren Maugeri received an MFA in Creative Writing and Literature from Stony
Brook Southampton University. She currently teaches English and writing in Maine. - Online Review


Still working on that hot first release.



Fiore began on the Florida stages as a professional singer and dancer specializing in ballet, jazz, and classical song after years of studying technique as a young girl. Since then, Fiore has performed for several charity functions and live venues. Fiore’s musical career started in the studio with indie label MSMG where she was nurtured by pop singer/musician Michael Sterling, most noted for his hit song “Lovers and Friends” covered by Usher and Ludacris, until she made the transition into her current style as an independent artist focused on songwriting.

She has since then been working on the rest of her writing portfolio which includes pop, country, adult contemporary, and rock melodies. Fiore has written lyrics and melodies for feature films such as “I Believe” for the Film, "Square Root of 2" for Prochild Elder Entertainment, independent artists such as “Your Everything” for Darryl White, and collaborated with artists, and producers such as Eddie Cornelous, Michael Sterling, David Shelley, Dave Mason, and others.

She has recently paired up with Grammy Nominated Executive Producer, legendary keyboard player, and powerfully motivated songwriter Leroy Romans as the dream team to America’s next smash-hit songwriting duo. NY blog writer Lauren Maugeri states: “Her music, like a wave, pulls you in and takes you on a rhythmic ride, filled with soul, angelic vocals and lyrics pulled from the heart.” Editor in Chief of Aventura Magazine, Lori Capullo writes: "Fiore's fresh new sound sets her apart from other rising stars."