Fior Fiero

Fior Fiero


Barely recognizable as the new project from the members of Dark Side of the Cop, Fior Fiero is an electronic indie-pop duo that mixes elements of noise, rock and electronica with haunting melodies that would make Brian Wilson smile.


While touring behind DSOTC during the Summer and Fall of 2006, guitarist Marco Panella and keyboardist Roger Thomasson started to think beyond their “masterful pop” (Houston Chronicle) sensibilities, striving to break away from the confines of electronica and into spaces more commonly occupied by rock and roll.

With The Satellite EP, the duo moves from DSOTC’s sun-drenched pop vignettes into longer and darker ruminations. “On tour,” explains Panella, “we started stretching songs, giving them a more guitar driven, organic feel. We wanted to incorporate some of that looseness in our electronic live set into the new record.” The result is a dramatic step forward. Fior Fiero takes on more expansive structures, looser, fluid drum programming, and a raw, dynamic feel.

“Satellite,” the title track and single, evolves from a simple melody into an Eno-esque, silver-toned wash of guitar, propelled by reverberated 80’s drums, stacked loops and abstract, whirling synths. “Butterscotch” is the kind of song that goes with any mood; it’s an uptempo electro-rocker, incorporating acoustic guitar and shaker to counterbalance the driving synth-bass line and neurotic melodies.

“Shadowboxer”’s spare jazz chords and distant melodies evoke equal parts LA noir, bedroom R&B, empty nightclubs and vacant highways. “So Close,” a studio creation, develops through a series of calls and responses between guitar, synth, bass and drums.

Last year it was a hypnotic alternate soundtrack to Beverly Hills Cop. This year it’s a new EP and a new sound. Perhaps the change in sound is also due to the change in location: after many months of touring with DSOTC, Thomasson and Panella left sunny California permanently for the city of Philadelphia. The duo recorded The Satellite EP in January 2007 out of their frigid east coast sublet. Auger Down Records will release the EP on August 28, 2007.



Written By: Marco Panella

I'm a satellite
high in the atmosphere
I don't get too close
or far away
when the fog hides the moonlight
I am invisible
until the morning sun
burns it away

someone's yelling from the lawn
in the sedated light of dawn
under the satellites

I'm a satellite high in the atmosphere
chrome like the gunships
docked in the bay
when the fog hides the moonlight
I am invisible
until the morning sun
burns it away


Written By: Marco Panella

Such a far cry
from the spark in your eye
stuck pining away

I thought about you
on a backseat drive
through the hollywood hills
on a friday night
with some people I don't know

I'm the backup plan
that you call or write
in a month from now
on a monday night
shadowboxing in a grown-up fight

not such a far cry
from the smoke in your eye
stuck pining away

we were out late
in the drunken cold
you were on my mind again
but I thought I'd go home
and fall asleep
to something on the radio

a costume kid
trying to play it tough
halloween shirt
with the halloween cuffs
the kicker is
that he thinks he's right
shadowboxing in a grown-up fight


Written By: Marco Panella

Got gravity
for no one at all besides me
got gravity
but I don't have the pull that I need

at a standstill looking for distractions
to pull you off like ink from paper
like a plane through japan

there's a light on
for somebody else besides me
there's a light on
but I don't have the horse that I need

I want to hold you tight for a second
show my friends I know how to touch you
a long brown stare

it's like butterscotch
so thrill of the hunt
I'll put you on my fingers
I know what I want
but I don't know how to keep it together
long enough to look you in the eyes
and say I need it all

there's no road
splitting apart
the feast and famine
end and a start
and I'll never ever keep it together
no I'll never keep it together


The Satellite EP - August 28th, 2007 Auger Down Records

Our last album, Dark Side of the Cop s/t, broke into the CMJ top 100 last summer, with the single Shaky Little Rules reaching #72.

Set List

Our set is all originals, consisting of tracks from our new EP, unreleased material, and some reinterpretations of Dark Side of the Cop songs. Songs include:
Busted up Springtime
Like a High School Kid
Flying Fists
Love Me From Above
Paradise Lost and Found
Flying Fists remix
and a revolving mix of others. Our sets usually last 45 minutes to an hour.