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FIRE has teamed up, armed with God's Word, to proclaim the gospel of Christ, driving the devil out from the midst of young people’s lives.


JAEBIIRDE: “Most people think of gospel as hymns but we’re bringing it as hip-hop, giving it a whole new vibe, and it’s for Christ.” Fifteen-year-old James Tibbs, a Pastors son from Kelleen, Texas expresses himself in Christian hip-hop because of the goodness of the Lord. “He’s always there for me, showing me grace and mercy, by saving us when we don’t care or acknowledge it. In fact, it’s the way people don’t acknowledge God that makes me want to do more music,” and Jaebiirde has definitely embarked on the opportunity, the time, and the inspiration to do more with this genre than anyone has ever seen before.

DA R.O.C.: He may only be a 16-year-old Christian from Atlanta, but his faith and stage name, which is an acronym for Da Righteousness Of Christ, speak to a wisdom that is beyond his years. “There are lies in the music industry that infect, blind and deafen souls from seeing the truth.” Isaiah Linsey’s lyrical prowess comes at a time when there is only a minimum of young Christian artists prospering in the industry, and with FIRE, he plans on being one of them that can open heaven’s floodgates for them. In Christian hip-hop, D-R.O.C. will be “bringing the truth the same way secular artists bring lies, but in a way that young people can understand.”

CASHYIOUS: “There are souls that need to be saved... Period.” That is the need fueling the fire in 16-year-old Noel De Los Santos to rap about spiritual warfare. Before he got saved, he believed Christians were “lame,” but Christ was enough to draw him and make him strong and bold enough to use His words to grab the devil by the throat. This talent, born in San Antonio, Texas, said that he had no musical interests until he gave his life to Christ. His love for God’s Word and for hip-hop gave him the desire to see the two united. “It’s not lame to rap about something that is edifying to the spirit man.”

D-REAL: Sixteen year old Antoine Ragland’s central desire is to “please God with whatever he does.” Being a member of FIRE has allowed him to do exactly that. A native of Atlanta, Antoine has not only dedicated his life to serving God, but has dedicated his love and ability to rhyme to this new and exciting music ministry. Among the many feelings that motivate Antoine to do gospel rap, he’s doing it because “this is fun and will make me better, make others better and please God.” God has shown Himself strong in Antoine’s life through various trials and tribulations, so now in thanks Antoine is telling his testimony of faith in Christ to “anybody and everybody that’s willing to listen and allow the songs to minister to them.”


Hell's Most Wanted

Written By: Snap, Jaebiirde, Prophecy

Chorus (twice)
Hey man we pleaded wit the blood and we (hell’s most wanted)
Leave them demons in the mud and we (hell’s most wanted)
And wit the posters on the wall we (hell’s most wanted)
Hey that’s our name on the wall we (hell’s most wanted)

Verse One - Snap
Captive of ya mind unwind those kind of blind thoughts
Spiritually inclined rewind don’t get ya mind caught
Dying cause you playin
You sayin no time for playin
But you don’t say the same thang when ya spirit start decayin
But its all in ya mizind
Standing on the grizind
What in the world what could it be that you could fizind
I’m designed to rap
Designed to snap back
Designed to lay these lyrics down and sanctify the track
And I’m ridin wit the Lord in this world and I’m wanted
Trying to stay ahead cause I know my past is haunted
But hell ain’t gonna get me I ain’t never gone die
Ain’t gone be put to sleep so just forget the lullaby
Let me give you some advice don’t pay the price over twice
Don’t let the devil take your life and have to feel all the strife
I see the ice in your eyes, frozen heart to the bone
And if you wanna burn in hell shawty you ain’t gone be alone
Hell’s a one way ticket and you don’t gotta wait in line
The Lord see’s it all man He knows if your tryin
So in the mean time I’m gone try and stay up on it
Keep my fire burning loud cause I’m hell’s most wanted

Chorus (twice)

Verse Two – Jaebiirde
A lot of times I do be thinkin
How can my boat still be sinkin
Satan wanna see me under water, soon that he’ll be drinkin
I ain’t sinkin
I ain’t sleepin either
I ain’t chiefin either
Satan got a attitude wit Jae I ain’t leavin either
We in a battle
But hey it doesn’t matter
It they run or it they scatter
Then I hope they got the data
Cause Christian we do not get captured
But you best believe that we will get raptured
So keep wanting what you want evil
Cause if you buck, step, or front I’ll get my people
We in the steeple
Wicked we veto
We saving soul from Home to Food Depot
It like our trademark Jesus we lift higher
So if you see it shawty get my picture off the flyer
Though I am wanted that is not my identity
I’m filled wit Jesus and there is not a remedy
You got us posted but that ain’t what you wanted Satan
What happened on the third day Jesus got awakened
The earth got to quakin
The hell got to shaken
And what happened to them keys yeah they got taken

Bridge – All (twice)
Satan’s out to get my life
But the Bible’s designed to be my knife
And we ain’t gone lose yeah I put my life on it
Fightin battles in this world cause we hell’s most wanted

Verse Three –Prophecy
See there must be a scandal (what)
Cause what hell thinks that it wants trust me hell can’t handle
God and Satan on the same night
That’s like SuperMan and Steve Erkle in the same fight
Let it be know that we ain’t no punks
And if the devil hit the floor he get he G-Squad stomp
I give’em a shock so they nick name me static
And I walk by faith like its some Reebok Classic
It’s so fantastic
Look I’mma Jesus freak better yet I’mma Jesus fanatic
And it’s so drastic(maaaan)
I do flips on them demons, but I never knew the skill of gymnastic
G-Squad get up and get wit it
The Bible in my mouth so when I rap I spit wit it
I’m sick wit it
I throw up the word and they like aha aha a he did it

Bridge (twice)

Let Me Shout

Written By: Prophecy

I’m stuck on heaven and never stuck on hell
I’m going to place where evilness just don’t prevail
I’m not gone be burnin’ so now you gotta let me out
I’m filled wit the spirit so now you gotta let me shout

Verse One
Just for my time up you know my verse is gone be live
I’m shouting the glory so victory is not denied
I’m holding the mic and I wanna set the record straight
Matter fact bump that man let the record break
See I’m tired of all these people thinking that believing stopped
But they gone know the truth once they hear this album drop
Now they gone hear the word and at first its gonna hurt
Then they catch the holy ghost like they grandma in church
We the light of the world and its time to let us shout
And if the devil try to temp us then it time to knock’em out
If the angels come down that’ll nip it in the bud
So good that fifty cent turn holy in the club
See everybody running but they ain’t that fast
Trying to run from they mistakes but it ain’t gone pass
They gone be like eminem at the end gone be losing they self
Making up all these excuses but confusing they self
So don’t think that hell is a mirage
You can see more rainy days then Mary J. Blige
And don’t think hard like ya brain electronic
If you cant read the Bible get hooked on phonics


Verse Two
So tell ya boys down there
That it’s real down there
you can burn down there
That’s hell down there
And in that spot down there
I hope you not down there
Cause at the end you gone be screamin its too hot down there
Put the fire to your flesh and you gone feel it
Born wit faith but you let your desire kill it
Ain’t felt hell yet but you getting real close
Just keep on sinning and at the end you gone be toast
I’m stuck on heaven and never stuck on hell
And any demon that will come against me is gonna fail
I’m filled wit the spirit Jesus has risen from the dead
And I’m not gone be burning so you can get that out ya head
Heaven’s gates or hell’s flame time to make your decision
I dwell in heavenly place wit some fellow coalition
We had some hard time but we got to make’em up
You can always go to sleep but you wont always wake up
It be the bottom line and no questions asked
Heaven or hell where you gone be when timed pass
Cause ain’t no telling what the end gone bring
But when the end come best believe I’mma scream
I’m stuck on…

Murder She Wrote

Written By: D-R.O.C. and St. Jaebiirde

Murder she wrote

Verse 1
How can I try to prevail, being tempted by hell, thoughts in my mind telling me I’m destined to fail it’s a amazing sensation of situation I’m facing, I’m thinking that I got the time but now I’m going impatient the times up and ain’t nobody seeing my tears, everybody see the trouble never seeing my fears its like the tears off a solider that never making it over, almost walking on water but never finding the motive to actually walk and everybody gone ask if it is a good thing is it really gonna last but let me have the present before the past cause death make take the first before the last. and I done seen the eyes of a grown man cry, nobody care even when the wrong man die can I stand alone in the mist of this wrong, I didn’t know the pain would last this long. But I’m never by myself in this trouble it’s a million other people that be in the same struggle when a fight breaks out and a thug takes out a glock nine and in his mind its time to put the lights out of the people that’s testing its time to teach them a lesson, they didn’t see that the anger is manifesting, this is the wrong way but they picked the wrong day these or the tears of a heart that’ll scream and it say,
If its murder she wrote then what happen to hope, what happen to the breathe of life where I can no longer choke, and if its all she wrote the my answer is nope cause I am pleaded wit the blood so I can no longer choke
Verse 2
Is there a life after death I’m feeling life in it self, I’m feeling pain from everybody cause can’t nobody help, they stuck on they self, some many people willing to lie, but I ain’t wit it so I quit it while they willing to die, but if I fight the fight am I wrong or right cause if I’m wrong then I know I’m fighting long tonight, tell the momma that’s in tears to watch her phone tonight cause just maybe her little boy is coming home tonight, its like we fight wit fire but on the other side, there a fire much higher that consumes you and I, we scream do or die, but do we really ride is the fire really fear that appears on the side, but if we cross the fire, there ain’t no telling what could happen ,it could takes away the dreams of ever being happy, having the visions of evilness that be in disguise, and we can see our whole life flash before our eyes, being afraid of the fact the pain will never stop, seeing the struggles that are lifted and are never dropped, it ain’t no vision and it ain’t no premonition it is simply a warning that Satan is on a mission, to still kill destroy, your love peace and joy, your mother and your father, your daughter and your boy, but the pain like this and the rain like this, make me wanna be delivered so I sang like this.
So I gotta open up my eyes for an answer, hoping that one day I will receive spiritual manna, a manna from heaven because hell seem so hard to take this illusions of sinful habits that are hard to break, and its hard to say that everyday its hard to pray, cause the struggles of tomorrow make it hard today, and its so hard to escape mine, so heavenly father here are my burdens if you lift them can you take mine, I know I got doubts but please be real, all I want is to hear your words please be still, let the blessings rain down lord I want to get soaked, cause she wrote murder and you wrote hope.


FIRE is currently adding finishing touches to their upcomming debut album set to release soon. The group does their recording at Studio Manifest where Besides Daniel (Daniel Brewer) is collaborating with FIRE on their first album.

Set List

FIRE's set list include all original song usually 30 minutes to an hour

1. Mission Statement
2. Hell's Most Wanted
3. Raise Up
4. Let Me Shout
5. All I Do Is Praise
6. Dis My life
7. L.O.D. (Life or Death)
8. Not Vice Versa (poem)
9.Murder She Wrote
10. Keep Ya Head Up
11. Blazin' Hot
12. Representing 4 tha J

Set can be shorten of lengthen depending on time contraints.