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FireBall Cafe is all about the music. We love it and everything we do, not just music is different. It's our own way of doing it and pursuing it. We all are in same sandlot jus not the same sandbox. This our profession and our goal is to show off our unique representation of Hip Hop.


It's July, the streets are hot, not only because of the block, but because it's summer in the middle of July. As, I'm(Hook$) headed towards Albina coming down Kills-to-the-worth, also known as killingsworth, continuing to keep my motion I noticed some usuals and one unusual spitting some lyrics or fire we like to call it in front of the local Portland community college. As, I approached I stopped to listen for a minute, being a lyricist myself, I had to hear what the block was about for a minute. As I ease dropped I gave a usual from the block some dap. At that very moment, a familiar style switched into an unfamiliar style. That unfamiliar style was the swagger of Suvi also known as T-Pat at the time. As I continued to listen on anticipating at any moment he would stop, he kept going seamlessly, Not sure how long but long enough for dudes to go, "Ooo". I waited intil he would give, just to hear me say something, hoping to get the same response he got. I eventually interupted wit the hardest spit i could come up wit knowing that I had to get that same "Ooo" to get respect. Well, I dont remember how long it took to get that, but I do remember Suvi reaching out an open palm wit respect. That moment would lead to another moment of off the top of the dome rhyming which birthed the duo of FireBall Cafe aka F.B.C.. That duo then grew to a trio, when I introduced some comrads of mines (LIQ) to Suvi. Spitting with the same fiery substance as us, the Cafe was complete. Now it was time to show the world, what we are made of?

The first impression the FireBall Cafe gives is mystique. While you can usually figure out a Band by their style of dress, speech, or attitude. Though, it's clear that they move as a unit. It's unclear how three individuals with diverse personalities became the powerful unit they are. Well it begins with where they came from? In fact they all grew up in a separate urban neighborhood in a different city and state.

Lets take "Liqwid" for example, as you journey into the mind of him you will learn that


Currently, the tracks "We N Da Place 2 B", "It's Da F Eye", and "U Know" are streaming at Also, there is a video to Nascar Fast on youtube.

Set List

Our set list consist of four tracks Nascar Fast, Every Letter, Pump Da Gas, and Simply Because. The time frame for this list is 15 Mins.