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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



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scorching rock songs with massive guitar riffs that will blow any rock fans away! -


United Nations would be proud of FIREBRANDS - if only they had heard of the band.... - FHM


the 5 multi-national rockers are signed to EMI. They have released their debut album "FIRST THE FLASH THEN THE PULSE" and their first single "Scarecrow and The Fire" is being aired on:

- Channel V
- Zee TV
- and Radio Stations in the US(in NC, SC, CA, etc...), Europe & Asia.

they have also released a track called Katrina about the devastation in Louisiana late 2005.

Jack Daniel's presented FIREBRANDS Live in Concert at Ministry of Sound, Singapore, Thursday November 2nd 2006.

Also supported by
SHURE Microphones
GIBSON Guitars
EMI Music

You can view the video footage of the live performance at: &



By definition, a Firebrand is a burning implement of creation and destruction, a visionary individual who incites others to conflict or action, one who deliberately foments trouble and radical change.

FIREBRANDS the vision began as a group of revolutionary ideas, a search for truth and freedom under the surface of a straitjacket called home. While the media distract and confuse, there is incongruence, suppression and greed. What began as a question became an answer, then a journey. Seize the freedom in hand and never give up.

Originating in a cultural milieu where geography is quickly becoming meaningless, the lineup completed with 5 members of 5 different cultures. They came together with individual musical and personal backgrounds as different as can be, but they have been bent and forged together by the same restless, indestructible spirit that demands action, and an outlet. A huge outlet. There are no speakers in the world loud enough for this message.

FHM quoted..."United Nations would be proud of FIREBRANDS - if only they had heard of the band"

Musical influences come from Rage Against the Machine, System of a Down, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Who, Faith No More, Metallica and more.

Performing their furious blend of heavy rock, funk, and turntable SFX at gigs since July 2005, they generated an electric hum in the club circuit and within the global music community.

FIREBRANDS are set to burn stages in 2007 with gigs in the US, Europe, Asia and Australia.

they just came back from Dubai after opening for TOMMY LEE & PUDDLE OF MUDD on the 6th April.

FIREBRANDS will be opening for JET on the 19th June at Fort Canning, Singapore.

FIREBRANDS will also be heading to LA, NY, Boston, Sao Paolo and more from Sep onwards. The Boston gig called LOCOBAZOOKA in particular had previous
headliners like System of A Down, Kid Rock, Staind, Godsmack, Alice in Chains, etc. Thye are also the featured band this month for LOCOBAZOOKA. Check out