Hailing from a small town in South Carolina, get ready for one of the most intense Christian acts to hit the radar! What started out as a Friday night youth ministry in 2000 has found itself a tremendous balance between today's hard-hitting music and an uncompromised message guaranteed to stir the hearts of people. The motivation behind the madness is that they might introduce lost souls to the Lord Jesus Christ. Firebred isn't just another Christian metal band. Rather, their music, their commanding stage presence, and their driving MUSIC make up only part of what this band has to offer. Not only being an incredibly energetic act, Firebred offers a message of hope, love, grace, and faith in Jesus Christ to a troubled world. Music is the mode. Jesus is the answer. Anton LaVey, founder of the church of Satan, once said that "Satan has the best bands on the planet." This is one of the reasons why Firebred believes it is critical to present an excellent live show whether they are ministering in churches or bars-representing God with a spirit of excellence. God is not a second-place God; neither should His people be a second-place people. Firebreds ministry is a revolutionary one because they not only want to perform and lead people to Christ - they want to be able to meet them in the place of their need and offer them more than just a "good show". At their shows they not only want to see people saved, they also are believing God for miracles and fully expect to see healings, casting out of demons, restoration in relationships and the gifting of the Holy Spirit made manifest. In short, they will see the book of Acts come to life



Written By: FIREBRED

Words & music by Firebred

(Verse 1)
Once the darkness was all I knew
THe blackness rotted me through and through
I was condemmed to eternal night
I tried to find you but couldn't quite
See the way to get me out
So all I could do is scream and shout
(Chorus x2)
Pull me from the darkness (x3)
God please unblind me
(Verse 2)
I saw no light but I heard a voice
I was presented with a choice
Fallow the sound to the light of day
Leave behind my evil ways
Or I could - Stay in the dark where I had been
Polluted by the filth of sin
You aske me - what would you have me do
And I said Lord make me new
(Chorus x2)
Pull me from the darkness (x3)
God please unblind me
(Verse 3)
Light exploded in my soul
Jesus pulled me from that hole
Cleansed me with His precious blood
Drowned me in that living flood
He came from the grave
Your immortal soul to save
If you wonder in the night
Cry out to Jesus for the light

(Chorus x2)

Pull me from the darkness (x3)
God please unblind me

Wayward Son

Written By: FIREBRED

Wayward son
Words & music by Firebred

Be still my child, why should you grieve The promise I made to you
Was that I would never leave And even though You’ve turned and gone astray
I never left you I was with you All the way

Be still my child, why should you grieve The promise that I made to you
Was I would never leave And even though you’ve gone astray
I never left you, I was with you all the way

You are my wayward son --You’re not a castaway
My promise is still true to you I’ll never go away
You can turn your life around --I’m waiting here for you
The tears I’m sending down Are tears of love for you

Sometimes you tried to do it on your own
You left my word and you thought you were alone
But I was there like I said I’d be
To pick you up And to bring you home with me
I’m calling to you To follow me Just take that step
And in my arms You will be
And even though your love has changed for me
My love for you will be the same through eternity

Come back my wayward son
My wayward son


Written By: FIREBRED

Words & music by Firebred

Takin a break , takin a walk, takin a ride
Still can't find a place to hide
Still don't know the reasons why
Give me a clue, give me a hint, give me a sign
What's the meaning to this life
Is there meaning to this life
If it's survival of the fittest I can't take any more
To much competition You'll find me running for the door
In spite of all this pressure, there's got to be a way
To smash the walls of darkness and see the light of day

So I search , and I look , and I pray
For wisdom to live this life
And walk in your way
And you teach, and you guide, and you fill
This worthless human life
With your holy will
Teach me to love you, and my neighbor as myself
Guide me in truth, and away from everything else
Fill me with boldness, to never turn astray
Give me strength to fallow you each and every day

Jesus I praise your name


Our critically acclaimed debut album, " Set The World On Fire" Is set to premier mid October. With pre release un mastered versions of the songs receiving great reviews from hundreds on myspace, pure volume, indie college stations, and numerous other stations and web sites. The cd is set to make a tremendous impact on our youth.

Set List

Our typical set list runs from 45-90 minutes, depending on the venue. Sometimes we'll sprinkle in a cover to surprise people. A typical set list of our songs are as follows:

Giant Killer
Payback Zone
Chapter 3
Here I am to worship
Armor Of God
Caught In A Whirlwind
Wayward Son
All Of Me