Fire Bug

Fire Bug

 Joshua Tree, California, USA

FireBug is exactly what the rock world has been waiting for! QOTSA , Led Zeppelin meets Florence and The Machine and The Black Keys, late 60's and 70’s psychedelic rock influences such as Cream, Janis Joplin and The Rolling Stones then the modern rock sound of FireBug definitely will be the perfect choice from club level venues to large rock festivals. Booking shows NOW for 2018 "Wandering Soul' Tour contact:

Booking Agent: Galactic Touring


Spectra Records recording artist FireBug have captivated audiences at
music venues and festivals across the globe. Performances in North
America that include appearances at SXSW Austin, CMJ NYC and NXNE in
Toronto. Furthermore their shows at festival events in the European
Union that include Sonisphere Festival in Knebworth UK and London's
famous Dublin Castle, just scratch the surface of the mileage that
FireBug has covered since their inception. Their signature modern rock
sound injects a New Orleans influence with elements of 70's rock,
grunge, blues and folk rock.

Sharing stages with big name acts like Iron Maiden, Iggy Pop, Alice
In Chains, Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine), The Cult, Dave
Catching (Eagles Of Death Metal) and many other internationally
acclaimed acts.

FireBug's NEW full-length release 'Wandering Soul' produced
by Chris Goss (Foo Fighters, Arctic Monkeys, Queens Of The Stone Age)
features multiple singles that include the album's debut single
'Follower' produced by Chris Goss recent rave review in Elmore Magazine
"Firebug blends Optimism with Blistering Rock n Roll Fury".

Other reviews include an Exclusive Featured Premiere in Canadian Rock Zine Pure Grain Audio: "Sinner" is a lesson in how modern bluesy swamp rock should both sound and
feel. Juliette Tworsey's vocals perfectly match the great groove and
it's truly hard to avoid listening to them on repeat." In the UK FireBug
was voted best songwriters of the year and winners of the coveted UK
New Music Video Awards and has also won the Best International Act two
years in a row at the UK Exposure Music Awards. Exemplary reviews from a
multitude of industry publications include high praise from; HITS
Magazine, LA Weekly, Time Out NY, Elmore Magazine, Pure Grain Audio, The
Vinyl District to name a few.

Building a following from Los Angeles to Chicago, from New Orleans to
London and beyond FireBug have proven their dedication in the music
business and will continue to grow their presence. Described as a
Chrissie Hynde-meets-Grace Slick 70's vibe, with her own unique twist
and flavor, Lead vocalist Juliette Tworsey says "cutting our musical
teeth in and around local hot spots in Chicago, Los Angeles and New
Orleans, has allowed us to connect on a deeper level not only with our
music and fans but also with ourselves." Guitarist Jules Shapiro adds,
"It was the laissez-faire attitude that attracted us to New Orleans. The
depth and musical soul of this eclectic city have inspired our sound."

FireBug have performed at many festivals in New Orleans that include;
Satchmo Festival, French Quarter Festival, NOLA Fringe Festival and
many others.Venues in New Orleans include the famed One Eyed Jacks, Gasa
Gasa, House Of Blues and Howlin' Wolf. In Los Angeles, FireBug has
hosted the Firelight Music Festival in Silverlake multiple times and
have showcased their best material at The Viper Room in West Hollywood
and The Echo in Echo Park. In London, England they received critical
acclaim for their performances at famous venues such as Dublin Castle in
Camden and their performance at the 80,000 + Sonisphere Festival

The band continues to grow it's global following and is very excited
to release their highly anticipated album "Wandering Soul" They plan on
touring extensively during 2018.

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Dreaming of America

Written By: Jules Shapiro & Juliette Tworsey

Big man with your cigar, standing so tall on top of your mountain;

Kicking back on a bed of luxury, looking so fine with all of your gold;

I said hey there Mr., hey there Ma’am, all I really wanted was an honest day's... pay;

But, you took me and you took my land, for every last dime and every last dollar;

Dreaming, dreaming, uh huh;
Well, I’m dreaming, dreaming of America;
Dreaming, dreaming, uh huh;
Well, I’m dreaming, dreaming of America;

Hey there Mr./Mrs. Congressman, making all of the rules, down in Washington;

Can't you hear me hollering, out in the streets with my bullhorn?

But, you turn a blind eye and a deaf ear, but no one it seems wants to hear;

You stole my interests for those of the few, now tell me what am I to do?



Written By: Jules Shapiro & Juliette Tworsey

I’m gonna leave the city
I’m going to the eastern mountain way
I’m going away on a holiday
Mmmm. so far away

I’m going far away, I’m going far away, I’m going far away

All I need is a little time
Mmmm…to clear my mind
I’m going down to the depths
To see what I find
Mmmm…when I clear my mind

With a little time, a little time, a little time


I’m gonna leave my sorrow
Mmmm…so far behind
I’ll come back tomorrow
To revisit all my sorrow

All my sorrow, my sorrow, my sorrow

Well good luck man, he came to me
When I was sleeping
He said I’ll take all your pain
Mmmm..then he was gone again

Gone again, gone again, gone again



Written By: Jules Shapiro & Juliette Tworsey

Lord there’s a mountain over me
So high sometimes I just can’t see
Feet don’t fail me now
Just one more step, just one more mile

And I’ll be slippin’, slippin’ into
My own, my own paradise
Oh I’ll be slippin’, slippin’ into
My own, my own

Fall leaves they fall in the Midwest
Signaling a time of rest
But me today I feel like the Spring, the Spring, the Spring
I’ll start all over again


Just Because

Written By: Jules Shapiro & Juliette Tworsey

I come not by the way
Of leaders or armies
I’m your basic instinct
That stampedes out your fear
Now I am kindness, the only cure that you’ll need
I know no color, no denomination dear

I love…just because

I know no form of currency
Cause the hurt that you feel is equal indeed
My love comes back to you
like a seed from a tree
You can chop me down,
But you can never kill me

Chorus (repeat)

Best I Can

Written By: Jules Shapiro & Juliette Tworsey

Spent all of my days
Climbing uphill
Reaching skyward
Like I always will

Just like my mother
My father too
Spent years fighting
Fighting the man

Oh…the best I can
I do the best I can

When I was younger
All of 15
I stuck up my finger
High and proud

Oh…the best I can
I do the best I can

…ad lib….


Season For Change

Written By: Jules Shapiro & Juliette Tworsey

Take a trip with me
Over the hills
We’ll let loose
With the moon and the tide

Barefoot and free
With hope and reverie
With clenched hands we’ll dive
Into the frigid night

The season
The season…is right
For change…..

Together we’ll dance
On caravans of song
On stealth wings we’ll fly
Into the morning light

Chorus x 2

Instrumental break

Chorus x 2

Ad lib…out-


Written By: Jules Shapiro & Juliette Tworsey

The weight was too heavy
So I let it go
Became tough as nails
As cold as the snow
Fortified just like concrete
Is what it takes my friend
To survive these streets

But when you smile
I smile with you
Like nature does to the rain, the snow, and the moon
When you smile
I smile with you
Like nature does to the rain, the snow, me and you

Me, I’m just a dreamer
With no known direction
But, you could tear me down
With love and affection
But, in front of me
There stands an army
Ready to fight
So don’t you mess with me

Chorus x 2

Instrumental break

Chorus x 2
Ad lib…out-

Eyes Wide Open

Written By: Jules Shapiro & Juliette Tworsey

My eyes….
They are wide open
There’s clarity in the morning
My eyes..
They are wide open
There’s clarity in the morning

Time won’t slow
A forward wheel
Oh, I see

I’ve paid the price
I’ve carried the load
But, my spirit you see
Is unbroken

My eyes..
They are wide open
My eyes..
They are wide open
There’s clarity in the morning x 2

Change it comes
With lessons in tow
Oh, we’ll bleed
But, never fall


Chorus –end

Last Laugh

Written By: Jules Shapiro & Juliette Tworsey

Modern day kings and queens
It’s the new age royalty
People take a bow to a new day
They blinded you with gold
When you were looking away

Power and influence
Met you at your door
In cheap, fast food clothes
And all the sheep
They danced their way
Down to the slaughterhouse
Tipping there glasses
In a drunken daze

The devil has
The devil has
The devil has
The last laugh
The last….laugh



Modern day kings and queens
Its greed and the new elite
The new apartheid
And the death of the middle
And you and me my friend
We’re just caught in a riddle


Been There Before

Written By: Jules Shapiro & Juliette Tworsey

Dream dream
I dream my day away
Wake wake
Wake me when the world has change

Days days
The days go by and turn to years
Wait wait
With a patience that you’ll never know
Vocal ad lib-

I’ve been here before
I’ve been there before
I’ve been here before
I’ve been there before

Run run
Til’ there is no hiding place
Change change
Until you’ve shed your last skin

Believe believe
In the sun and it will shine
See see
You’ll see you truth when it’s time

Vocal ad lib-

Chorus x 2


Chorus x 2

Instrumental jam


"Wandering Soul' Release April 2018 (Spectra Records)

"Follower' Single Release 2018 (Spectra Records)

'Dreaming of America' CD-single & video release

'Season For Change' full length release

'Walk Again' Video Release

Single "GIRL" mixed by Barrett Jones (Foo Fighters, Nirvana)

End of The World EP mixed by Barrett Jones (Foo Fighters,Nirvana)

FIREBUG's music has been featured on over 200 college radio stations to date, making Top 30 on a significant number of stations and even getting some charting in the music industry publication R&R, the trade magazine for the radio industry. Top 40 stations have recognized the demand and have been playing FIREBUG, despite the fact that the band's sound is Rock/Alternative. For evidence of this truly unique crossover band, take a look at the representative list below. New audiences continue to develop and the list is inevitably growing, but for a hint of FIREBUG'S  current success as well as the bands bright future, below are just a few of the many college radio stations where FIREBUG charted:

WZRH 106.1 New Orleans
WWOZ 90.7 New Orleans

INDIE 103.1, Los Angeles
KCRW Los Angeles
KXLU, Los Angeles
WBCR, New York City
Q101, Chicago
WXRT, Chicago
WMUR, Milwaukee
KSUB, Seattle
KAOS, Olympia
WDUB, Ohio
WMPG, Portland
KSHU, Texas
WBLD, Michigan
KSRH, California
WDCC, North Carolina
WFHC, Tennesee

FIREBUG's song 'One Mile In Your Shoes' was chosen for Discovery Channel #1 hit Monster Garage (host Jesse James) and is featured on the Monster Garage soundtrack CD

FIREBUG's song 'Paradise' was chosen for Fox's Speed TV segment for 24 Hours of LeMans.

Set List

Set list usually runs  60-120 minutes and can go as long as 2 hours with all original music depending on show requirements. Our full set list includes our latest released album 'Wandering Soul' w producer Chris Goss (Foo Fighters, Queens Of The Stone Age, Arctic Monkeys) Also, we can perform an acoustic set if required for the gig.