Fire Burns Red

Fire Burns Red


Original, hardhitting, strong vocals with emphasized screaming,They coined their new sound as a mixture of Pop and Hardcore...Pop-Core, with syncopated rhythms and driving pop-esque beats. Focusing not only on creating good music but creating a great show.


They are a band that has collectively been together since 2001. Spending as much time writing songs and perfecting their sound as they do perfecting their performance.
Being known as a band that reflects their faith in Christ. Their songs and subjects focus on social issues, highlighting difficulties expounded in main stream America. They are the voice of the misunderstood generation. Burning a path to a whole new sound consisting of hardcore with an essence of Pop thus creating for themselves a sound all their own, Pop-Core.


1 EP Called BEGINNINGS which contained The Fire and Free

Set List

The Set list contains 6 songs and more to come:
Come Back
Turn Around
Lips of Gold
Thought like Murder!
The day the sky turns red
The set runs about 30 mins. We are always expanding our set. We are always writing songs. We do not typically do covers.