Firecracker Jazz Band

Firecracker Jazz Band


The group's dynamic, raw energy fans the fires of a new generation of enthusiasts ready to revisit an era of rollicking New Orleans dance halls and Chicago speakeasies of the Twenties.


Firecracker Jazz Band’s repertoire is born of the rich material of the early twentieth century “Jazz Greats”. Popular and obscure Tin Pan Alley songs appear alongside clever original compositions. The instrumentation of the group is styled in the manner of the King Oliver Jazz Band with stride piano, tuba and banjo providing the foundation for the melody of the cornet counter–pointed with the trombone.


"Red Hot Jazz" released 2003
"Explodes" released Feb 2007

Set List

We play many classic tunes from the hot jazz era by composers including, but not limited to Jellyroll Morton, Louis Armstrong, and Sidney Bechet. Tunes such as Viper Mad, Happy Feet, Sweet Georga Brown, Black Bottom Stomp, Struttin' With some BBQ, just to name a few.