London, England, GBR

We are a world, avant garde and psychedelic band. With influences ranging from 70's psychedelia to middle eastern to south american music. We view all folk, whether English or otherwise, as "world". The band is retro but has a modern and progressive edge.


Firefay is a dark, esoteric French folk-pop which was inspired by late ‘60s/early ‘70s acid folk, Arabic fusion, gypsy music, Jacques Brel and Robert Wyatt amongst many others. Songs sung in English and French investigate subjects as diverse as English faery traditions, New Orleans voodoo to Khat chewing in West London. The musicians involved have a lot of emphasis on musicianship but with passion and rawness: A sub project called Firefay Collective has added to this esoteric flavor a more psychedelic and latin feel. An Ep called "6" will be ready by March 6th on Discerning Gentleman Records.


Mambo queen part 2

Written By: Francine Verchun

Verse 1:
Well he be rapping to to this Creole Queen,
And he be hooked all right.
See she be jamming down in New Orleans
Bewitched by her sight.
Witch doctors big spell lovers curse.
All the guys were so fixated
Mademoiselle is intoxicating.

Verse 2:
Spent all his money bought her diamond rings,
Now he be skint all right.
So she be fishing by the bayoux stream
Another catch insight.
Tempted by money,
Loves them pearls.
Remember what your grandma told you,
Voodoo spells will come and get you.

Verse 3:
The jealousy began to creep on in
Hypnotized by her touch.
He threw the matchbox down and poured the gin,
The flames were growing higher,
Screams through the fire,
"Let her burn".
Creole queen you no more tricks,
Time to conjure souls and switch.

Middle part:
My grandma and your grandma were sitting by the fire.
My grandma told your grandma,
I' m gonna set your house on fire.
Talk about: Hey now Hey now,
Aika Aika Aika aiyae.... (x3)

Verse 4:
Well she be rapping to this Creole King,
And she be hooked all right.
See he be jamming down in New Orleans,
Bewitched by his sight.
Witch doctors big spell,
Lovers curse.....


We have one album out called "Kingdom by the sea. We have had a remix done by Ils (drum and bass producer) which was played on XFM (a remix of a song called "Kingdom by the Sea".) .We are currently being played on Celtic Radio podcast with a track called "Nightspell".

Set List

Our sets can range from 30 mins to an hour depending on where we play.
Set list is:
Elisa (cover of a Giansbourg song).
Mambo queen part 1
Mambo queen part 2
What if a day (an Elizabethan song)
The Gargoyle
Strawberry wine
Under the Sun