Fire Flies

Fire Flies


There are four of us. We make music together. Sometimes our songs are about machines and robots. Sometimes they are about outer space. Sometimes they are about getting lost in other dimensions. And then sometimes they are about people who aren't sure what they're doing in this one.


Winners of this year's National and International Emergenza Festival, Fire Flies, the indie techno-pop band met and formed at Purchase in their freshmen year, performing before classmates in the student center and traveling into Manhattan to try their luck in clubs they weren’t yet old enough to frequent. Jettisoned out of their college confinements they entered a rock n roll stratosphere fueled by tight and explosive musicianship and compelling songs of love, death, dreams and desperation.

During their sophomore and junior years (and while still underage), FIRE FLIES managed to develop an enthusiastic following becoming regular performers at such premier Manhattan venues as Pianos, Knitting Factory and Crash Mansion among others.

They have just released their second CD "Two New Sciences" on their own Asteroid B-612 Records label. Produced by the band in their studio and mixed by Brian Reeves.

Consisting of a solid and complex rhythm section, masterful guitars and alien technology keyboards, “Two New Sciences,” features poetic lyrics accentuated by hook-driven melodies. Fueled by proficient musicians, beautiful arrangements and great songs, the first line “I don’t understand you, but I try,” defines the sentiment that illustrates the songwriters note to self. Bright beats juxtaposed with anxious lyrics make up 12 songs spanning an overall theme of uncertainty, love, frustration, despair and the never-ending parties that feed them.

In July 2007, Fire Flies won the Emergenza Final and are being flown to Germany in mid-August to play at the Taubertal Open Air Festival in front of 35,000 people.

Now fully established on the NYC music scene FIRE FLIES have spent this past year developing relationships with cities up and down the east coast. With just over 2000 copies sold of their independently released disc, and "Two New Sciences" easily surpasing that, FIRE FLIES have over 72,000 hits on myspace and continue to mount CD sales at shows and on CD Baby.

Fire Flies are singer-songwriter Dan Romer (Bklyn NY) lead vocals, guitar; Wil Farr (Phila PA) lead guitar, bkgd vocas ; Matt Krahula (Albany NY) bass, bkgd vocals; Seth Matthew Faulk (Stormville NY) drums, bkgd vocals.


LP relseased June 2007 "Two New Sciences"
LP released June 2005 "Baobabs In The Basement"

Set List

Mechanical Love
Call Me Your Darkness
They've All Forgotten You
She Sings In Tune
Worst Man I Can Be
We're Alive
Closer To The End
Rapid Eye Radar
Stop The Car
It's A Party