Fire Flies

Fire Flies


Fire Flies is the latest band to emerge from the red-hot music scene at SUNY Purchase, where celebrated graduates include Moby and Regina Spektor. Somewhere between Bowie, Buzzcocks and Beatles, Fire Flies are a lyric-driven indie outfit laced with infectious hooks and soaring harmony.


To those looking for additional information about the band, let me first
inform you that our ‘Fire Flies Official Rock and Roll Orphan Program’
is no more. Quite frankly it was never a good idea. Our pledge to you,
as a band, is that in the future we will not sell any babies however
lucrative it may be and no matter what the underground Siberian baby
trade promises us. If time has taught our band anything it is that you
cannot trust a Siberian baby thief.

Secondly, let me put to ease your worries about our hydration and tell
you, you beautiful kind soul, that as a band we each drink the
recommended 8-12 glasses of water per day. It’s not always fun to stay
healthy but it’s important! While I am entirely confident I have
already touched on 90% of your questions, I would like to
continue with a little information about each member of the band. If
at any point in your relationship with us it becomes necessary to say
“hi!” to one or more of us you might want to know our names. The way we
remember who's who, is by seeing what instrument the band member is
playing. You see, being in a band with 4 members can get quite
confusing but it helps to remember that Dan plays acoustic guitar and sings, Wil plays electric guitar,
Matt plays bass, and Seth plays the drums. So if you approach a member
holding a bass guitar you can be more than confident in your decision
to yell out "Hey Matt!" though as Matt is clinically an idiot savant
and incapable of speech that may not the best example.

Here are some more fun facts about each member!

Dan Romer is from Brooklyn, New York. His top 3 CDs are David Bowie -
Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, The Flaming Lips - Yoshimi
Battles the Pink Robots and Speaking in Tongues by The Talking
Heads. Dan takes anti-oxidants in pill form and his favorite food is
shrimp although I don't believe I have ever actually seen him eat it.
Fun Fact: Dan was once sucker punched by the host "Wheel of Fortune" Pat Sajak in a gas station restroom in 1996.

Wil Farr is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and likes music. He
doesn't believe in ranking CDs on principle but when asked what CDs
were made for listening he said Pixies - Bossanova, Isis - The Red Sea
and the vast majority of The Smiths catalog. Will plays through an
Orange Amp, which between you and me is pretty cool. Fun Fact: Wil
has not slept since 1989 except for a few months in 1992 after he
figured out how to force his body to enter a state of hibernation.

Seth Matthew Faulk is from Stomville, NY. The last 3 CDs he
bought and liked enough to mention were Gnarls Barkley “St. Elsewhere,” System Of A Down “Mesmerize” and The Red Hot Chili Peppers “Stadium Arcadium.” Seth plays drums made by Precision
Drums and if you want to as well you need only visit Fun Fact: Seth is the only member of the band
that can read above a 3rd grade level.

Matt Krahula is from Albany, New York. Matt enjoys Harvest by Neil
Young and Tea for the Tillerman by Cat Stevens and when asked about
a third CD he enjoys he started at me blankly ‘til it got really
awkward. Of all the members of the band Matt is the most passionate
about Adult Swim. Fun Fact: The 1993 Film "Alive" about a stranded
Uruguayan rugby team forced to eat each other to survive after a plane
crash is loosely based on his own memoirs I Can't Stop Eating People:
The Matt Krahula Story.

Well it's been a long and crazy journey for us so far. We drank a
lot of water and we have sold a lot of babies but with our new 110%
commitment to rock and roll it would seem we are just getting started.


LP released June 2005 "Baobabs In The Basement"

Set List

R E R (Rapid Eye Radar)