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"This Cambridge trio makes the grade"

This Cambridge trio makes the grade with a bit of '60s-style psych-pop and a whole bunch of countrified rock. The title-track and "My Numb Finger" are jingle-jangly nuggets, while "Hopeville" is reminiscent of The Beatles' mid-period country 'n' western via Liverpool. On a more authentic note, the swooping pedal steel on "Even the Horse" and "Like a Deer" (these guys dig their livestock) takes the disc down an even more back-country road. And that Gretch guitar riff on "Washed Away" is infectious as hell. Gretches rock. CR - EYE Magazine

"Hitting the mark time & time again."

There has been an age-old argument on this site as to whether acts from the UK can ‘do’ Americana with any authenticity. While this raged, a whole host of Canadian bands, including Ontario’s Firefly, sneaked up on us hitting the mark time & time again. Proving this sort of music need not be indigenous to be performed effectively (although The Band kind of made my point nearly thirty years ago) ‘Made Me Glad’ covers all the bases - flashy, catchy pop (‘Trixie’) a side order of Alt Country (‘Hopeville’, ‘Out of Time’) sewn together with tight performances, clean production but just enough edge to the vocals & guitars to win over those of us who prefer Tonight’s The Night to Harvest Moon…. D’oh, another Canadian. - Pete Gow, Americana-UK

"Make Me Glad is an impressive capsule of the current Canadian roots sound."

Make Me Glad is an impressive capsule of the current Canadian roots sound. Firefly blends creative pop songs with a Country slang that is technically pretty. They seem to carve out the best of early REM, Skydiggers, and dashes of mid Band era. Scott (overworked) Merritt does a terrific job marrying the Firefly sound with a fresh sounding interpretation of country roots. If these guys were American, they would be on the cover of the CMJ. Instead, schmucks like me try to validate this neat release. Your beer will taste better once you hear it, and the Girl under your arm will look a lot more like Ann Margaret. - Lou Molinaro - C101.5 - Mohawk Radio


Firefly (the prettiest band name I've heard in years) introduces their music as "Canadiana". Yes, of course that was to be expected after all our European shouting about "Americana"! The Canadians can be justifiably proud of the diversity in their music-scene, also Firefly, founded in 2003, does inventive things with a poppy variation of our beloved "Made Me Glad" was preceded by an EP, so the CD - decked out in delicate artwork - is no debut but still a first acquaintance for me and a pleasant one, I can tell you that! The trio Neil Little (guitar), Nick Bailey (drums) and Jeff Appel (bass guitar) - they all sing - are being assisted on the album by guest musicians Ian Murray (piano, B3 organ, accordion) and Jon Steen (banjo, pedal steel), while Carlene O'Grady adds extra vocals. You could compare the CD with a roll of candy in different flavors, sometimes you think of R.E.M., or Map Of Wyoming, Gene Clark, The Beatles, The Coal Porters before they went bluegrass or just of Sting! All for just a short moment, as Firefly is most of all themselves: a band instigated by guitar with a strong rhythm-tandem, flawlessly fusing vocals and a good sense of humor! I had fun with "Like A Deer", "Hopeville" is - indeed - full of hope, "Even The Horse" sparks that homesick feeling, while "On The Way To Tulin" has film-images passing by. In the meantime a fourth man, Larry Guzik, joined Firefly. He is the proud owner of 26 (!) guitars, so I just suppose that the next CD will be even MORE interesting!
- Written and translated by Johanna J. Bodde for Real Roots Cafe, The Netherlands www.realrootscafe.

"Clean Soul"

After working the daily grind and feeling a need to wind down, Firefly is like an old friend. Their latest CD is very refreshing and yes I mean "refreshing" for the songs are nicely arranged and the mastering is top notch. Some of the tracks like "Out Of Time" and "Green Means Go" remind me of past days when life was simpler and more pure. It's nice to know that people are still playing "real" instruments and these 3 guys have a clean soul backing them up. Now all I need is a bit of summer and that front porch swing. I think if you let this CD truly unfold then you will hear some of these colors that I am hearing. - Reviewed by Radionic

"Canadian rock and roll"

Canadian rock and roll. A touch of roots, a touch of rock, and the spirit of the mellow-side of Neil Young. Put a log on the fireplace, pour a fifth of whiskey, and put on Made Me Glad.

Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!] - Dave Ullrich(inbreds) -

"Add Firefly to the list of great Canadian bands"

Another classy Canadian Band, very much in the roots rock vein. At the moment Canada seems in not danger of musical drought because you can add Firefly to the list of new great Canadian bands. "Made Me Glad" is their full length debut(a 6 song ep was their actual debut) and it's an album full of possibilities, some fulfilled immediately and some that the band will un-doubtly reach very soon, it's an unashamedly optimistic album. - Maverick Magazine

"We are #2!!!"

#2 Import for 2005 For Alt.Country Cooking Radio(Netherlands) - Johanna Bodde


Made Me Glad - Night Time Down Records
Christmas Compilation -
Self Titled - firefly - Independant

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#2 Import for 2005 For Alt.Country Cooking Radio(Netherlands)

firefly; a word both familiar yet exotic. Words almost always show their limitations when attempting to describe music. Nevertheless, it is what we are left with when the genuine article is not readily at hand. firefly, is a standard quartet: guitars, bass, and drums. However, there is little that is standard about them. They function eloquently as a unit, yet are much more than the sum of their parts.

firefly continues the introspective and uniquely Canadian tradition of performers like the Rheostatics, Cowboy Junkies, and Neil Young without compromising their fresh, original approach to song writing.

The cumulative effect of this union calls upon these respective influences while managing to achieve something that would be impossible individually; firefly.
The performance is dynamic; the music infectious; the lyrics compelling. firefly, is a band to be experienced.

firefly has a unique contribution to make to Canadian music. Let them be heard.