Firefly Summer

Firefly Summer


Firefly Summer is a dash of 4-part harmonies thrown in with a pinch of melodic rock. Stir it all together and you'll get a good time!


Firefly Summer is a melodic rock band that is no stranger to growth. Playing together for just under five years, they have learned a lot about what it means to be original, creative, and determined musicians. As diverse as the music industry is at the moment, Firefly Summer has not tried to reinvent themselves every five months to meet the latest trends; rather, it has developed its own comfortable space within the industry so that it incorporates what it finds to be the most productive way to produce beautiful music. Fortunately, the bands fans have found their work to be be just as rewarding. The response to the bands latest release, "The Classic EP," has been greatly appreciated and has only pushed the members of the band to work harder. Due to its success, Firefly Summer has had the priviledge of opening for such acts as Lovedrug, Engine Down, Jonezetta, Baumer, Mutemath, Cool Hand Luke, Stretch Arm Strong, The Myriad, etc. The band anticipates recording with producers Matt Malpass (Ying Yang Twins, Memoranda, Lakes) and Matt Goldman (Underoath, Copeland, The Chariot) in 2007. Stayed tuned to what Firefly Summer has planned because this is only their beginning.

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Firefly Summer EP (2004)
Return to Romanticism (2005)
The Classic EP (2006)

Set List

Set usualy runs about 40-45 minutes. We have enough material for 90-100 minutes.