Jasper, Alabama, USA

Firehammer is a rock power trio using the basics of guitar, bass and drums that pound out tunes written and performed by it's members for the listening pleasure of avid rock fans the world over. Crankin' hard with an edge 'cause we only have one life to live for finding that horse & carriage.


Firehammer: Heavy, hard, power driven and big on volume band fostered by classic forms of rock music we prefer and derive influences from. By applying these skills learned from artists and bands of the 60's on up to the present the band's character was molded into a style that rockers the world over can easily identify with. This collection is presented in a power trio form with an 'old school' sound via the Analog to Digital recording method and 'as is' set up with the band performing live for each session. This catalog of words and music are personal reflective thoughts on life's journey by guitarist Eddie Hollingshead combining his talent to produce flavorful sounds in a unique style that sets the band apart from others. The bass player Jeff Smith penned the words to 'Dungeon' and 'Black Fog' rounding out the list of tunes.
The first line up of this band began in 2004 Eddie H, Jeff S, with Frankie Herron on drums and vocals. A year later with a CD plus added to a line up for some indie shows the band proved itself as a crowd pleaser. Never a dull moment.
*buzz* - long story here. It was all good and we had a great time. Being that we are family minded the line-up changed in 2007 and the drummer position was well taking care of by Tim McCain in 2007. Rock on bro'!
So anyhow, we recorded a selection of the tunes again and that's why we're here,,,to be heard. Because it isn't what you do in life that you'll reflect on most. It's what you didn't do.
Thank you for your time and consideration to have gotten this far so kick back, fire it up and hammer down with the band!


The Front

Written By: Eddie Hollingshead

Monday's here, How my head is killing me. Another week has come and gone. Stranded here with my problems rainin' from the trees.
Another battle they have won.

Soliders line the mirror, ammo fills my glass. It's time for me to jump back in this war. If I die tommorrow I know I won't be the last. So meet me at the front and come on down.

The smoke has cleared, empty cannon's by my side. The mighty still refuse to fall. Depression waits at the door with her arms open wide, I fall back to these four walls.


Come on down, six feet closer to hell, come on down. Won't you come on down.

Don't chase me down

Written By: Eddie Hollingshead

I had to jump our ship before I drowned.I went and laid my head all over town.I drank so much I almost drowned myself anyway. I saw my friends I hadn't seen in years. We tried to talk and play away my fears, I didn't call you coz' I had nothing left to say.
You said get out of this house. Now you're out there playin' cat and mouse.
Don't chase me down this time.
Don't leave a message or drop a line. I'm getting over you so get over me.
Don't chase me down this time.
I'm alright and baby you'll be fine.
Don't wanna live like I live. Just set me free.
Got tired of hearing about your ex-boyfriends, you had to say their names again and again. Tom , Dick and Harry drove a nail through my skin everyday.
I try to tell myself the past is dead but I can't seem to get it out of my head. It's a slowburning fire with a heat that drove me away.


La La Land

Written By: E. Hollingshead

I spent two years in La La Land, Had to come here coz' I've run out of plans. No place to live my money's all gone. Very heavy damage already done. Did lots of things I wanted to do. Where I go now I leave it up to you,,,,
Here I am in La La Land. Made the trip to prove that I was a man.
My soul is weak, my life is so gray. I don't know if I'll keep living today. Did lot's of things I wanted to do. Where I go now I'll leave it up to you. Did lot's of thing's I shouldn't have done. Now I can't walk coz' all I do is run.
I spent two years in La La Land. Had to come here coz' I run out of plans.
Here I am in La La Land.
Made the trip to prove that I was a man.
Here I am in La La Land,,,,,
Here I am in La La Land,,,,,
Here I am in La La Land,,,,,,,,,,,

Road Nightmare

Written By: Eddie Hollingshead

~ ignition ~

Drivin' ten hours on no sleep,
Starin' through a dirty windshield.
The world out on the highway doesn't even seem to be real.
I'm headed way out west with a sunset burnin' my eyes.
I've got a demon chasing me and I'm looking for a place to hide.

Nobody can save me, It tears my life away. Nobody can save me today.

I scored some blow in a hole in a wall.
Drank a fifth just to wash it down.
I've got a monkey on my back and I think he's gonna stick around.
I'm going straight down south with a hurricane comin' my way.
I've got the dragon ridin' with me and there's gonna be a price to pay.

Nobody can save me, It tears my life away. Nobody can save me, it sends me to an early grave. Nobody save me, it might be after you. Nobody can save me today.

Saw a woman on the side of the road. Hit my brakes and I let her in.
She took my hand as she looked at me and broke into an evil grin.
Blue fire filled her eyes and a flame shot over my head. She's the demon chasing me and now it's gonna see me dead.


Firehammer '05 CD // local FM airplay
UnsignedRockZone - episode 13 and 1-20.

Set List

The Front
Don't Chase me Down
Black Fog
Dare to be Me
One of a Kind
Cut me to the Bone
La La Land
Ease the Pain
Trash Tube
Road Nightmare

Lil' Wing
Blue on Black
No More, No more