Fire & Ice

Fire & Ice


Diverse is what Fire & Ice is proud to be. Their music ranges from the 40's to today touching upon almost every genre of music. Their harmonies are beautiful and they command attention when they hit the stage whether it is at a local restaurant or singing for thousands of people.


Trish & Lori have been friends for years who met through a mutual love of music. They had sung around each other, but never with each other. In 2002, they decided to enter a competition as a duo in the Florida Country Music Association Showcase. Since it was their first venture singing together, they were pleasantly surprised to win the local Broward County competition and then go on to win for the State of Florida as the Adult Country Duo.

They also placed in the top 4 adult acts out of over 600 competitors in the South Florida Fair Starz of the Future in 2005. At that point, they decided to forgo competitions and just sing for the entertainment of it. Their music has been enjoyed all over South Florida. They have performed at numerous corporate and charity events in addition to local venues.

In 2005, they opened for American Idol contestant and country superstar Josh Gracin at Dolphin Stadium before the Dolphins/Patriots game. In November 2007, they opened for another country star, Keith Anderson. In November 2008, they will be opening for up and coming national country artists, The Lost Trailers. In addition, Lori has sung the National Anthem at many Florida Marlins games over the years.

Their passion for music can be heard in their songs and beautiful harmony. Their influences range from the sultry sounds of Etta James and Norah Jones to the sassiness of Reba McEntire. They do not set boundaries in their music and embrace the diversity that has made them a popular local act in South Florida.

Set List

Our set list varies by the type of music requested by our clients. Sometimes we get hired to sing just one genre of music, such as country or oldies and soemtimes people just want a variety. We dabble in everything.
As far as length of our sets, that also depends on our clients and the format of the event we are hired to do. It could be a straight through one hour gig or a four hour gig with a few breaks.
When we are working in a restaurant or bar, we base everything on the flow of the crowd. We are not going to take a break if things are crazy busy and risk losing the crowd. We are in it for our clients interest as much as our own fun.