Rock-n-roll at it's finest! Guitar solos, harmonies, great foundation- the biggest sounding 3 piece band that you'll ever hear!


Take the best parts of every great rock band from the 60's to today, mix it all together, combine it with originality, and you've got a mighty tasty rock-n-roll recipe. We have tons of cover songs, tons of originals, and can please any crowd because of our great variety. This is why we were on the main stage at Phoenix Hill Tavern on Derby Day opening for Capitol Records artist Huck Johns(Kid Rock's newest discovery). Our front man just got back from touring with Lennon. He filled in on bass while she was opening for MOTLEY CRUE and AEROSMITH! I think you get the picture on how seriously we take our craft.


We cut an original CD entitled NO TURN HERE and the song " Changes" was played on the FOX. We also had 3 songs played on 96 ROCK in Atlanta, GA. Currently, we are working in the studio on a new album.

Set List

The amount of songs we have is too numerous to list. We can do all covers, all originals, whatever is required. The covers range from the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, and today. We can do Classic Rock, Alternative, Hard Rock, Acoustic- whatever you need to get the crowd moving.