Fire Lotus Society

Fire Lotus Society


Goodtime, revolutionary, underground, psychedelic dance party anthem rock & roll!


Ex Downtown Kicks Alex Baker and Jeff Hawkes were a flailing two piece drum machine guitar punk duo gigging on the eastside of Hollywood. One night while appearing as "thee Afterglow" they were unable to plug their drum machine in on stage. To the rescue came veteran club promoter/ DJ Hansel Tato, who stepped forward and offered to throw the beats from his booth. The show was explosive, noisy and captivating. It was obvious the three had chemistry. After a handul of chaotically groovy gigs as thee Afterglow, the band went underground changed their name to FIRE LOTUS SOCIETY and began rehearsing and recording between Long Beach and Silverlake. Eventually emerging in Summer of '05 with the addition of Luis Vasquez on live percussion, and Jef on bass. The three songs here chart their growth into a leaner, tighter dance rock powerhouse in the making. With a decidedly "mad" swing to their sound, the FLS pay homage to long gone baggie heros like Kula Shaker, Soup Dragons, Happy Mondays and Stone Roses. Summer is the right time to get "loaded" off their goodtime funky psychedelic grooves.


Fire Lotus Society 3 song Demo.
1. Jungleman
2. Ever get the Feeling
3. Goodtime

Set List

Usual Set is 30 minutes long with 7 songs. For longer set we include more songs at the most 2 covers and DJ and percussion Jam session to start.
30 min set list includes:
1. Jungleman (3:40)
2. I'm Free (4:05)
3. Ever get the Feeling (3:50)
4. Down (4:10)
5. The Devil (4:00)
6. Take the Cash (Wreckless Eric Cover)-House Mix (4:15)
7. Good Time (4:10)