Fire! Santa Rosa, Fire!

Fire! Santa Rosa, Fire!


Fire! Santa Rosa, Fire! are a group of Australian indie kids who conquered their hometown of Adelaide and are keen to go global. FSRF are a staple of the national music scene, performing indie rock & roll with an odd and enigmatic flavour which has seen distinct stylistic changes between releases.


Fire! Santa Rosa, Fire! are the hardest working band in South Australia. They formed in 2006 into the melting pot of fluro and 80's knockoffs, and have managed to create pop music which has a national reputation as a band who challenges both their audience and themselves.

So far, so good. F!SR,F! are in the process of actively maintaining this reputation by consistently playing as hard and with as much passion as possible - in as many places as possible.

They are 'that' band in Australia - garnering consistent daily radio airplay but never wearing their audience out. 2009 has seen F!SR,F! complete their debut LP, releasing distinctly different singles, and getting consistently positive reactions.

Fire! Santa Rosa, Fire!'s sound is meticulously thought out. Every detail is finite and each new song a different challenge for each member, and a challenge for the listener to trace influence from. Everything from Land of Talk to Battles to Rihanna is covered. :)


You Sieze The City, I'll Sieze the Sky EP- 2006

Boy Hush Yr Mouth, Grrl Bare Yr Teeth EP - 2007

War Coward EP - 2008

Animal Spirit Guide (Single) - 2009

Witch House (Single) - 2009

Set List

Fire! Santa Rosa, Fire! play sets for as long as they're asked to - ranging from 30 minutes, to 90. 45 minutes seems about right though, ideally we'd sound best if we stopped after that long.


Animal Spirit Guide
War Coward
Cold Star
An Rabbit
Witch House

yeah, so thats 8. A pretty slick 45 minutes. :)