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The best kept secret in music



Fans of Something Corporate, miss at your peril. Firescape are the the side project of Something Corporate guitarist and songwriter Joshua Partington. When I found this little fact out, I was somewhat worried. I am, although not to the extent I used to be, a huge fan of Something Corporate. I enjoyed their CDs immensely, and I loved their live performances... but a side project? Hm. Is there any way it could compare? Rearden's Conscience, to me, sounds as if the best bits of Something Corporate (excluding the ever present piano, of course) have been boiled down in a hot pot of Jimmy Eat World and Alkaline Trio influences, and consequently mixed together to create a unique (considering) sound that has an almost annoyingly addictive quality to it. Every song on this CD has been stuck in my head all day. I mean come on. Parker Peterson, the opening track sets the mood for this five track little ditty. A catchy riff presents itself from the first 2 seconds of the track and the lyrics depict an emotional rollercoaster through what seemingly is depression. Morose as it sounds, this track is shockingly catchy and sing-a-long-able. Addictive and simple, this song will undoubtedy get in your head the moment you hear it. Track two, "His Midas Touch" perks up the mood a bit and presents itself with an equally as addictive quality to it. "Postcards with hidden meanings", track three is reminiscent of early Something Corporate, minus the piano that is, and pushes further the feeling that this EP is deeper than you'd imagine. "Still I Try", track four is another hook driven melodic rock track built to infect your ears (that's a compliment, trust me), and "Wasted" the closing track is an accoustic number to end the CD. Josh Partington, has, in my opinion excelled himself with this introspective little EP. His new band of merry men (Hunter Macdonald, bass, Andy Stensrud, guitar and Jake Margolis, drums) respectively, have forged ahead with a Weezer esque sound, and have pulled it off successfully. Beyond successfully. This is one of the catchiest CD's I've bought all year. Yes, that's right, Bought. After seeing them live where they inspired me to purchase one of their CDs. I for one can't wait for a full length album from these guys. It might not be the huge success that Something Corporate is, but it's just as good. Definately, just as good.
- Gary Lancaster

"Hearts and Sleeves" - Contributing Writers


Rearden's Conscience - March 2005 - Released by Random Play Music

Dancehall Apocalypse - March 2007 - Sony / We The People


Feeling a bit camera shy


Firescape, the side-project of Something Corporate guitarist and songwriter Josh Partington, edges away from the self-wrought convention of “piano rock” towards the more raw, harder edge of his own songwriting. With echoes of the melodic rock sub-genre that defined Josh’s previous work, Firescape rings with the heavier, richer sound of a musician in touch with the personal aspects of his music; thought and memory and a devotion to influence.

The songs are a combination of the fluid styles that defined Jimmy Eat World or Weezer and the heavier guitar elements of bands like Queens of the Stone Age or Foo Fighters. There is a haunting energy, a drive that is fueled by both lyrical depth and choruses that have an unshakeable confidence and warmth. There is an undertow that is both melancholy and hopeful, an exposition of both the histories of the songwriter and the more universal subjects of the songs.

All of these factors carry over into the live performance, making Firescape an energetic show that should not be missed. To compliment an electric stage presence, Firescape shows their softer side by frequently touring acoustically, revealing the emotional storytelling nature of the songs from their last two releases.