Fireside Social

Fireside Social


Fireside Social hails from the humid salt marshes of Miami, FL, with music that blends post punk, folk rock storytelling, and sing your throat out choruses into a sound that conjures images of friends sporting guitars and cheap beer singing songs with familiar choruses into the wee hours of night.


Fireside Social was formed via email while Ruppel was still doing his brief stint living overseas in New Zealand. In contacting his friends back home, he expressed his interest in starting a band that was fun and relatively straight forward. One where they could get together, drink some beer, write some lyrics about something that mattered at that particular moment, and wrap some chords around it. Nine months, and a few practice spaces later, Fireside Social is working on a full length and setting up a Florida based tour


2008 Self Titled/Demo

Set List

These Days, The Only Show We Know, Treason, Cheese Stix, Restless (Rumbleseat cover), Opus