Los Angeles, California, USA

Four girls, in their early 20's, from three different countries, come together to form a band? Sounds like a plot for a fictional movie, but not in this case! FireSky holds their own in a male dominated genre, and proves with their musicianship, passion, and performance that they're here to stay.


“Driving guitar melodies, pulsating rhythms, and fire on ice vocals” - JMWest Live! May 2011 review.

“A nice blend of melody oriented hard rock and pop rock vocals…brings to mind the style of Flyleaf… Weathered-era Creed with a hint of Pink” – SFL Music Magazine, September 2011 issue.

“It’s when my ears are introduced to a band like FireSky, that I wish I had the executive position at any record label to sign them.” – Metal Odyssey, November 2011

FireSky is an all-female, Heavy/Alternative/Rock band based out of Los Angeles. Made up of members Anni Sutinen(vocals), Shae Padilla(guitar), Kio K(drums), and Brenda Mejia(bass), this quartet goes far beyond their age, writing meaningful lyrics matched with heavy dynamic riffs and rhythms.

When asked what the band's hometown is, however, they simply answer "It's complicated" with a slight smirk. This is because out of these four young women, they have three different countries they call home. Singer, Anni Sutinen, hails all the way from the world's rock capital of Helsinki, Finland; and drummer, Kio K - originally from Tokyo, Japan - now resides in Southern California along with her band mates, Shae and Brenda.

So how did this unlikely team ever meet? Guitarist, Shae Padilla acted as the catalyst for the formation, and after that, the band credits word-of-mouth, a leap of faith, and of course, YouTube. Upon their very first writing session together, it was evident they had something special to share with the world.

FireSky's songs have dark, haunting melodies that surprisingly offer a light at the end of the tunnel through the lyrics. Their debut EP "Erase The Enemy" deals with heart break, self esteem, ambition, and first love. The overall theme reveals that, more often than not, we are our own worst enemies, and success is only possible when you push past negativity.


Black As The Night

Written By: Anni Sutinen

Run, run on the slippery ice he tries to
Make it to see the sun in the horizon
The one sight that still makes him feel...

A little incident happened last fall when
He gave his heart and she put it in the shredder
That's when, he decided
Humanity is a failure...
Especially women


It doesn't matter anyway
If the ice would break under his feet
No paper would write about
The freak gone missing
No selfpity helps his case
He can live in heartache
And in this phase as long as it takes
For him to get over it

His tears freezes on to his cheek
A punishment for being so weak
You can't turn back time
To see the evil in her eyes
When they met for the first time

Attraction does mess with your mind
After a while the love chemicals die
Her true color was exposed
Black as the night!


He tells karma to make it quick
Work for those who deserve it
Put shackled around the emotional criminals
And lock them behind bars

x ||

Chorus x ||

Soundtrack Of My Life

Written By: Anni Sutinen

I forget the time and my own existence
Laying here in bed with you
Not even the sound of drilling
From the neighbour sets me off the mood

Your heartbeat...
Is the only sound that counts
My room's a mess...
But my heads is sorted out


I could imagine something like this happening
But this actual feeling I'm carrying with me
Is overwhelming
My senses are open
You have your own place in me
And you keep me going, when I'm tired and working
You feel it.... I know you feel it too

I tend to pick a fight cause
Our daily life's too good
I like to surprise you when you
Least expect me to

Your laugher....
Is the soundtrack of my life
Your attitude is what
Makes me love you so much


I used to wanna see what's on every side
Sincerity was the last thing on my mind
I found out that people can change
Like you changed me, permanently...

Erase The Enemy

Written By: Anni Sutinen

I love myself enough to
Call me and the road my home
I'm moving in the direction where it's
Perfect before the storm
Villages with people
Are turning every single stone
To find something exciting
To get up in the morning for


I won't stay in one place
To catch the fever
Once I participate in life
I won't get defeated
Slow down if you want
You'll never get close to me again
People perish eventually
If they stop moving

Greedy jealous people
Have put some obsticles my way
For that I'm more than grateful
They've highlighted how cool I am
I've never wasted anger
And I will not start today
Keep in mind the remote is
Always in your hand


Erase the enemy on the inside
Battling against who you are
No enemy on the outside
Can do you no harm
If you decide you'll go far

Free Fall

Written By: Anni Sutinen

Your very last words crept up my spine
They told me my soul has a hole
But that I, will be alright
As long as you are around

I bit your lower lip cause you asked for it
A little push and there you go
Free falling out the window


Didn't anyone tell you
I don't need to be rescued
I don't need anyone
I go for what I want
I guess you'll learn on your way down
You're not irreplaceble
No you never where, crash and burn
You're not irreplaceble, no no

We saw eye to eye on many things
At one point I heard the weddingbells ring
As time went by you claimed
I'm the one who's changing

Mmm.. We could've been imperfect together but no
You went for the bigger and better role
You always said the best die young
Well you are very welcome


No egoistic person ever sees bad things coming
You dragged me along, enough is enough
Your head spins with the world
Circuling around you, you dragged me along

Pleasure for Mourning

Written By: Anni Sutinen

One time doesn't hurt
When you're floating without a care
coming back down will mean
Climbing up from despair

A bite of the apple can be the solution
To a temporary hunger
But it causes delusions
What was real, will no longer be

If you're too defensive
You know you are misplaced
Strive to make this part of your life
Just a short faze


Seeing the past a curse
As hard as it is now
it will only get worse
dwelling in hate, not finding out
How to get up from the dirt
After getting hurt
The identity you're wearing
Feeds your pleasure for mourning

Sympathy has its limits
When you're always on the giving end
Bad choices are allowed
But not when they make you that arrogant
Asking for all but not showing improvement
In the attitude and will to
Show effort in movement towards the path
That all of us, have walked down


Get up don't give up....
No one ever said it would be easy
But no one ever sure as hell told us to quit


Erase The Enemy [EP] released August 23, 2011

Set List

30 minute set w/6 songs