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"Firesuite EP Review"

"Amazing. Original, diverse, challenging rock. This is music of quality and should be recognised as such. Hopefully Firesuite will be unavoidable in the future... 9/10" - ROCKSOUND - Rock Sound

"Firesuite EP Review 2"

"another set of impressive recordings and a rich intelligent alternative guitar sound. Three rather big songs/pieces and fine hints of things like My Vitriol, Mew, My Bloody Valentine and maybe even a touch of Deftones in there flavouring their dynamic sound. Three songs that are accessible yet never too obvious, bit of a heroic sound, heart-tearing"ORGAN

"Firesuite Live Review"

"The set veers from sonic assaults to passionate, ethereal soundtracks...electric folk (“Crossfire”) with crashing bruising metal crescendos. Go See." MANCHESTER MUSIC - Manchester Music

"Firesuite EP Review 3"

"This is not a band I'd normally expected to come my way, but I am so very happy that they did...the sound is so lush and full of textures that I thought there were a lot more players involved. Musically, imagine My Bloody Valentine and a bit of Explosions In the Sky meeting up for some drinks and a jam session with early Radiohead and some Sigur Rós. Better yet, And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead crashing their instruments along to a Cocteau Twins song." FeastOfHateAndFear - Feast Of Hate An Fear

"Firesuite Live Review"

"the controlled storm of fuzz that comes from the two Chris’ (Anderson and Minor) instruments is a wonderful sound...reminds of Smashing Pumpkins, My Bloody Valentine and even almost-forgotten rockers My Vitriol...Intense and from the heart." HIGH VOLTAGE - High Voltage

"Firesuite Live Review"

"Firesuite always bring with them a certain magical atmosphere that you cannot ignore" SANDMAN - Sandman

"Firesuite EP Review 4"

"The Sheffield quartet do the quiet bit/loud bit anthemics with more grace than most signed bands. Building from sweet twinkly FX into Pumpkins style grandeur, they also convey it very subtly highly promising. " PLANET SOUND (CH4 TELETEXT)
- Channel 4 Tele Text


Bottled Sounds Of Me For You - 2004
Forever December - 2006
Are You In Remission? - 2008

A number of tracks have been included on radio broadcasts, namely online affairs, but also as part of BBC's Raw Talent and local stations.



Fronted and formed by Chris Anderson (vox, guitar), alongside Chris Minor (bass) & Richard Storer (drums) Firesuite are an ongoing musical endeavour, born out of the desire to create something hugely affecting, and crucially, something different.

Combining polar opposite dynamics, from total white noise, to moments of striking beauty, Firesuite are as complex a unit as you are likely to find. Influences are many. Obvious touchstones would be late 80’s and 90’s alternative rock, coupled with more avant garde European chamber pop. Listen closely though and you may hear a battle between Buddy Rich and Animal, a mid 30’s chanteuse and Django orchestrating complex lead melodies on bass. Dense it may be, but the execution is undeniable.
All corners of the press have praised Firesuite’s demo recordings and live performance, proclaiming the band to be "Amazing. Original, diverse“(ROCKSOUND), and “intense and from the heart” (HIGH VOLTAGE).

The band have sold out their first two e.p’s, "Bottled Sounds Of Me For You" & "Forever December" respectively, after playing shows across the country, with artists ranging from Jeniferever and Martin Grech, to This Et Al and ILiKETRAiNS. Their second e.p, “Forever December” was recorded at Yellow Arch Studios with Robin Down (Richard Hawley, Klaxons), and true to type received almost unanimous praise from both local, national and international press sources.

"Are You In Remission?", Firesuite's third e.p, was released in December 2008 and praised as being "heroic...heart-tearing" by ORGAN. It features three songs, recorded with long time friend and collaborator Tom Henthorne at Ebb Tone studios. "Left Hand Never Moves", one of the most personal works the band have created, begins with a firework, threatening to pull you through the ceiling at any minute. "Sammy Davis Jr Jr", which is fuzz and fury in 1:29, and a suitable reminder of the live show, and finally, "it's 4am & backwards..." which is something different altogether. Prepare to be slowed down.