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Fire Through The Window have hit the ground running with the release of their dynamic new album ‘HEY!’
It’s been a long time coming and well worth the wait. These guys and gal seem to have the most uncanny ability to take a simple melody, mix it up with their unique brand of alternative quirkiness whilst still maintaining their pop sensibility, and finish it off by smothering it with catchy hooks that will be bouncing around your head for days. If Fire Through The Window can’t put a smile on your face you may want to check your pulse.

Following up their debut self-titled effort, ‘Hey!' takes you on a journey through the two lead singers Marc and Sinead’s lives and experiences as maturing individuals caught between being kids and fully fledged adults (the mid twenties saga), as well as their life together as a couple (yes they’re dating, cute I know)

Originally a two-piece, they recorded their first album on a whim as a pet project, only to be greeted with unexpected success. Their first single ‘Just Like You Are’ was selected as the official song and video of the Apple iPod Nano television campaign and went all the way to the top 10 of national charts, securing them 4 national tours in 2008 and slots at festivals like Splashy Fen, Oppikoppi, Rocking The Daisies and Woodstock. Shortly after, their label at the time closed its doors and effectively their album became limited edition.

Now in 2009 with a new full band and a new label, they have released their second album, which includes selected singles from the original album. “Sinead and I recorded the first album in a couple of weeks, never expecting it to be released, I even played the drums on the album! Now that it won’t be being made anymore we felt it necessary to include some of the tracks on the new album, re-recorded with the full band so that people get to hear them and they don’t disappear entirely” says Marc. After listening to the album it appears to be a wise move as the tracks have been breathed new life and kick some serious ass.

So put on your dancing shoes, grab your significant other, down a few red bulls and prepare yourselves for FTTW round two.

It’s energetic, it’s fun, it’s good times, it’s a cold vanilla cone on a hot summers day. It’s Fire Though The Window and it’s out now.

Fire Through The Window - reviews

"Hot new Durban rock sensation FIRE THROUGH THE WINDOW combine the ska-infected punk of The Clash and the vintage garage pop of The Buzzcocks with the contemporary indie stylings of Interpol, Broken Social Scene and The Arcade Fire to create a sweatily infectious sound that is entirely their own."- The Mail & Guardian

"Fronted by Sinead on vocals, with just one guitar, bass and drums, they create a lovely bed of noise pop over which they have draped super sweet melody lines and harmonies. Pulling their punches and using clever song-writing, a crafty use of dynamics and a strong sense of irony instead of sheer grunt, Fire Through The Window have created a rare gem: a band that is truly pop, radio friendly and accessible without being crap, dull and boring." - David Chislett (

"Maybe it’s the fact that they’re local, and have built up quite a head of steam as they’ve shunted to prominence in the last 6 months, maybe it’s the fact that all the band members have, at some stage, been in other Durban bands, or maybe it’s the resonance their sound has with the previously mentioned SoCal surf sounds.

Maybe it’s just the disarming perky charm of foxy lead singer Sinead and her rather Frank Black-ish partner in rhyme, Marc. Who can say? The crowd at the Willowvale, that’s who – they bounced, they howled, shit – they sang along to every chorus. FTTW, they’re not rock in the sense of thrash and they’re not pop like the candyball cheese that gets lapped up by pre-pubescents on MTV. They’ve a sound and lyric something like The Beautiful South, which bears comparison on the grounds of the call-and-response of the lead duet, but also because of the upbeat licks and straight-down-the-line rhythms and beats. Which is fair enough, because the combo works, and Stone City punters, they smaak them lank. " - Travis Lyle (

"Simple, playful rock with enough naive sincerity to melt PW Botha's heart." - (


"The production’s excellent, the songs are well played, well written and catchy, the melodies stick to your brain like Maltesers" - (

"Do do do, do do do, do do do, do do do… Fire Through the Window has one of the catchiest, radio friendly albums on the market. This is a huge accomplishment for a South African band in our opinion.

Here is a band with a pop/punk sound, the vocals been shared by a male/female combo and we love it. Eleven songs that are all under three minutes should be a train smash but with the simply choruses and spring beat you should be singing along in no time at all.

Buy this album if you are planning a hou