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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Merry Christmas!"

Leslie's blues is my blues ;= I love it and you sure can sing the blues - Þórunn

"And, I want a Demo!"

sandy these are AMAZING i LOVE 'as i' my whole body went limp it's completely relaxing I can't stop listening to it! I love them ALL!
oh and i want a demo! lol and you should totally make "as i" longer on mine, loop it or something cause it ends too soon and i want it to go on forever!
HAH sick of it my ASS that's goin straight on my I pod and imma BLAST that sucka! I'll message you my address
- Camille


du bisch grossartig!

suech lütt für e band and rock that fucking songs!

besti wünsch für dini zuekunft ide musigwält

nowhere - Nowhere

"Alot of Potential!"

The apparently song is so good girl! It has realy potential!! U should record it in a professional studio. - Renato Cardoso

"Sandy! You're AMAZING!"

Sandra! You're AMAZING! Gosh I always imagine you sounding like when we were little lol I had NO idea how talented you are!! So you started writing when you were 12 huh? It's ok, you don't have to say it, I know you were writing about me because that's about when you moved away and you were just so crushed to be separated from me... it's ok I understand. Being your muse entitles me to 10% of your millions though.. well the millions you're going to make. I'll take a check. PEACE <3

- Camille


Firetwine: Demo (2006)
As I (2007)

Mayrian: Waves of the Past (Single 2008)




I grew up Multicultural and my Inspirations are a wide sretch of varieties... I went 5 Months to a Music School in Denmark and now I am studying Soundtechnique and have 3 projects going... I am slowly but surely managing a setlist of my own songs, I am starting a little project that is so new it doesn't even have a name yet! And I'm the lead singer of a Prog-Alternative Band (pOphObia)!