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Kiev, Kyiv City, Ukraine | INDIE

Kiev, Kyiv City, Ukraine | INDIE
Band World Avant-garde


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"Jounalists about the Duo Zikr (that created the Firevoices)"

"... The performing Mastery of DUO ZIKR may be called unique by right. These brilliant performers combine efficiently the elements of freedom and strict form met in all styles - from Asian religious motets to modern free jazz, creating rich variety of vocal expressiveness and sound gradations.

...The vocal compass of Silin and Tkachenko is incredible: it exceeds four octaves and extends from hardly audible murmur to piercing cry..."

Andrew Stewart
Music critic, London

"The male's and female's voice interplay with unpredictable freedom, and without any restrictions in terms of melody and harmony. These are the voices of many-sided, quick-running, eternal life about which we know everything, not knowing anything. Lament. Cry. Groan. Howl. Buzz. Supplication. Prayer. Love mantras. Passion intrigues. Fragments of tunes emerging from nowhere and flowing to nowhere. Flight of sounds. Concentration. Expansion. Space without time. Time without space. Fusion of time and space: Yin And Yang."

George Levin
USA - no data


The Firevoices theater is a project of Duo Zikr. Though young the Firevoices have already gained quite a popularity in Russia and Ukraine due to new singing technique that immerses the spectators in fantastic atmosphere of Mystery play.
Duo Zikr itself is a duet of vocal improvisation. The unique feature about the duet is special technique of vibration singing which is when you sing you sing with all your body (not just with your vocal cords). Duo Zikr staged lots of concerts all over the world so after 15 years of work the soloists of the duet (Olga Tkachenko and Igor Silin) decided to use their large experience of improvising and combine it with dramatic art.
So the Firevoices theater was born. The troupe consists of talented young artists graduates of Kyiv Institute of Dramatic Arts. The first concert was staged together with Duo Zikr and Lux Aeterna Theater of Light in Kyiv Observatory and was called “Sound of Magic”.
After that the Firevoices staged several joint concerts with Duo Zikr (Anniversary concert in Smolny Cathedral, St.-Petersburg; Angels In City, Svetlanov hall of Moscow International House of Music; Voice Message, Kyiv conservatory) as well as their own concerts “Snow.Prayer”, “Breath of Space”, “Breath of Soul”, “Transformation”.
The director of the Theater is Igor Silin (Moscow). Art director and also the performer of the main parts is Olga Tkachenko (Kiev). The creative work of the Firevoices includes scores of classic compositions, rare ancient temple works, folk songs and of course improvisations both, vocal and motive.
The concerts of the Firevoices feature high variability and interactivity with Spectators. Once during a line of Crimean concerts the Firevoices offered the spectators to improvise on any topic they would order. The reaction of the audience was unbelievably live as each improvisation (like thunder, sorrow, anger etc.) was truly passing the states so familiar to everyone!

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"Sound of Magic" - 2007, Joint with Duo Zikr
"Sound of Magic" (live version) - Joint with Duo Zikr
"The Breath of Soul" - June 2008
"Voice Message" - 2009, Joint with Duo Zikr
"Awakening" - live version, 2011



- Participation in recording Duo Zik's album SOUND OF MAGIC laid ground to creation of the Firevoices theater.
- July 2-3, 2007, Created within Duo Zikr's SOUND OF MAGIC programme, 2 joint concerts; recording of album "Sound of Magic", Live.
- Fall 2007, Performance at "The Transformation" music festival in Moscow.
- Winter 2008, 3 concerts "Snow. Prayer" in Kiev.
- Spring 2008, 2 joint concerts with Duo Zikr, the Anniversary Concert (Smolniy cathedral, St.- Petersburg and Angels in City (Svetlanov chamber of Moscow international house of Music).
- Summer 2008, joint Concert with Duo Zikr "Angels in City, Odessa.
- Summer 2008, Concert programme "The Breath of Soul".
- Summer 2008, Concert programme "Wind of Changes"
- Summer 2009, Concert programme "The Breath of Space".
- Summer 2009, Concert programme "Fall in Love"
- Summer-Fall 2009, joint Album Duo Zikr - Firevoices "Voice Message".
- Fall 2009, 2 concerts in Crimea
- Summer 2010, Concert programme "The Transformation"
- Winter 2011, Concert programme for Christmas holidays
- march 2011, Concert programme "Awakening" , Odessa