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"French Music-zine Interview"


Steve did an interview with a French Zine recently over the phone, as its unlikely to make it to the UK or be printed in English, we taped the conversation and have typed our own version to chuck up here.

So Steve its been awhile since we last saw you over here in France, with Scuttle, How was your last trip here, did the tour go well for you?

Yes it has been ages, the tour was great, we always had a blast when we came to France, I took a lot of great memories from those tours, the last was brilliant, tiring and fun but I realised on that tour I had run my course with Scuttle...there felt like there were a lot of pressures on us and I was burnt out on it all, I cant really speak for how the others felt but I had had enough, when we played that last show in France I knew in my heart Scuttle was done.

What sort of pressures?

The pressure to be a full time band to quit everything and just do that and chase after a record deal all that crap...we were starting to pull in different directions, at least that was my feeling, I dont know, its a long time ago now, I dont think about it that much. I think it was hard because it was a time when there was a lot of interest in our scene of bands....

The band split right after the tour?

Yep pretty much, it was time to do other things.

They went onto Navajo Code right? What did you do?

Yes they did, I did a band called Incoming Pilots with some ex members of a British band called Poindexter, I really loved that band, kind of indie rock stuff, no more screaming or angst, but it fell apart, we only played one show...its a pity...we were onto something I thought.

Seems you have been very quiet since Scuttle?

I think after Scuttle my commitment to doing bands was at a low ebb, thats why Incoming Pilots drifted, and then it was a case of finding musicians who had the right commitment to do a new band while I also found that commitment in myself again, its taken from 2005 until now and about 14 band members and three name changes for me to get to this point with Fireworks For Summer and finally playing shows, its all good now though. Good band, everyones into it.

Why name it after the last Scuttle CD?

Its hard finding a band name that hasnt been used already, it was my idea originally to call the Scuttle ep that, I dont care, I think the ex Scuttle guys had a sneer about it, im not sure why..I dont care, you know, not really fussed by other peoples opinions, it works for me, end of story.

Is there some animosity there between you and the Scuttle guys?

No not at all, I dont see them much but I still love them to bits, I just think why scoff at my band name, if I had kept the Scuttle name then fair enough I guess, I just didnt see the point in them even thinking anything of it.

Who is in the new band and when did it really get going as Fireworks For Summer?

April 2007 I met Marty Alexander our bass played and we kind of had a mutual work ethic on what we wanted from doing a band and we hit it off straight away, we had different guitarists and drummers until summer 2008 when we got Chris Tappin and Joe Balchin in on guitars and Andy Hinks on drums, from there we gelled very quickly, first shows were booked etc.

What bands have the other members been in?

Marty was in a band called Tabloid and Andy was in a band called The Maybe Laters, Chris and Joe have never really played out I dont think.

Were they all friends of yours, how did you meet them?

In a nutshell I met Marty and Andy through my friends Vince and Sandy and I worked with Joe and Chris, it was quite natural the timing of our coming together.

Stylistically where does the band fit with Scuttle?

Its probably similar as we are a rock band but theres no screaming and because we have such different tatstes I think we are different enough that we have our won identity and we can go places musically maybe our other bands couldnt because of those influences. We dont care about pleasing hipsters too.


The scene know.

Could you liken your sound to anyone. What are your influences?

Oh, no way, dont go there, my version of sound is unlike anyone elses. Its hairy man rock with a few pop bits chucked in, I really dont useless at describing what we sound like. As for influences, we all seem to hate each others taste, we do overlap on certain things but we certainly dont come from the same backgrounds as each other but it makes it interesting, honestly I love being part of this band...I cant tell you how much. The guys in it are all great...we are having a blast.

Whats the long term goal for Fireworks For Summer? Record deal, touring?

Whatever happens happens, I couldnt give a flying fuck about success or being a star or any of that just doesnt move me, we will play shows, we will record some songs, maybe we will tour if the opportunity arises and we wont lose money, if good things happen for us, great, you wont find me selling out for anything, no way, we will do whatever we want. Lets keep some integrity intact here you know.

Can we expect to see you in France?

Im sure if someone wanted to hook it up we could do it, priority right now is breaking ourselves in – we'll see, we would like to.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Not really, I think we covered everything there.

Ok Steve well, thank you for talking to us.

No thank you for asking to do this. - Steve


Fireworks For Summer's debut self titled EP on sale now

Maintain Radio Silence - single release June 27th



Having played in other successful groups, the members of FFS wanted a new challenge.

Having hit it off right from the start, everyone knew this was the right move.

It was very weird stripping back to basics after touring and playing with bands like Funeral For A Friend, Silverchair, Lostprophets and Coheed and Cambria to name but a few.

The love of songwriting and playing live was always going to be too hard to resist.