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Budapest, Budapest, Hungary | Established. Jan 01, 2008 | INDIE | AFTRA

Budapest, Budapest, Hungary | INDIE | AFTRA
Established on Jan, 2008
Band Folk Punk




"Firkin // Finger in the Pie (2014)"

Firkin is a band which any music manager would be happy about. They are young and attractive, including a hot woman on the violin – Lilly, who contributes her female fire. But above all, the band has two even more important qualities for the stage: Talent and enthusiasm that reflect in a dynamic show.

With their new album “Finger in the Pie” Firkin have now successfully transported the energy of their concerts on CD. The Folk is still unmistakably recognizable as an influence on the songs, with wich they also like to put a new unconventional spin on classics. At the same time, on the current longplayer they have increased the punk rock dose and the pace. You can also hear that in songs like “Could be the Pope” or “Molly Malone“. When it comes to arrangements and vocals, Firkin are not afraid to experiment and venture on inflected speech and influences from other genres.

As a musical ménage from Flogging Molly, Fiddler ‘s Green and Jethro Tull, that shines in a Baz Luhrmann film as a soundtrack, Firkin show their own style. Thereby, they also succeed in combining energetic party music and romantic songs like “My Love John” including the voice of a female guest vocalist.

Finger in the Pie is a recommendation for those who like classic Irish tunes, but want to hear power and ingenuity at the same time. These Hungarians are definitely stepping out of the line and are already unmistakable within the folk punk scene. So, let yourself be “firkinised”! - FOLKPUNK.NET - Jessica Naun

"FIRKIN "Finger in the Pie" (2014)"

“Finger in the Pie” is Firkin’s fifth album. Fortunately we are pleased to have reviewed every single release by Budapest finest. Technically it could be said that “Finger in the Pie” is the band’s third studio album; “Igyunk pálinkat” was basically a re-interpretation of their songs in Hungarian and “Keep on Firkin” a live DVD/CD. Even if some line-up changes have occurred (Bazsi is the new guitarist, and Pali is no longer a full-part member, but a guest), Firkin is as strong as ever. These five guys and a girl don’t let you down. Their music can be crazy, wild, fast-paced, but also quite, as gentle as a caress … They master their instruments and they master the tempo, then their albums are always well-balanced master works.

Thirteen songs and one instrumental made it to the new album: eight self-penned songs and six covers of standards and traditional stuff. Regarding the original material, the band showcases their folkie skills on numbers such as “If I Could Be The Pope”. The first “single” of the album is a great song with interesting background vocals and badass flute and fiddle. “Parasite’s Lost” also features an amazing 70’s sounding flute. The intro is fully acoustic, guitar and flute only, but then the full band delivers an excellent song with a Fiddler’s Green from the Peter Pathos era flavour. “High and Low” is an epic number featuring a strings sextet. Firkin have really spent a lot of time on developing their own compositions. PJ and his bandmates know that every song has its own life. So, if the song needs additional musicians, even if they are classically trained artists, they will find them.

Firkin shows their hard rock/ metal end on “The Child of Fire”. Barna’s vocals are incredible, Bazsi’s guitar work impeccable and PJ’s flute perfect. Should I say that I love this song? The next number, "I Am Who I Am", has the classic Firkin’s stamp at the beginning. The listener is then surprised when he noticed that the song is sung by a girl, Judit Bonyár. This is a track to check out absolutely: electric guitar and rhythm section back perfectly Judit’s vocals and PJ’s tin whistle and Lili’s fiddle are flawless.

The following self-penned song is sung by Barna, "Finger in the Pie". He begins playing acoustic guitar, but obviously the song is going to get the full Firkin’s treatment. It turns out to be a fast-paced song featuring an amazing electric guitar part. “Dirty Julie” is another of my faves. Firkin go really mad and become a sort of a Celtic Toy Dolls. This song is followed by the upbeat “Nincompoop”. Fast-paced Celtic punk at its best.

As far as the covers are concerned, Firkin have followed different approaches: one standard with different lyrics and song title; four traditional songs and one instrumental. The first one is a re-recording of “The Foggy Dew”. The Hungarian version can be found on their third album. The song has been called “Kind and Fine” and is sung once again by former band member Pali. “Donegal Danny” and “Molly Malone” are lively renditions of Irish ballads. “My Love John” is a midtempo version of the traditional song “P Stands for Paddy” . It’s sung by another girl, Nóra Fehér. The strings sextet guest on this number too. The band moves to the Scottish territory with “Loch Lomond”, a song that features PJ’s electronic pipes. Finally, “Jumping Lovers” is a tune consisting of a rocking intro and the well-known “Tam Lin” reel.

The CD is available in a digipack packaging with a 12 page booklet full of band pictures. I recommend that you buy a hard copy instead of a digital version. Grab a beer, read the lyrics and sing-a-long!

Firkin fans will not be disappointed, as “Finger in the Pie” has all the elements that have pushed Firkin to stardom. Anyway, I feel that the band should bet on their own material and include less well-known covers on the next album. There are plenty of traditional songs from the Planxty/De Dannan/Altan/Dervish discography to get a new lease of life. Or even from Christy Moore or The Wolfe Tones repertoire. The Celtic punk/rock scene needs to unveil these hidden gems and, IMHO, Firkin is the right band to do it. - CELTIC FOLK PUNK - Kinksmarkham

"Firkins Canadian Pub Tour"

The day before I was informed about this band, and being of Hungarian decent I had to check this out, a Hungarian Irish Punk Band!!

Well the night started out with meeting up with my date Caroline, and we headed down to Bloor St where the night was full of Green, Green Hats, Green Costumes and of course Green Beer. We arrived at the venue Lee’s Palace at around 9pm, on entering the building you could just feel the intense energy everywhere.

It was nice getting there a little early so we could find a great spot to set up and of course it was right beside the stage…I can remember her looking at me and asking me “are you sure right beside the speakers” to my reply “Absolutely!!”

The opening band was Sound One a Ska band with 10 members, with a 5 piece horn section. Seeing how I am a big country music fan, this style of music was very new to me and I didn’t know what to expect. However when Sound One began to play I was absolutely amazed by the intense energy and the floor just packed full of pogoing dancers. I was not only impressed but very energized by the sound and the people, I just had to dance!!

At about 10:30pm Firkin hit the stage with a beautiful and very talented Violin player named Lili, she embraced the audience with a smooth and vibrant tone that moved and energized the crowd, and as the level rose the entire band formed together. The lead man PJ played the flute, and with his energetic presence, got the crowd moving on their feet, as he taunted them and danced around the stage “ Jethro Tull style”. The Lead singer Barna was amazing as he interacted with the crowd , as they rolled through their evening set.

Most of their music was inspired by The Pogues, Dropkick Murphys, and Europe’s latest fave Flogging Molly. Firkin played a lot of their own music, mixed in with a few great covers of Flogging Molly. As the night came to an end Firkin introduced the band members as Barna Lead Vocals, Lili on Violin, Peti (Peter) on Bass, Rosi Sound, ESE(Robert) on Drums and Vocals, Atti (Attila) on Electric Guitar, PJ (Janos Peter) on Flute and Whistle and, Pali (Pal) on Acoustic Guitar and Vocals.

After they finished you could hear all of the Hungarian’s chanting including myself “Vissaz, Vissaz!!” which translates to our similar Encore. Which they did, the interesting thing I noticed that not a lot of bands do, is that they bowed to the audience which is pretty rare to see, a great gesture to the audience.

All in all it was a great evening, with great people and high energy entertainment. I will definitely see more shows like this. I’m a fan.
If you would like to learn more check out their website at,
I, hope you all enjoy this great band, and best of luck to them in their future shows. Cheers!! - CASHBOX MAGAZINE CANADA - Jonathon Jager

"Firkin - Firkinful of Beer"

Before anything else, I think it needs to be acknowledged that "Firkin" is a great name for a band. It has an great, antiquated, British Isles pedigree. As a unit of measure, (meaning roughly nine gallons!) it has a vague "mass consumption" reference. And, of course, all that Firkin' wordplay just Firkin' waitin' to be employed!

But a great name doesn't mean a firkin' thing if the band can't back it up.

And Firkin? Yeah. They bring it. Intense is probably the most appropriate word to describe these rowdy Hungarians. The CD, "A Firkinful Of Beer" (Firkinful?) is a 17-track release, (Yes, I said SEVENTEEN!) comprised of almost all covers, (with two or three originals, added in for color!) But these covers are different from your phone-in album-filler, there is effort made to make these songs the band's own. A lot of effort.

The covers vary from traditionals like "The Galway Races," "Irish Rover," and "The Drunken Sailor," to a number of songs from the Flogging Molly catalog! And all of the originals, traditionals and FM covers get the same Firkin' treatment, (see how well that works!): A ripping, King-esque vocals, traditional instrumentation such as flute, fiddle, and whistle bringing in the Celtic sound and all of that hanging on for its dear life on top of a straight-up heavy metal rhythm section that is, in my opinion, the real star of the show. This is what gives these firkers an identity that really stands out in a field like this!

As far as covers go, the Budapest-based septet does the job right. But I would really like to see a full-length release of original material from these guys! I think it would be something really unusual, in a good Firkin' way. - SHITE'N'ONIONS - Christopher Toler


After their EP from 2017, Firkin are finally back with a full CD. Probably one of the best live bands in the continent, the band from Budapest has always released amazing albums. Would they be able to do it again? The answer is “We are the Ones”.

The brand new album is a well-balanced list of self-penned songs (7 tracks) and covers (5 tracks). Firkin felt that another turn of the wheel was needed for their sound and therefore they have bet on a live and crazier sound than usual. From the very first notes of “All is Well” this “change” is noticed. At the beginning one would think that it’s a Celkilt song, but Firkin showcase their metal side straightaway on this kick-ass cut. On the next tracks, the band that comes to mind is The Mahones. “One More Pint”, “Those Irish Punk Girls” and “We are the Ones” are fast-paced songs based on infectious tin whistle, powerful guitars and vocals antics that rival with The Mahones attitude on their last albums.

After that storm, some moments of calm are needed to recover. PJ and his band mates have chosen the suitable song, the traditional “Lily of the West”. The Celtic punk volcano is back with the next numbers, the brilliant “Your Oddyssey” were Firkin move to The Real McKenzies territory, and “Hold My Beer”, an excellent pub song to sing along.

The next tracks are two covers, “Nancy Whisky” and “Spancil Hill”. The former gets an upbeat treatment with electric guitar and flute, while the latter features interesting fiddling.

Three more songs are delivered before the album comes to its end. “Awaken the Iron” is a superb pirate number with fantastic flute and epic vocals. “Galway Girl” has become a standard and nowadays every single band is covering this song by Steve Earle. Nevertheless, Firkin have done the impossible. They have “firkinized” the song and the final result is incredibly good. “We are the Ones” ends up with a new version of “Flowers” featuring Hungarian folk singer Ági Szalóki on guest vocals.

My opinion? Nobody could expect this master piece after their great “Into the Night” EP from 2017. “Into the Night” was very, very good, but “We are the Ones” is a true gem: great production, perfect sound and a band at the peak of its career. - CELTIC FOLK PUNK - Waldo Kinksmarkham


2018 - We Are The Ones (6th LP)

2017 - Into The Night (EP)

2016 - Start Again (SINGLE)

2015 - Revox (EP)

2014 - Finger in the Pie (5th LP)

2013  - Keep on Firkin - Live (4th LP)

2012  - Keep on Firkin - Live (DVD)

2012 - Igyunk pálinkát! (3rd LP) – Hungarian

2010 - Whup! (2nd LP)

2009 - Firkinful of Beer (1st LP)



The Hungarian Grammy Award-winning FIRKIN have played over 600 concerts in 17 countries– CAN, FR, UK, CH, ES, NL, BE, DE, IT, AT, CZ, PL, SRB, SK, RO, UA, HU. Within 9 years Firkin have become one of the best headliner acts of small and medium-sized festivals and a frequently requested band by major festivals as well as prestigious venues.

2009 Their 1st album entitled Firkinful Of Beer (Universal Music) became golden album within a year and the title song was listed on a compilation album of the world's best folk bands.   

2010 Firkinful Of Beer was nominated for Hungarian Grammy Award (Fonogram) followed by five further nominations (2013 - WHUP!, 2014 - Igyunk Pálinkát, 2016 - Finger In The Pie - winner!, 2017 - Start Again, 2018 – Into The Night)

2011 With their song entitled Lord Of The Dance, Firkin ruled Celtic Radio Charts for 4 consecutive months in Canada and Germany that was followed up with a 5-stage Canadian tour and several headliner shows all across Europe.

2012 Firkin recorded their 1st live DVD entitled Keep On Firkin

2013 Firkin composed a unique semi-theatrical performance entitled Jumpin’ John at Palace of Arts (Müpa Budapest - Hungary's best known cultural institution) 

2014 Firkin released their 5th LP album entitled Finger in the Pie, which received praising reviews by acknowledged international bloggers and magazines. Firkin’s live energy rocked two major festivals as well: Wacken W:O:A 2014 (DE), for the first time and Sziget 2014 (HU) for the fourth consecutive year.

2015 Firkin was mentioned among the very bests on international toplists.

The band was honoured to play with Flogging Molly.

Hungarian National Music TV broadcast Firkin’s 7th birthday concert @ Akvárium Klub, Budapest.

2016 Firkin celebrated NYE at the legendary Dublin Castle, London.

After winning Hungarian Grammy Awards (Fonogram 2016), Firkin was nominated ​for Independent Music Awards (​USA​) in the category of Rock/Hard Rock Album!​

​Firkin’s platinum hit ‘Focimese’ became the official song of the Hungarian football team at UEFA EURO 2016 on compilation album Bon Voyage (June 2016​)​!​

2017 Firkin headlined numerous festivals with their crazy energy all across Europe and invaded the main stages of major festivals like Summer Breeze (GER), Rockharz (GER), Czad Festiwal (PL), Sziget Festival (HU) in the framework of Into The Night Tour.

2018 The now six-time Fonogram nominee released their 6th LP entitled We Are The Ones with a double release show in Budapest and Vienna.

“Firkin are finally back with a full CD. Probably one of the best live bands in the continent, the band from Budapest has always released amazing albums. (...) Nobody could expect this master piece after their great “Into the Night” EP from 2017. “Into the Night” was very, very good, but “We are the Ones” is a true gem: great production, perfect sound and a band at the peak of its career." - Waldo Kinksmarkham

2018-2019 On 27th October, 2018, Firkin are celebrating their 10th birthday with a mind-blowing concert show followed by their 10th anniversary autumn-winter tour all across Europe

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