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Toronto, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
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"Secret Talk Album Review"

Canadian indie/alternative rock band First Ghost just released their new five-song EP Secret Talk, which manages to sound as full as an album, and demonstrates the band’s extensive talent while still sounding cohesive.

The record quickly boasts drum-led songs that remain soft and feature vague but relatable lyrics like “everything you said /made me let you go”. Other tracks like “If You Want To” better showcase intricate guitar work, which are almost expected in this ever-growing genre as it branches out from punk into more indie and emo. Each song on the album tends to build itself out of softness, especially “Bounded” with its whimsical percussion that make it almost lullaby-like. The EP ends strongly with an effortless instrumental transition creating one longer masterpiece instead of two separate songs.

Secret Talk is hopefully just the beginning for First Ghost. The band’s DIY-style production shows care and authenticity without sacrificing quality; the vocal harmonies on each track make the band unique and irresistible because they add dimension to the band’s simplicity. Fans of Turnover, Lydia, or Moving Mountains will be surprisingly refreshed by this sound that is both familiar and new.

Buy It, Stream It, or Skip It?: Buy It. This band deserves to go places so your support helps them while expanding your music library. - idobi Radio

"First Ghost "If You Want To" (video)"

Toronto rockers First Ghost dropped their latest EP Secret Talk earlier this spring, and now the band are set to unveil a video for "If You Want To" from that same record — and Exclaim! has your exclusive first look at it.

The video was directed by the band's filmmaker and photographer friend Andrew Harris, and as drummer Danny Foster-Roman puts it: "The visuals combine retro film style with modern imagery which brings to life the song's unique marriage of surf rock, pop and emo."

That blend of upbeat rock'n'roll gets paired with black-and-white footage that follows a young woman making eyes at the camera, surrounded by shade-less lamps and a fancy chess set. For a little visual variety, those slightly surrealist scenes get spliced together with some more straightforward shots of the band performing. - Exclaim!

"First Ghost premieres “The Less You Know” off upcoming EP"

Canadian emo rock band First Ghost is joining AP to premiere “The Less You Know,” the first single from their upcoming EP Secret Talk.

Though Secret Talk is scheduled to be released in early April, the new bittersweet song offers a sneak peek on what to expect from the EP. “The song reflects on the inner conflicts we face when choosing to keep secrets from loved ones,” said singer and guitarist Anton DeLost. - Alternative Press

"Album Premiere: First Ghost – ‘Secret Talk’"

We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of First Ghost new release Secret Talk (listen below). The album will be out tomorrow, April 1st.

Frontman Anton DeLost comments on the song “The Less You Know” saying: “The song reflects on the inner conflicts we face when choosing to keep secrets from loved ones.”

The 4-piece first appeared on the radar of music fans in 2014 with the release of their debut EP, Real Eyes, that spawned the single “Shaking.”

First Ghost is a Canadian indie/alternative rock band formed London, Ontario in 2013. The band is composed of Anton DeLost (vocals, guitar) Mike Tompa (vocals, guitar, keyboard), Danny Foster-Roman (drums, percussion) and Keir Hornyak (bass).

The name First Ghost originated after a showing of the 2013 release of Evil Dead. Having originally intended for the name to be Ghost House inspired by Ghost House Pictures, they discovered bands under the same moniker and instead resorted to brainstorming over previous projects before landing on an old inside joke and retrofitting it into First Ghost. - New Noise Magazine


First Ghost is sharp. Anton DeLost is the powerhouse behind this project as lead singer, guitarist, and producer. Not to gloss over the other amazing members of this band, there is a solid rhythm section behind these songs that are the glue to the rest of DeLost’s interwoven melodies. From their first album, Real Eyes you can tell that DeLost pushes himself and his guys just as hard as he has any other band. The songwriting is crisp and knows what it is trying to say.
“The Less You Know,” the first single from their upcoming EP Secret Talk shows off everything that I love about this band. Layered vocals, roomy and ethereal guitars, a solid backbone of drums, and a bass that knows when to walk and when to hold back. You can feel some of the spirit that these guys borrow from bands like Jimmy Eat World or American Football and at the same time hear some of the style that DeLost has helped bring to bands like Into It. Over It. and Curses.
Another thing that I love about First Ghost is that they take music and the craft of songwriting seriously but still know how to have a bit of fun. They put out a cover of “Hotline Bling” that, if I had never heard the original, would totally accept as a cheesy original. With a cover like that you can really catch some of DeLost’s songwriting idiosyncrasies that make First Ghost a band to look out for. It’s got the slow build, the dreamy guitars, the calm but emotional vocals, it’s just great.
First Ghost’s Secret Talk will be out April 1st and if you are a band or musician in Canada or the US then definitely check out Anton’s profile on Noise Creators if you’ve liked the sound of Proper by Into It. Over It. or Seaway’s Hoser. DeLost is known to push artists to be the best version of themselves that they can be and will make sure that your album or EP is as “you” as possible. - Noise Creators

"First Ghost – Secret Talk – Album Review"

First Ghost is an up and coming band originally from London, Ontario but now based in Toronto. Originally a brainchild of Anton DeLost and Ryan Sweet, longtime friends who played in the pop punk band UTKF (or Under the Killing Floor) from London, First Ghost has grown into a full four-piece band with immense talent and a very promising future.

In 2014, the band released their first EP titled Real Eyes. DeLost and Sweet performed the EP themselves with DeLost handling engineering and production establishing a sense of ‘do it yourself’ endurance. The result was a strong first effort with plenty to offer listeners of their past pop punk glory but also offering a sense of a new direction, one that has been enhanced and built upon in their latest release.

April 1st, 2016 marks the debut of their newest EP, Secret Talk, a 5 song glimpse into a band that has crafted their songs so eloquently and come up with some amazing hooks and melodies that it’s hard to fathom they aren’t signed and this isn’t their fifth hit record.

This new EP is a huge step forward for First Ghost, which is saying a lot considering their first EP was quite good. The songwriting and production is much more ambitious, mature and attention grabbing. The first single, “The Less You Know,” was released a few months ago and offered listeners their first chance to hear Sweet and DeLost’s voices combining for their trademark harmonies with layered guitars that create an ambient, intimate setting for the choruses’ desire, “And draw the line from your hand to mine, ’Cause I’m colder, so come closer.” The song continues to build and open up, making use of great dynamics and culminating in a final refrain of the chorus that resounds with the listener.

“If You Want To” is another highlight of the EP, making use of an interesting and attention grabbing intro through production of a changing sound design with the drums and guitar. This song also highlights both sets of vocals, with DeLost taking lead while Sweet’s mixes in when appropriate. The chorus of this song appears in different forms through dynamics once again, with the first time being loud and in your face and then later on coming in quietly and somber. This is just another great example of DeLost’s ability as a producer and engineer of his own music to keep things fresh and interesting for the listener.

I have been searching for ways to convey the overall sound of this EP. Part of me wants to say it’s still got that pop punk sound or an emo rock vibe. I’ve tried to compare it to other more prominent artists, but I keep coming back to the same idea, that this is a unique sound inspired by those types of influences. Maybe it’s some Jimmy Eat World, maybe some Blink or Weezer. Ultimately, it’s First Ghost. They have worked to carve their own path in pop/rock music here. As a fan and friend, I am thoroughly impressed with the EP. Each song fits so well and offers melodies you’ll find yourself singing and humming along to in no time at all.

If you’re looking for a new band to get into and listen to before they blow up and everyone thinks they’re the first to discover them, First Ghost and their Secret Talk EP is a great place to start so pick up their stuff on BandCamp or iTunes. It’s only a matter of time. - Lithium Magazine

"First Ghost – Secret Talk"

Jeremy Says:

Secret Talk is a 5 track EP full of emotional bliss. Insanely catchy vocal melodies weave between beautifully layered instrumentals on every track, and the back and forth vocals between Anton DeLost and Ryan Sweet have the perfect dynamic to keep things fresh throughout. Having been a fan of their previous EP, Real Eyes, I was pleasantly surprised that they fucking blew my expectations away with this release. Every song has an ear-worm moment, so even when you’re not listening, you’re humming at least one of the tunes all day long.

Secret Talk begins with the song, Change Your Mind, which sets a somber tone for the entirety of the EP. A simple guitar part leads in with DeLost coming in over top with an emotional falsetto set to heartbreak lyrics. This theme continues throughout Secret Talk, making every song personal and relatable. The second track, If You Want To, has a surf rock/indie vibe but breaks into full pop rock mode for the chorus and introduces Ryan Sweet‘s vocals to the listeners. Bounded is the most Jimmy Eat World/Clarity moment on Secret Talk. Strings, piano, atmosphere soaked guitars, and a slow groove take you back to 1999 when emo was reaching it’s artistic peak. The Less You Know was released as a single through Alternative Press back in January, and holds up as the EP’s most straight forward rock song. Catchy verses lead to an even catchier chorus and the song peaks with a tasty melodic guitar solo. Surrender is tied with If You Want To, for my favourite song on Secret Talk. This closing track showcases the perfect dynamic between Sweet and DeLost‘s vocals and features the best of everything First Ghost has to offer. The verses are quiet and dark, the pre chorus is loud and the chorus comes back down to force you to focus on the lyrical content, inducing a gut-wrenching sadness in your chest. Surrender ends with loud distorted guitars, aggressive vocals and beatdown drums, hammering home that you’ve just experienced an emotional rollercoaster of a record.

The production on Secret Talk is incredible. The range of different guitar tones from song to song is impressive . The bass is thick, the drums are present without being too over-bearing and the vocals cut like a knife. My favourite aspect of the production are the many layers that are present throughout the background of every song. Harmonized ooh’s and ah’s coming from the vocals, atmospheric synths, reverb drenched guitar chords and string sections take the production from good to fucking incredible.

If you haven’t listened to First Ghost before, Secret Talk is the place to start. You won’t be disappointed. Can’t wait to see what 2016 brings these talented motherfuckers.

Ryan Says

First Ghost is an emo-rock group that has been building a strong name for themselves in the ontario music scene. My first listen to them came in 2014 when they dropped their EP Real Eyes, which was a strong release. They had me singing Shaking for several weeks, and mesmerized by the impressive songwriting. Out comes their new EP Secret Talk and these Toronto natives have topped themselves with a bang. The 5 tracks stand out on their own and showcase a brilliant record from start to finish.

Change Your Mind begins softly with a falsetto-driven melody from co-frontman Anton DeLost that will draw you in immediately. It’s a beautiful opening song and gives you a taste of all the band’s influences. The second track If You Want To is my favourite from the EP. As soon as you hit play you become engulfed in the alluring clean guitars and it puts you into your personal paradise. The chorus sounds huge and is propelled with vigorous harmonies, these guys sure know how to write a hook. The Less You Know is another standout track. The verses contain a gripping melody from co-frontman Ryan Sweet that I can’t get out of my head. Not to mention that badass guitar solo in the bridge, get your air guitar ready.

I was blown away when I first listened to these songs with good quality headphones. The sound production is marvellous and is filled with many diverse instruments. I envy the amount of experimentation the band pushes on their songwriting and it will definitely influence similar artists. Secret Talk is a remarkable release from First Ghost, and should be on your radar if you’re looking for new music to dive into. Catch them live in 2016 and scream the words of Surrender to your hearts content. - Grody Reviews

"Interview w/ Anton DeLost of First Ghost"

First Ghost is a Canadian indie/alternative rock band from London, Ontario. Formed in 2013, the band is Anton DeLost (vocals, guitar) Mike Tompa (vocals, guitar, keyboard), Danny Foster-Roman (drums, percussion) and Keir Hornyak (bass).

Originally First Ghost was a duo. Friends since the age of 14 and having met in their very first guitar class Anton DeLost and Ryan Sweet after many years of side-projects and covers, Ryan joined Anton’s band, UTKF (Under The Killing Floor) the following summer as a vocalist. From UTKF came the band now known as, First Ghost. Recently, due to personal reasons, Ryan had to step back from the band, but never daunted to strive for his musical passion, Anton DeLost has made First Ghost his leading music package.

A sound derived from the heart of rock, with a twist of skater punk, First Ghost shows itself to be a tight sounding band, with strong song-writing skills and a place in the realm of very hip rock. 2016 is showing what and who First Ghost is and their culmination of skills and attention to details is rapidly creating a massive following.

Personally, I am placing heavy bets that First Ghost will become a rock n roll name.

Song River: Your EP, Real Eyes is really a basic this how you do write, record and kill it kind of EP isn't it?

Anton DeLost: Haha, wow, why thank you! Honestly, it was like years of wanting to branch out musically and having all these ideas that we didn't think would fit in our current band (UTKF). And once we finally got to, it was so relieving and we felt incredible about it.

SR: I read somewhere that you are probably the “most underrated thing in Canada.” How does it feel to be a thing? If you were to sell your sound, brand, market- what is your thing?

AD: That is an incredibly bold statement. And I am very honoured. However, I can't believe someone would objectify us like that. I kid. I'd say our thing is like a box of chocolates... We have a very unpredictable writing/producing style. We really never know what we're gonna get. Very dynamic. Lots of soft slow stuff and lots of upbeat loud stuff - sometimes within the same song. Lots of harmonies, layers, groove, pretty guitar leads that makes your heart feel things, but also fuzzed out guitar solos that makes your face melt a bit (only a bit).

SR: Between social media and Bandcamp we find four dudes, but only three guys names listed, two names talked about, but a photo of four people. Are you trying to tell us that there are real ghosts and that is the whole premise behind the name “First Ghost?” Is it really a conspiracy and you're tripping our little minds? ;) Seriously, who is in this band? Tell us a little about each band member, name, rank, serial number, what instruments they play and contribute to First Ghost.

AD: You nailed us. I am First & The Ghosts.

Actually, this is a result of a couple member changes and poor social media keep up. Ryan, original member and singer/guitarist/keys on our album, Real Eyes, has decided to leave the band for personal reasons. We're still great friends and will continue to write together (he is actually on the new record). Taking his place is the very talented Mike Tompa, he actually played all the strings (cello, violin, stand-up bass) on the new record. On bass, we have Keir Hornyak. Then, Disco (Danger) Father-Romance, AKA Disco Dan, the man with the plan, AKA Danny Foster-Roman is our drummer and I (Anton) play guitar and sing.

SR: The band's name, First Ghost, came from an “old joke and was retrofitted? What was the old joke and how do you feel it fits?

AD: Haha, it's was a joke that stemmed from a hardcore band that Justin (Ryan's brother) and another friend, Matt, made called First Post (the post that hurts the most). That actually stemmed from something else, and I don't even know what it is.

SR: Anton who was your first-year guitar class teacher?

AD: Mr.Parr!

SR: Would that teacher believe where you have gone and what you have accomplished?

AD: Probably not. He was the first teacher to ever catch me cutting class. Plus, we would never shut up because we were probably trying to play a duet of “Emily” - From First To Last, “Until The Day I Die”- Story Of The Year, “On My Own” - The Used or “Cute Without The E” - Taking Back Sunday. But I think he still liked us because we were siq.

SR: Skateboarding it seems was a huge part of your music beginnings. Skaters have their own style of music, it seems to fit their 'clan' if you will. How much now do you still write to that style or have you found over time your sound stretching itself beyond the board?

AD: Man, Bloc Party was THE skate band, for me at least. I'd always put BP songs on videos I did. Silent Alarm by Bloc Party is still one of my favourite records and still a huge influence on my writing and producing.

SR: Alright I just noticed on your YouTube account this: Director of photography - Andrew Harris. Directed and edited by Anton DeLost. So aside from the writing, playing, recording, producing, yada yada... you have added taking the creating of your own videos as well. Wow, the middle man has received their due 'snipping.' How much of the business end of this do you both share?

AD: I grew up in a very creative household. My parents had a video production business with my dad being the cameraman/director of photography and my mom being the producer/writer/director/editor. I guess I just was surrounded by the video for so long (I also do location sound for film), that I kind of have that directing/editing instinct, however, haven't really done much other than our own stuff, as it's just not my thang. Andrew (Harris) is an insanely good friend of ours and I like to think I sort of helped him gravitate to video (as he is mainly a photographer). We definitely collab really well when we put our minds together, but he's one of the most creative people I know. So shout out to him for being the best.

SR: Was the song“Shaking” your first video off the EP? Is there a back-story to the song?

AD: "Westdel Bourne" was actually the first. There is a back story to Shaking and there is a back story to Westdel. Let's see if you can figure them out :)

SR: In your whole package of your YouTube video, “Shaking” it appears you used an acoustic guitar as a sort of a 'green screen' for special effects. How difficult was that to do?

AD: Very. I had never done green screen before. When you perfectly light a green screen with a non-moving subject it can be much simpler, however when there's a moving arm with a shadow (different shade of green) constantly going over top of the green area, it's not easy to light or edit, at least for someone who barely knows what they're doing. I don't even have any green screen software, so I just tried and tried to make it work on my video editing program until I had a decent amount of usable shots to make work.

SR: In the video as well around:53 is that a Nintendo case there on the coffee table? And what is the drink in the can? Catholic candles lit? Brand of movie recorder? Yes, these things are important.

AD: Have you seen Netflix's, “Making A Murderer?” If you can figure out what all these things mean, you'll have solved the Steven Avery case.

SR: With an 'anything goes' writing style, how do you meld the ideas together then to come up with a sound that embraces both sides?

AD: It's different all the time. Lots of trial and error. Lots of hilarious sounding voice memos of us singing very poorly outside in falsetto. Lot's of just messing around in the studio and trying stupid stuff. Sometimes it writes itself, most of the time it doesn't.

SR: Real Eyes recorded, produced, by you both- then Anton you mixed and it was finally mastered by John Naclerio over at Nada Recording Studio. How do you know John and why we he chosen to finish the mastering?

AD: I actually met John because one of my projects in recording engineering school was to email an industry professional that you admire. He did one of my favourite records (“Sometimes Things Just Disappear” by Polar Bear Club). I got him to master UTKF's last record and he did a great job so I got him to do the Real Eyes EP. He's done almost every record I've produced/mixed since. He's a saint.

SR: Any teasers to throw out on possible tour show dates yet? And fans are going to demand merch. What is on the way?

AD: Not yet. We have some stuff in the works for April though, to promote the new record. Our next EP, Secret Talk comes out April 1st. We'll also have new merch and another video very soon. - Vents Magazine

"Profiled: First Ghost"

Hailing from London, Ontario, First Ghost could be called the quote/unquote rebranding of UTKF, an already respected local band in the Southern Ontario music scene. The band is comprised of Anton De Lost on guitar and vocals, Ryan Sweet on guitar, keys and vocals, Justin Sweet on bass and Danny Foster-Roman on Drums. First Ghost can be described as an indie rock with flecks of emo thrown in.
The bands first release, which was a self-titled EP, definitely showed a fresh side to this line up that took the scene by storm. From upbeat and poppy, to slow and emotion, First Ghost are really flexing their musical muscles and showing the world just what they’re capable of. If you’re unsure on how you’re going to stand with this band, look up their debut song and video “Westdel Bourne”. It was the track that sold me on the band, and the EP is literally chalked full of great tunes. Out of the six tracks, not a single one disappointed me. I’m not going to run through the whole EP and review each song, just trust me, they’re all worth checking out. You can grab their self titled for however much you want on their Bandcamp. - Breakdown Magazine

"Watch a new video from emo-rockers First Ghost"

Emo-rockers First Ghost are teaming up with AP to bring you their new music video for “Shaking.” It’s the second single from their debut EP, Real Eyes, and is strongly recommended for fans of Jimmy Eat World. (The band are currently recording their second EP.) Check out the video, and let us know your thoughts. Real Eyes can be listened to and downloaded for free at FG’s bandcamp. - Alternative Press

"First Ghost Release “Shaking” Music Video"

London Ontario’s emo rockstars, First Ghost have released the official music video for their song, “Shaking,” which is off their latest EP Real Eyes. The video premiered earlier this week over at Alternative Press who recommended the song for fans of Jimmy Eat World, and I don’t disagree with them. The new Anton DeLost directed video is fantastical with all its flashy graphics and quite amusing, you’ll find yourself smiling and singing along with the track itself before the video comes to an end, it’s that GOOD. So, to continue on from Alternative Press, if you’re looking to find your Jimmy Eat World fix then you’ll want to check out First Ghost and this video right away. If you’re looking to listen to even more First Ghost, then you’ll be happy to know you can pick up Real Eyes featuring “Shaking” for FREE via the band’s Bandcamp page right this freaking second, so why are you still reading this? Go and download it, and share it with all of your friends.

So, what did you all think of First Ghost’s latest music video for “Shaking?” Let us know in the comments down below. - Blast Out Your Stereo

"First Ghost Releases Video for "Shaking""

Canadian emo/rock band First Ghost has just released a video for “Shaking”, the second single off the 2014-released Night Eyes EP. “Shaking” is a fun, yet emotionally charged track, that successfully captures the pain and longing of young, adolescent love. And the video, in all its simplicity, manages to press all the right emotional buttons in a way that is reminiscent of Jimmy Eat World.

In fact, everything about the 4-piece screams Jimmy Eat World, from the song’s themes and use of melodic guitar lines and power-pop chords, to the lead singer, who, let’s be honest, actually kind of looks like Jim Adkins. But regardless of the comparisons that can be drawn, the track is a strong representative of the emo genre and a solid track in its own right. It’s definitely worth the listen, so check it out here.

And if you feel like checking the band out live, they have a string of Ontario dates coming up!

Upcoming shows:

February 17 – Hamilton, On w/ Pine & Iris @ Club Absinth
February 18 – Toronto, On w/ Pine & Iris @ Smiling Buddha
February 19 – Brampton, On w/ Pine & Iris @ Shed Zep
February 21 – London, On w/ Carousel Kings @ The APK - Confront Magazine

"​You Blew It! / Tiny Moving Parts / Rozwell Kid / First Ghost Hard Luck Bar, Toronto ON, February 16"

At the Hard Luck on Monday night (February 16), local act First Ghost started the night off strong and set the theme, channelling the grungy, emo sound of the late '90s and early '00s. They played a brief, tight set and showed a great deal of potential.

Following this, four-piece Rozwell Kid stormed the stage and played an explosive set that sent the energy level of the crowd skyrocketing. The band's eight-song set consisted mostly of material from their most recent LP, Too Shabby, coming out of the gates with the punchy, upbeat garage rock jam "Weirdo." Although the crowd was relatively unfamiliar with the band, their infectious energy and entertaining live performance had them moving in unison. The band's material comes off more aggressively live than on record: the stop-start rhythms hit harder; the vocals, shared by guitarist Jordan Hudkins and bassist Devin Donnelly, were perfectly synchronized; and the technical skill of the blistering solos provided by guitarist Adam Meisterhans could be truly appreciated as his fingers flew across the fretboard. Rozwell Kid's set was probably the most lighthearted and fun of the night, the band's tour mates often running on stage during their set to wave a giant American flag behind them as they burst into shredding guitar solos and feeding them Timbits as they played — a humorous display of cross-national solidarity.

Rozwell Kid would be a hard act to follow for anyone other than the Minnesota three-piece emo/math-rock unit Tiny Moving Parts. It might be hard to believe that such busy music can be effectively managed by only three band members, but their live performance is a testament to the fact that they do much more than simply get by. Bursting into the frantic tapping riff of "Always Focused," guitarist and vocalist Dylan Mattheisen belted the opening lines of the song, only to be joined by the eager crowd. This occurred throughout the rest of their set, as they moved on to the equally frenetic "Clouds Above My Head," seamlessly transitioning from floating, twinkling guitar melodies to breakneck rhythms and unexpected time changes, all with astounding technical precision, whilst flinging themselves around the stage. If the audience weren't standing awestruck, they were jumping off of the stage into their fellow concertgoers. The energy level of the performance was so high that it almost resembled a hardcore show, from the start to the end of Tiny Moving Parts' set.

'90s emo revivalists You Blew It! were last to take the stage. Opening with "Pinball House" and following it up with "The One With David" had die-hard fans immediately singing along and rushing to dive off the stage. On their 2012 recordings the songs sounded sparse and stripped down, but You Blew It!'s live performance breathed new life into the songs, making them significantly more powerful and fleshed out (and thereby more congruent with the recording style of their 2014 album, Keep Doing What You're Doing). They kept the high energy going for two more hard-hitting tracks from that album, playing "Match and Tinder" and "Award Of The Year Award" successively.

This band have the ability to effectively blend subtlety into the driving choruses and punchy hooks employed in these songs, as carefully arranged leads added ambience and colouring to the chords, creating a beautiful effect. They slowed their pace with "Lanai" from their recent EP Pioneer of Nothing. Singer Tanner Jones' voice was much more distinct over some of the softer instrumentation, and very effectively harmonized with the backing vocals provided by his fellow band members. The parts where this song hit the hardest were even more powerful live, assisted by the grimy bass tone and unrelenting ferocity of the drumming.

Over the next few songs ("Strong Island," "Gray Matter," "Medal of Honor" and "Terri v. Tori") You Blew It! demonstrated their ability to perfectly pair emotive lyrics and beautiful twinkling leads with contrasting crashing choruses that had the whole crowd singing along.

They ended the set with "Better to Best," which started off serene and transitioned into its powerful chorus, emulating the bands emo forefathers, and then coming to a grand conclusion in which they layered vocal harmonies and delayed guitar effects. - Exclaim! Music

"New Music / First Ghost- Shaking"

London, Ontario's First Ghost self-identify rather modestly on their Facebook page as "Rock/Pop/Emo". Judging them on the basis of "Shaking" alone, I'd say they were more "indie-rock/college rock/good times and fun riffs". Formed by old school friends Anton DeLost and Ryan Sweet in 2013, the band was briefly called Ghost House (after Ghost House Pictures of Evil Dead fame) but they found that compartment pretty full already and switched to First Ghost. Now a foursome with Danny Foster and Keir Edward on board, First Ghost are about to head out on a little Ontario tour (I say little, but that's my UK is a small island head talking - for all I know their gigs are hundreds of miles apart...).

If you can't catch them live, you can grab their Real Eyes EP from Bandcamp on a name your price basis. - Record Rewind Replay


Secret Talk EP - 2016

Hotline Bling (cover) - 2015

Real Eyes EP - 2014



Hailing from Toronto, Ontario, First Ghost is a four-piece indie outfit with a penchant for catchy hooks and a do-it-yourself attitude. Fresh off a 20 date tour of the Eastern and Midwest United States in support of their 2016 release "Secret Talk" as well as tours spanning from Ontario to California, First Ghost has made an impact in the North American music scene with appearances at the Canadian Music Week and NXNE festivals. With their unique yet subtly nostalgic sound, First Ghost thrives in a live setting and has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with like-minded acts such as Into it. Over it., Citizen, Turnover, Foxing, Prawn and Seaway.

With articles and exclusive releases through Alternative Press, Exclaim! Music and idobi Radio, First Ghost has garnered critical acclaim with many positive reviews. Zach Fulkerson of Lithium Magazine reflects on Secret Talk, writing that the band had “crafted their songs so eloquently . . . it’s hard to fathom they aren’t signed and this isn’t their fifth hit record.” First Ghost has also received attention by way of their commitment to quality music videos, demonstrated by their win of a Telly award for their first single “Westdel Bourne,” directed and edited by the band, and a resulting view count of over 80,000 views across their releases.

Being no strangers to a busy schedule, First Ghost has set their sights on releasing their first full length record in the new year and will embark on another Stateside tour with a handful of Canadian dates in early 2017. After stunning fans with their live show anywhere from sweaty, crowded basements to a sold out Mod Club Theatre in Toronto, First Ghost is determined to take their music to the next level.

Band Members