First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit


First Aid Kit is a loud and fun band with a unique genresurfing sound. Bouncing through themes and styles in an eclectic channel-surfing frenzy, their music brings something for everyone. Heavy, dancy, and dosed with a sense of humour, FAK brings it on!


First Aid Kit blurs the lines between musical genres with a unique and eclectic sound. Their music bounces through reggae, punk, country, pop, jazz and more, while being driven by riffy metal overtones. Drawing upon diverse influences such as Mike Patton, Johnny Cash, Slayer, Ween, Bob Marley and Boney M, First Aid Kit has created a genresurfing approach to music that defies categorization.

Formed in 2001, the band started ironically as a desperate attempt to get money to pay rent. Bored and broke, original members Nate Fahlman and Neil Peters began recording hilarious and bizarre songs on a four track in their basement in an attempt to win $500 (the exact cost of rent) in a song-writing competition. In order to win however, they had to perform the songs live. A week before the performance, they recruited their buddies Paul Robinson and Chris Samis to back them up. They didn't win the money...but the hastily created group recognized an immediate chemistry with loads of potential. Within three weeks, they had recorded their first full-length album, "Mechanisms of Injury".

Since then, they have released another album, "Songs of Warships" and have shared the stage with amazing performers such as Stompin' Tom Conners, Corb Lund, Grimskunk, Eshod Ibn Wyza and Ten Second Epic. Their third album will be released in February 2007.


Happy Daze

Written By: First Aid Kit

I pledge allegiance to the flag
Of the United States of America
One nation under God
Who's God? My God? Your God?
Definately not their God

Bacchanalia through middle-school washrooms
Pedophile gym coach with AIDS in his scrotum
Principals videotaping young girls peeing
Choir detention if you don't start feeling for these happy days
Happy days for the USA
Happy days are here to stay

White collar crime supports the KKK
While a housewife makes out with her neighbour's pussy
Alcoholic minister drounds in his puke
How did you say I was looking in this suit, working for these happy days?
Happy days for the USA
Happy days are here to stay

Jack of all trades has lost his lips
His blonde boyfriend must have bit like a bitch
Rescues and war make the best TV
Melting pot of clones, busy as a bee working for these happy days
Happy days for the USA
Happy days are here to stay

Scrapin' By

Written By: First Aid Kit

I met this guy the other day
He said his mother passed away
He felt bad because he'd rather die first
So I stayed, I stayed that day
And had nothing more to say
Don't feel bad because I'll probably die first

Though it wouldn't be the first time that I've wanted to die
And it probably won't be the last time that I need to wonder why
And if you ask me pointless questions, well I'll never tell you why
The answer is, the answer is
I'm barely high and barely scrapin' by


Written By: First Aid KIt

The enemy is coming
So send your family running
Out to the country to plan more insurgency
The ticket to salvation...
Rocket propelled gradation
Stockpile our ammunition
Kill absurdity

We disagree with your policies
Decapitate hypocrisy
Our battle cry is "RPG"
Invader's blood will form a sea

Do you smell something burning?
Why yes, and children screaming
Our roadside bomb explodes
Is that somebody's spleen?
The women are wailing
Quiet! The men are praying
Victims of vengeance
We will set this country free


RPG (single, 2005)
Songs of Warships (LP, 2003)
Mechanisms of Injury (LP, 2002)

Set List

Original songs only.
Enough material for 150 minutes.